Brayin Candy

The 9/18 Attack

It was a bright sunny cloudless morning on 9/18/08 when out of nowhere came a jet screaming at full throttle into the NY Financial District. The explosion began the wildfire that buckled the economy til the Banks pancaked into the rising dust. As we look into the smoking empty hole where the America WTC used to stand we have to ask, who flew those jets into the side of our economy.

We have yet to find out who piloted those jets that started this Obama Collapse. We know that according to Rep Kanjorski, there was a run on the banks on 9/18 in the neighborhood of a half a trillion $$ in a couple hours. President Bush was told that if he didn’t do something immediately the banks would be emptied in 8 hrs. McCain suspended his campaign, then ridiculed by Bama who wasn’t that bothered and the rest is histoir. Who had the strength to pull that kind of money. These amounts makes billionaires into Organ Grinder Monkeys.

Kanjorski: "The Treasury opened its window to help. They pumped a hundred and five billion dollars into the system and quickly realized that they could not stem the tide. We were having an electronic run on the banks. They decided to close the operation, close down the money accounts, and announce a guarantee of $250,000 per account so there wouldn't be further panic and there. And that's what actually happened. If they had not done that their estimation was that by two o'clock that afternoon, five-and-a-half trillion dollars would have been drawn out of the money market system of the United States, would have collapsed the entire economy of the United States, and within 24 hours the world economy would have collapsed."

"It would have been the end of our political system and our economic systems as we know it."

Tony Rezko is an Obozo Syrian bagmen that has deep Iraqi connections. Rezko was one of Oblack’s main money men in his Sinate campaign and may have even given him money to help buy OB’s $1.5 million mansion. Where did Rezko get all of his cash since he was broke?

Rezko was a con man in Chi-town who fronted as a slum lord even though he really didn’t own anything. Since he was part of the Demcorrupt money machine the Obamedia is hiding who he really was. He was completely immersed in Obama politics/financing. The money man behind Rezko was an Iraqi who was a loyalist to Saddamn named Auchi. He is a billionaire who made a fortune in a French bank that laundered the UN Oil for Food money for Saddamn. He was one of the Bank’s execs who were convicted on a $100 million graft scandal from laundering that money. How convenient to have someone who could launder Billion$$ of foreign money in your campaign.

In 2004 Auchi was wanting to build a $150 Million electrical plant for the Iraqi

reconstruction and Rezko was going to finance and build it with Auchi. Rezko never had the finances or the expertise to enter into the contract yet signed one w/the Bremmer occupation gummit. They partnered w/an ex-Iraqi Minister of Electricity who was convicted and jailed in a 2 Billion corruption case in the rebuilding of Iraq. Sound like solid Demcorrupts who should be in the WH.

This Iraqi named Aiham Alsammare was actually jailed in the US Green Zone then later escaped using "Chicago style" techniques. These billionaire Baathists are likely where large portions of Oblack’s Sinate campaign funds originated. What did they get for their money? They needed to have a safe & secure Iraq to build their electrical plant and BHawk Obama was their connection to keeping American troops in Iraq. They needed to be assured that America wouldn’t pull out so Blood & Gutsobama was their front man. In 2005 as a freshman Sinator he went to the Well to make this speech:

"I believe that U.S. forces are still a part of the solution in Iraq.

The strategic goals should be to allow for a limited draw down of U.S.

troops, coupled with a shift to a more effective counter-insurgency

strategy that puts the Iraqi security forces in the lead and intensifies

our efforts to train Iraqi forces.

At the same time, sufficient numbers of U.S. troops should be left in

place to prevent Iraq from exploding into civil war, ethnic cleansing,

and a haven for terrorism.

We must find the right balance — offering enough security to serve as a

buffer and carry out a targeted, effective counter-insurgency strategy,

but not so much of a presence that we serve as an aggravation. It is

this balance that will be critical to finding our way forward.

Second, we need not a time-table, in the sense of a precise date for

U.S. troop pull-outs, but a time-frame for such a phased withdrawal.

More specifically, we need to be very clear about key issues, such as

bases and the level of troops in Iraq. We need to say that there will be

no bases in Iraq a decade from now and the United States armed forces

cannot stand up and support an Iraqi government in perpetuity — pushing

the Iraqis to take ownership over the situation and placing pressure on

various factions to reach the broad-based political settlement that is

so essential to defeating the insurgency.

No that wasn’t Bush but WarriObama being a sock puppet for his money men. When the power plant contract fell apart for Rezko and the Iraqi billionaires Dove-obama said this in front of the congress:"The time for waiting in Iraq is over. It is time to change our policy,

"It is time to give Iraqis their country back, and it is time to refocus

America’s efforts on the wider struggle yet to be won."

He has been anti-Iraq war ever since they were turned down. He did everything he could to undermine the Iraqi gummit and the security effort for the people of Iraq. The Baathist billionaires were then wanting our defeat to take their Country back and we can now see what the relationship between he, Tony Rezko and the Baathists was. We also see where all of his money was coming from for his Presidential run and why he turned down Federal Campaign Finance. They likely assured him that he would have a Billion $$ when he reversed his pledge, saying he wouldn’t need the Fed $$. There is no way he raised that much money domestically so the records have been hidden.

We now see that he was up to his ears in Baathist/Rezko corruption. The bigger issue is that we know that he was bringing 100s of Millions from foreign sources and we now see where those Billionaires were connected. They’re two Iraqis and their friends who were in the Saddamn gummit who fleeced the Iraqi people of their Oil Revenues then later help finance our Presidential election. What more do we need to know about Achmed Hussain Obama? What if these 2 also planned the meltdown?

Dems are always attempting their Oct surprise and what a better game changer than to have this meltdown on 9/18. This makes Rathergate look like a kindergarten project. Coincidentally, there was an attack on London banks on 10/10 that nearly collapsed their economy. These two Arabs have major connections throughout the Mooselimb world and if they could persuade Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai or some ME Country who could make a Trillion $$ run that could melt our economy at a perfect time for King Hussain, they would own America. Now there is a smoking pile of steel where the American economy once stood w/millions losing their jobs.

These Countries had just enjoyed the biggest run in oil prices in history and were awash in US dollars. How hard would it be for them to take those $$ out of our banks to start this collapse. We also know that during the initial meltdown the Saudis were axing for assurances that we would buy back some of their bad Fannie mortgages. This of course was done through AIG and likely someone laundered it before funneling it to the kingdom, wonder who?

This theory is the only one that explains who attacked our Banks. It is really the only explanation and until the Ohbummer regime becomes transparent where those contributions came from, it explains it better than any other. This was too big for Soros or any individual. The Saudis or another ME Country are the only ones w/the capital to withdraw these amounts and the 2 Iraqis point right at them. Too bad someone in the Obamedia wasn’t interested in this mystery. Why should we expect them to find out who launched the biggest financial attack in our histoir when their last real scandal was who outed some CIA file shuffler? Course the days of real journalists have been replaced w/a corrupt DNC press corpse that refuses to rise from their coffins.

Pray for America and Our Troops