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Commit Suicide For The Earth


Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will live in Hope, because you will not abandon me to the grave... Acts 2:26-27

No animals were killed in the making of this post.

Global Change is a farce foisted on us by a lying gummit and the Establishmedia Lib Thought Machine. There is no Climate Change since it is physically impossible to put that much smoke into the atmosphere short of a Cataclysmic volcanic eruption. The Earth cultists who continually harp on our damaging their precious planet, they remind you of Priests preaching from the windows of a Whiskey Factory. If they were serious about their Carbon Footprint they’d commit mass suicide by walking into the sea. Talk about a Global Hype-ocrites!

Global Warming/Change/Scamming is nothing more than the latest way for people/gummits to steal money from the weak in the name of earth worship. The masses have found Global Warming is a farce, so their plans of being willingly enslaved to the scam went up in smoke. The problem w/GW is the models the scientists were using never included rain into their formula. If the eart was too warm then it would warm the oceans causing more evaporation to make more rain, cooling the ground. In addition, those clouds would reflect the sun’s rays into space further cooling the planet. The opposite happens if there is cooling, so in reality it’s impossible to have climate change. It’s as if God created the perfect planet?

Global Warming has accomplished one thing, it made Al Bore a gazillionaire. Not only was he able to make a $100 million on his HS science crockumentary, Incoherent Lies, he has invented a Scam industry by selling Global Credits. The way it works is, say Al flies his huge jet to Helsinki to scare kindergartners about killing Polar Bears. When he burns 100 Tons of kerosene flying his Boeing 707, he purchases 100 Tons of oil credits from himself and then he magically hasn’t burned a single gallon. Same thing when he buys $10,000 worth of electricity to heat his mansion for a year.

You may ax yourself, where do these credits come from. That’s where the scam of his system kicks in. He goes down to some Turd World country say Los Toiletos Mejico, where he finds some dirt farmer named Poco who scratches a living out of his rocky desert plot growing beans and making clay pots for his familia. The Poco familia don’t own a Boeing 707 or even a Gulfstream or use tons of fuel to fly to Helsinki so he has excess gas usage that he can sell to Algore. Algore being the big hearted dummy he is, buys those unused 707 credits from Poco for a peso or two and sells them for $1000 to save the planet as well as his bank balance. Whether Poco ever got his peso is up for debate, you can pretty much guess the answer of whether he ever bought that new burro or if Fido is still nervous?

Once the gummit saw even algore could make a gazillion $$ on that scale they decided they could take it to the next level by just taxing all of us. If people were gullible enough that a casting couch starlet would pay $1000s to feel good about flying her jet, why not convince all the people of the same thing. Why not tax anybody who uses gas, electricity or anything that produces smoke or energy? Basically, it allows our corrupt gummit to tax you every time you turn on your lights. We would be slaves to our light switch til we all are Los Toiletos.

A better way to attack the Climate Change issue is for everyone who believes in this farce and wants to really make a difference, commit suicide. If they believe every breath they take produces CO2 and destroys the planet, there is only one way for them to not be part of this ever growing problem. If what they believe is true, there is only one way to reach their goal of a zero footprint. If they’re truly committed Earth purists, don’t take a copout w/a credit, prove you’re committed to the movement. Algore should go first, to show he really is committed to protecting the eart. He could start a cult like movement of Death for the Earth. Then after half of the population proved their meddle, it would leave millions of unused credits for the rest of us who don’t believe in Warming anyway. They could die knowing they made the ultimate sacrifice as their legacy or something. If they walked into the ocean they could feed the fish and really make a difference to the environment. Think of the fisheries that would be developed (yum). You could have one way shark feeding trips and video your final statement for whoever cares. The only larger lie than Climate Change is that there are any jobs in Green Energy these could be true Green Jobs, especially the shark attack video editor.

Since there is no Global Warming, it shows once again that this planet was made by God. He built homeostasis into his creation. It is one more piece of evidence that God created this planet and loves man. He made us stewards of our planet and America has been the world leader in environmental stewardship. We are far less polluting and if we would stop listening to the braindead libs we would have even less pollution by using more nuclear, natural gas and coal. If the Earth Cultists would take the ultimate step we could make this an even cleaner, more prosperous America not to mention massive fisheries.

People need to attend the Tea Parties to let the District of Corruption know we won’t tolerate this taxation. Let them know we see through their attempt to steal our futures from us and our children. They have overstepped in every way and we will be enslaved to the tax man if they’re not stopped. They know we’re not the types to protest and every one of us who show up will represent 1000s that are afraid to protest. Now is the time, this is the place to stand up for American Freedom.

Pray for America, Our Troops and obama’s Salvation