Brayin Candy


It’s Time for Treasury Sec Tim Gackner to resign. He was the one, with the help of Chris Dudd who wrote the amendment into the Bailout Boondoggle to pay the bonuses and then is allowing congress to renege on their agreement. We now have the most corrupt gummit in the history of this planet which ignores every warning sign imaginable in their quest to make this Country Soviet Russia. Just like the old Politburo was filled w/corruption so too is the obozo gummit and Gackner is one more poster boy of that corruption.

How in the world do you trust a tax cheat w/your most important office while the markets are in the midst of the Obama Meltdown? The investors suspected Hope and Change were nothing more than campaign slogans and had a truly communist tyrant behind them.

They could tell by the empty clichés Black Oblack was nothing more than another Stalinist who would do everything he could to destroy the economy to install a nationalized gummit. So when he nominated and then pushed through Timmy and his agenda, their suspicions were confirmed.

The primary reason the markets are melting is they require trust which there is none anywhere. When a deal is done there needs to be a feeling on both sides the other side is going to fulfill their side of the agreement. We don’t have that with the Ohbummer gummit and with Gackner’s resignation or obozo’s, there would be a confirmation these clowns are serious. After the AIG fiasco, there needs to be some heads roll for the good of the Country.

There was absolutely nothing wrong w/paying the execs of AIG bonuses since they were being paid to stay on a sinking ship. These were the only people in the World who could liquidate the bad inventory they owned and if they didn’t things likely would have been worse. The other reason they were paid off is to keep them from becoming whistle blowers to the corruption throughout their side of the company which was connected to the DNC. Amazing how we haven’t had any investigations into the reason Fannie/Freddie/AIG melted. The bonuses weren’t the problem, renigging on those bonuses was the problem and then scapegoating AIG was unconscionable. Wait a second, were talking about Demcorrupts, never mind.

While last week’s Glass House rock fest was going on in Bawney’s committee, both Gackner and obama were sitting in the WH knowing that they agreed to those bonuses. For that Gackner has to go. Gack and Bama have been spending $$ like Drunken Indians since the minute they have arrived and now shift the blame on AIG? (My apology to Drunken Indians for the slight).For him to allow those execs to get falsely accused of stealing from the $$ appropriated for other uses is wrong. He needed to explain why he, Dudd and BeRead Oprompter had agreed to the $$ and was part of their wonderful bailout bill nobody was allowed to see. Now we know why, what other land mines are in the bill.

To sit by and let last week happen while they hid under their desks is why nobody in the World will trust this gummit or economy. Now they have passed a law to redo what the first law was supposed to stop, the Obama Meltdown and only made it worse. After the truth of what happened is exposed, and Gackner is shown to be the weasel everyone suspected the tax cheat to be, there will be no confidence in the gummit or the economy. For this reason he is a useless administrator whose word is worth the paper it’s written on, so put that name on a resignation paper and start packin. Sooner the Hussain regime does this; the sooner it can begin to build some credibility, if it’s possible or if they really want it?

One good thing that has come from the AIG boondoggle, Once again, just like Katrina the gummit proved there are things far too big for gummit to manage effectively. Things like Katrina, the economy, education, retirements and certainly not Healthcare. Imagine if someone like Gacker was in charge of your next Heart Attack. When he needs to take another mulligan, you’ll be wearing a toe tag.

Pray for America and Our Troops