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If Madeoff is Getting 150 Years??

He has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and will deliver us. On him we have set our Hope that he will continue to deliver us,... 2 Corinthians 1:10

If Bernie Madeoff is sentenced to 150 yrs in prison then Barney Frank should get 15,000 yrs. The only problem is Bawney would likely think it was weekends in his basement. Madeoff was made an example for wiping out the savings of a few hundred millionaires which is a pimple on a hippo compared to wiping out the entire Country’s savings. Millions of people across the Country have lost everything they had due to Bawney and his homosexual "husband" forcing banks to make loans to people who had no chance of paying them back. Why is Berney in prison while Bawney is still in congress fleecing more Americans?

Bernie Madeoff was a crook that ran a Ponzi scheme and preyed on the wealthy in the NE. He hurt hundreds of people that gave him Million$ to invest. They were receiving 15% returns and should have known that their $$ was at risk receiving those types of returns. These were sophisticated investors who knew what they were doing and should have been questioning their returns being higher than normal. Bawney on the other hand was putting the entire Country at risk and was warned numerous times by President Bush and Senator McCain he was risking our financial security. Those who lost their life savings in this Ponzi scheme weren’t receiving excessive returns and believed their $$ was safe. Thanks to Frank & Co this was far from the truth. They lost their lives’ savings due to Bawney’s lust for power and greed.

Everybody knows the disappearance of the Billion$  was the Madeoff scandal and how he was borrowing from Peter to pay Paul until the $$ ran out leaving everybody w/worthless paper. We have seen the stories of the wealthy investors who worked their entire lives to see it become worthless. What PravdABDNC will never report is the scandal Bawney Fag was involved in as a ranking member of the Banking committee. He was able to write and pass laws handcuffing the Banking Industry to the point of selling and holding worthless mortgages which has gotten us to where we are now. This is another example of the gummit getting involved in commerce and making the environment toxic.

In 1995 after Bawney was questionably acquitted of his underage prostitution ring he became involved with Fannie Mae exec Herb Moses. They exchanged DNA and Bawney declared himself Moses’ ugly wife. No truer words ever escaped his over used lips. They were quite the couple in Boston as Herb was able to slip him some campaign $$ in exchange for services rendered. What Moses was working on was a program which would allow farmers to qualify for loans they clearly couldn’t repay. Bawney pushed it through congress and w/the help of the Black Kookus expanded it to the inner city hoods.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bought these mortgages up by Billion$ and overvalued them to make their books look better than they were. Congress had made the bonuses of all the Fannie/Freddie employees tied to the number of mortgages they wrote. The more mortgages the bigger the bonus to the point people like Moses and Jamie Gorelick of the 9/11 Gorelick Wall fame received over $25 Million in bonus money. Jim Johnson and Frank Raines the execs who cooked the books received over $300 Million in bonuses/golden parachutes. There couldn’t be a worse idea for corruption of this DNC money machine than to allow them to buy worthless mortgages for more than they were worth to make all of the people in the scheme paid by how much of this worthless paper they can write. Bawney’s Ponzi scheme makes Madeoff look like a jaywalker.

When the Republicans wanted to investigate these corrupt gummit Corporations Fwank would sick the Black Kookus on them w/the Establishmedia Attack Machine to make them out to be KKK for forcing Blacks to qualify for loans. President Bush attempted to reform F/F a number of times and even when a whistleblower came forward w/proof the Books were cooked, Bawney had the investigation shut down. There was no way he was going to have the DNC money factory get reformed. Just like Madeoff, as long as the $$ kept coming in and they could borrow from Peter/Paul then hide the fact they were underwater. When the cost of gas/food went up and people stopped paying their mortgages there was nothing they could do. When the paper was finally valued the entire banking system collapsed and millions of people lost Trillion$.

The people who lost from Fwank’s fraud were not the NE wealthy, they were the people who owned 401Ks or had mortgages which were owned by small banks that collapsed. This was money invested by retirement funds and people who had their life savings invested in banks they were thought to be rock solid. These were elderly retirees making 5% on their money and invested in safe securities to live through their golden years. This was money invested for college funds by people who salted away a little each month to send their kids to school. These were avg working guys & gals across the Country. If Madeoff gets 150 yrs for bilking some rich people than what should Frank get for defrauding everyday Joes? How many millions of Americans have lost everything including their jobs thanks to Bawney, and Madeoff gets 150 yrs!

Now Bawney is up to his same ol tricks, no not underage boys; he is saying that Fannie needs to ease up on their loan requirements to allow people who have no chance of repaying loans to get loans. He is calling anybody who disagrees w/this legislation a racist and hater of the poor. He is again pushing for Fannie execs to get record bonuses for the great job they have done in the past year. He is claiming they will leave if we don’t pay them a $100s of millions to keep them here. Don’t let the door hit ya where Bawney... never mind. Rather than Chairing the Banking Committee this corrupt politician should be sharing a cell w/Madeoff. Rather he is going to take this business model to Wall St, Detroit, Energy and Healthcare planning on the same results.

Pray for America