Brayin Candy

Jack Turda Is Guilty

...What we are is plain to God, and I Hope it is also plain to your conscience. 2 Cor 5:11

Jack Turda accused innocent Marines of "killing civilians in cold blood". Now he’s been caught w/his hand in the Pork Barrel again, isn’t it time to admit his guilt and resign? If he will accuse Marines of murder w/no evidence, yet he fights this obvious corruption; he is a hypocrite, but I repeat myself. He received over $1.3 million in kickbacks to save his seat while giving a business in his district over $100 million of our hard earned tax $$. In the old days he would have been put in a stock in the town square so the people could spit on him, yet in the DNC he’s a hero.

At the beginning of the war, a squad of Marines in Haditha was risking their lives in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Iraq when an IED exploded; killing one then came under fire from Al Queda cowards. The firefight ensued and the brave Marines counterattacked these terrorists and drove them from the houses they were firing from. Like all Mooselimb cowards, they hid behind women and children and in the fight a child was killed by one side or the other. In all 17 terrorists and civilians were killed in this terrorist stronghold.

As soon as Jack Turda heard about these casualties he jumped in front of the Vietnam line, claiming our soldiers are murderers and baby killers to bring another loss to our military. With not one piece of evidence he declared our Marines cold blooded killers of innocent civilians, just like Yaawn Kerry did. He has an absolute hatred of our military and would do or say anything to bring about their defeat so destroying the lives of 15 Marines was a small price. He forced the Marines to bring court-martial charges against these brave men ruining their careers and lives. If he can destroy their careers why is his off limit? He needs to step down and plead guilty just like he charged these heroic Marines.

Jack Turda won his election with corrupt campaign funds. He was involved in another kickback scheme just like he was in the Abscam scandal. This time he agreed to take $1.3 Million in campaign funds from the PMA lobbying firm which was able to steer over $100 Million in Turda earmarks to their clients. This was another pay-to-play scheme giving him enough campaign $$ to flood the media w/ads to beat his opponent. PMA is now defunct but was involved w/kickback schemes w/21 congressrats including Jim Moron of VA.

The most frequent methods of laundering graft and kickbacks are to hire a family member like DiFi and Nazi Pelosi does w/their families. Jack Turda hires his brother Robert Murtha who runs a corrupt lobbying firm called KSA consulting. This firm is now under investigation for a number of kickback schemes involving $Millions of Turda earmarks. The investigation is costing us additional millions he needs to do the patriotic thing and plead guilty like he accused the Marines.

In addition, the Kachura Corporation also in his district received $50-100 Million in defense contracts while their employees bundled $65,000 for his campaign. They also own the Kachura Game Farm where clients hunt big game animals. The farm has only around $150,000 in revenue yet was able to have a fundraiser for Turda that rose over $100,000. Wonder how many animals he killed and grilled that night? Jack Dirtbag is completely guilty and needs to resign yesterday to do the people of his district a favor. If he can falsely accuse brave Marines of atrocities while he is guilty of real crimes he has to step down and plead for his crimes. There is far more evidence than one scared Iraqi girl who was trying to protect her parents. There are actual documents and computer records pointing right at him. Rather than stalling til the 79 yr old can cut a deal, do what he wanted for the 18 yr old Marines.

How an old hack can look at the people he serves while being guilty of corruption and graft after what he did to the brave Marines is boggling. This is the type of crime so hypocritical it should have him tarred and feathered. Not only is he a traitor to his Country for making false charges against our troops in a time of war, but he is up to his own neck in corruption. This may be SOP for the District of Corruption though for normal Americans this can never be tolerated. He should be held to the same standards he held those Honorable Marines, Guilty until proven innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt. Those Marines were selflessly risking their lives to bring Lady Liberty to 25 million oppressed Iraqis. Turda was enriching himself and his brother for their selfish needs. Jack Turda does the right thing, resign your job and admit your guilt. In the old days they’d offer him a cigarette & blindfold.

Pray for America and Our Troops