Brayin Candy

The Cult of Hope

And Hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us. Rom 5:5

Premier Hussain knew that Jesus would be at the National Prayer Breakfast so he avoided the competition. The last thing he can afford is for people to believe there is a superior being to gummit or the Premier. His Deacons in the Stone Age Press will not place any other gods before him which is what he needs. This keeps them from looking at all of the corruption permeating his gummit and has them focused on things he wants like flu bugs and hiding behind Bush.

He did see if he could get all of the attendees arrested, but thought it a bit early. There is no chance he is a Christian and the snub is only one more work proving it. According to his book, his mother was an atheist and later dabbled in a number of new age religions including islam. Not many women become Christian or stay atheist after marrying a Mooselip and live. Like Mohamhead said, convert w/a knife to your throat. She was a hippie chick who needed no knife to convert.

Ohbummer is attempting to become a cult like personality to be the dictator he has always dreamed. He has to be surprised his cult following started so easily. It helps he has a braindead media spreading the Kool-Aid and giving him every positive story possible yet it hardly explains how his crowd will worship him like a messiah. You can tell by the way that he holds his poses in the same upturned manner as Lenin to become the same godlike figure.

His Party is an atheist religion and very hostile to Christianity. The Christians who are Dems are basically Cafeteria Christians who pick and choose the tenets they follow. They are not sold out Christians putting their religion in front of their politics. Most are Fundamental Atheists who look at their politics as their religion. To them gummit is their god and the head of their gummit their savior. This is who Premier Hussain is attempting to become, a Christ like figure who his followers will worship rather than their own self interest.

His next step is to vilify Christians. He needs to make sure his followers will disavow their own faith and marginalize those who won’t disavow theirs. He will be demonizing all Christians like they have done to Gov Palin, GW,

Carrie Prejean or any other Christians standing in the way of their communist goals. We will see more faith demonization in the same way racism and "homophobia" has seen. They have already attacked churches for standing in the way of Homosexual Marriage in attacks on the churches and their followers. We now have homothugs attacking beauty contestants for answering questions honestly. This will become more and more prevalent as he pushes his enslaving policies forward.

Once the Christians are minimized and ousted from the political landscape then Premier Hussain will be free to become the ultimate cult leader giving him divine like power. Same as has been done by Castro, Stalin, Mao, Saddamn, Kim Jock Itch and every other commie dictator. We are already seeing the media agenda to make him into the godlike persona he needs to take over this Country. To nationalize the economy he needs to make the people believe he can run every part of their lives better than they can run it themselves. When he reaches that point we will all be living in Jonestown waiting for our poisoned Kool-aid.

His inner circle understands exactly what they need to have happen and are centralizing their power faster than any regime we’ve ever had. They distrust anyone who is not part of their Chicago mafia and are managing the obamedia cultists better than the clintons ever dreamed some compare the Stone Age Press to teenage groupies which is an insult to teenage groupies everywhere. No the media is more like the Roadies, setting up the stage for their Messiah to deliver his message. They’re payment is being part of the band.

The last thing he wants is for the mass’ to realize they are losing 30,000 jobs per day. The Establishmedia can’t report obozo is destroying the auto industry by eliminating cheap fuel. If the auto workers realized that the demand for their cars/jobs would go up if we drilled our own oil, the regime would end. The DNCult Planning Politburo can’t allow info to get out for fear of a voter revolt. So the obamedia uses terms like Alternative Energy to mean Arab Oil so those unemployed workers will stay in their UAW caves. If you’re the Messiah obozo; heal Detroit! A Conservative could have it fixed in 2 moves, Drill and Dump the Unions.

America has to turn away from this cult religion and realize real Hope and happiness is only found in the one true God. The cultists are going to find out at some point ohbummer’s World is built on sand and they’re now seeing things he can’t handle. They’re running into problems he or gummit have no chance of curing, just like Katrina. He has to get his commie utopian Gulag built before the taxes come due and the people revolt. Now is when Christians need to tell the people of the truth and what matters. Jesus is Hope which is our armor. This is what he fears, people won’t fall in line w/the fear and intimidation he is instigating. If people see him and the gummit as a sandcastle in the waves and begin to stand up to the takeover, his cult figurehead will go the way of every other cheap dictator who tried to enslave Freedom Loving Americans. We Christians have to stand strong against these forces of darkness like never before. The Truth is what he truly fears.

Pray for America, Our Troops and The Truth