Brayin Candy


In his name the nations will put their hope. Mathew 12:21

The Vilification of American Enterprise continues at breakneck speed. Last week’s demonization of the Banking Industry was only the latest step of a systematic plan to destroy the US economy. At a time when the banking industry and Wall Street need money to be reinvested Black Racist Oblack scapegoat’s an industry to attempt to further weaken it. In their attempt to bring their version of communist tyranny to this Country they are trying to destroy Free Enterprise which they judge as an unfair form of economics. Never mind every Country their form of gummit has been tried, the need of millions of deaths were a required consequence to make their utopia "peaceful" Premier Hussain will get it right.

Decades ago the DNC enviroterrorists came after the logging industry w/pictures of landscapes of stumps and down trees. Just forget this is not an accurate picture of forest management they wanted the emotion of dead trees and evil timber Barons to close down the industry. Their propaganda worked and they closed down most of the forest turning them into tinder boxes waiting for a spark to create fires that sterilized the ground so completely these blackened bug farms won’t regrow for another 500 years. Millions of well paid workers were forced out of jobs moved overseas to never be seen again.

Next DNC enviroterrorists went after the Oil Industry w/pictures of gushing oil geysers and lakes of oil spilling across the land. Just forget this is not an accurate picture of the oil drilling technologies which have been developed in the last 50 yrs they wanted the emotion of oil slicks and oil covered birds to close down the evil Oil Barons. It worked to perfection eliminating the industry’s ability to use our oil reserves. Today’s technology spills less oil in the production of a million barrels than you would spill changing your car’s oil. Rather than pumping our own oil and the gummit receiving the royalties we pay trillion$ to import tankers full of the same crude. Millions of well paid workers were forced out of jobs moved overseas never to be seen again.

The DNC enviroterrorists went after the Auto Industry w/pictures of freeways jammed with cars and tailpipes belching smoke into the air. Just forget these cars are now so clean they hardly exhaust anything other than CO2 and water, they wanted the emotion of cars destroying our air and choking our children. It worked to perfection and these tyrants made it impossible to produce a car efficiently in this Country. They made the requirements so strict all the industry could make was useless rolling coffins  nobody wanted and impossible for the company to make a profit. Add to the destruction of the Oil Industry and you have the complete razing of Detroit. Ten million well paid workers were forced out of jobs moved overseas never to be seen again.

Now the DNC is going after the Banking Industry. Congress are the ones who destroyed Fannie/Freddie/AIG although they are making pictures of Greedy Evil Bankers throwing poor people into the streets while they count their million $$ bonuses. Just forget this is not an accurate picture of who approved these bonuses or what they represented, they wanted the emotion of evil Big Bankers stealing from the poor. Then they sent their ACORN Brown shirts to threaten and harass these bankers at their homes to threaten these execs’ families. According to an "Anonymous Source" inside the WH, CastrObama ordered these thugs to stage these assaults on their families. The destruction of the Banking and Finance industry will force millions of well paid jobs moved overseas, never to be seen again.

Now they are going after Churches. With the reduction of the charity deduction, Churches will see less giving at a time when these churches can least afford to have them reduced. Black Whiteguilt Oblack told us how people who were rich like him won’t be affected. Well of course, he is not a big giver to charity so it won’t affect him. Add to that his youth re-education camps that he is forcing kids to volunteer and you are seeing the destruction of the Church. He will then offer churches gummit funding, but there will the agreement these churches will not speak about social issues IL Duce doesn’t agree w/like abortion and homosexual marriage. Pastors will be jailed for hate speech if they call homos, sinners. He wants people to worship gummit not God. Millions of people who were being helped by efficient churches will be turned away to inefficient gummit programs for their sustenance. Millions of church charities will close, never to be seen again.

Next they are going to go after Hospitals and Insurance companies. We will see pictures of poor people being turned away by evil hospitals and greedy doctors. Just forget these pictures will not be accurate they will want the emotion of evil Hospitals and Insurance companies to destroy the healthcare industry. It will work to perfection as people cry out to these hospitals wanting them to be torn down and replaced by KatrinaCare. The people will react to these pictures and stories wanting the healthcare version of FEMA to protect our lives. We will go from the best healthcare in the world to a rationed system which will be fine as long as you don’t intend to use it. Not only will it be as atrocious as Katrina, it will cost a gazillion $$ to feed the graft and corruption to get those $$ to the hospitals. Millions of people will die as tens of thousands of well paid doctors/nurses leave the industry never to be seen again.

Over the decades the DNC has destroyed most of our strategic industries. They have killed the lumber, auto, energy and now the banking industries. They have run 10s of millions of jobs out of this Country never to be seen again and then vilify these industries w/the ol sleight of hand to hide their dirty DNC fingers. Boogermen are lined up like, Corporate Jets, Bonuses, Limbaugh, Rove, Cheney, Bush, etc, etc, etc. The next Boogermen on the list are Pastors and Doctors. These are the last two industries left representing the goodness and ingenuity of American Faith and Charities. These are two major areas the gummit is devoid. We are the most generous people in the world by a huge margin as well as the best hospitals. Bankrupt Hussain obozo hopes to change both of those completely. When you’re kicked out of the KatrinaCare Cancer Ward w/a handful of morphine to die at home w/no Hope, his Change will be completed as quality Healthcare will never be seen again.

Pray for America, Our Troops