Brayin Candy

God v Gummit

To the average Liberal the gummit is their god as was shown during hurricane Katrina. To the Conservative who believes in God, this hurricane was nothing more than an example of God’s strength. The Commie-lib mind set needs a central gummit that takes care of them from cradle to grave no matter the circumstances. These Socialists do not think in terms of local gummit, only an all encompassing Federal gummit to run their lives. This is why they can dismiss the utter incompetence of Mayor Nogin and focus squarely on their favorite pin cushion President Bush. That and the obvious political damage it could hopefully cause.

Liberalism’s root is Communism, a Godless philosophy where man is the top of the food chain and is only surpassed by gummit. Big gummit to these people is the all-encompassing wizard that covers all their needs. It redistributes wealth by punishing the achievers to pour money on inefficient Healthcare, Education, Welfare and every rat hole under the sun. This is the Liberal’s god/religion which is one major reason that Fundamentalist libs are irrational. The other being you must be semi-insane to believe this.

When braindead Liberals see something as catastrophic as Katrina expose the weakness of Big Gov they have to go into overdrive making excuses. The Dinocrats and Stone Age Press’ hysterical women had to cover the gummit limitations and impossibilities that were exposed by this hurricane. This disaster showed that God is far more powerful than man which is sacrilege to these atheists. Katrina blew in and the rains destroyed the levies, flooding an area the size of Maryland and population of DC. Nothing could completely handle this disaster quickly or be expected to. They must make fall guys to excuse the weakness and corruption of a bloated Federal Bureaucracy.

Christians look at a disaster of Biblical proportions and marvel at the wonder of God’s power. We know that there is no way that man can match this power and understand there are going to be deaths and disaster. We roll up our sleeves and ask for God’s comfort and mercy through the power of prayer. After the disaster you could see who were the first ones in helping and they were the Christian organizations. This is what Jesus calls us to do to serve our fellow man. To spend time blaming and finger pointing won’t accomplish anything positive so looking forward and giving aid and comfort to the victims is all that is needed. Christians look at Gummit as a back-up for brother helping brother.

We offer our hands if we are there and our prayers if we are not. We leave the biggest difficulties up to God and his helpers on the ground.

Likewise, Communism believes that man is the most powerful being in the universe. So when he sees these apocalyptic tragedies he tries to explain them in a man caused disaster. Instantaneously out came the Global Warming mad scientists explaining that this wouldn’t have happened w/o us driving our cars. Never mind that there have been canes along the Atlantic/Gulf coast for thousands of years, it’s all-powerful man’s fault. Specifically it’s America’s fault and deserved it.

When those arguments semi-fizzled they went to their political attacks. Everything in their life is wrapped around their gummit god and politics. Since they have nothing of substance to offer, such as how to make a bad situation better, these dinosaurs attack President Bush. They attack him saying that FEMA was not as affective as they believe it should be when they designed it. FEMA is primarily a rebuilding and mortgage organization.

How can any department in the bloated gummit have handled a natural disaster the size of 20 atomic bombs? How is a gummit or any human organization expected to run smoothly when there is devastation of this magnitude with no roads, power or communication? Of course it cannot be expected, so the attack dogs in the press and other DNC operatives pretend there should be no disruptions whatsoever and any problems are Bush’s fault. This is the first time in history a President has been attacked for a natural disaster and is the cheapest form of political gamesmanship. We are witnessing a Party that will sink to any low at any time for any reason. We are actually seeing a Party in it’s death rattle.

In the end Churches were far more effective at bringing quick aid and comfort to these victims than gummit. The churches are less structured and more flexible than a huge bureaucracy. In addition to the lack of paperwork needed they have a nearly unlimited supply of volunteers. This gets the need where it belongs far more efficiently than even the smallest bureau. While God’s servants were doing God’s work, Socialists were applying lipstick to hide a corrupt gummit dinosaur.

To find the Truth we only need to know two things. What were the instructions of the Schoolbus drivers and what happened to the levy money?

Pray for W and Our Freedom Fighting Troops