Brayin Candy

Rush Wants Success

 The Ohbummer Attack Machine or as some call it, the Establishment press is outraged Rush Limbaugh would dare to say he hopes obama would Fail. They act like this simple statement by Rush is completely different than what Michael Mooreon said in his movie Fraudulent 911. His oscar winning movie which they had a Red Carpet Premier  the entire Stone-age media’s who’s who were all dressed in their formal attire and jewels. Not only did Moore want W to Fail he wanted our troops and America to fail. Rush is saying just the opposite, he wants Obozo to fail so America will succeed. As always you can cut PravdABC hypocrisy w/a diamond cutter.

Michael Mooreon, the sloven standard-bearer of the Leftexstream press corpse, not only wanted President Bush to fail he made a crockumentary lying about everything leading up to 911. He claimed Bush planned the 911 attack w/his Taleeeban friends to get a pipeline across Trashcanistan. Fatboy took sides and showed how loved Saddamn was in his own Country having fairer elections than America since he received 99% of the vote. The opposition 1% were eventually fed into shredders. Amazingly, the same percentages as the media’s voting for obama vs McCain! The Slob had pictures of all the people flying kites and loving their magnanimous leader. None of them spoke since all their tongues were cut out prior to filming for Fatboy.

The Establishment press attack machine who had journalistic stallwarts like Dan Rather are outraged Rush would want our President to fail. The same Rather who went to Iraq and treated Saddamn far more respectful than he did W. The same Dan Rather who took forged military documents to destroy President Bush on nationwide TV. Those Kinko documents that were proven fake by Free Republic in less than 20 mins. Yeah, this same Danosour Press is outraged anyone would want the President to fail.

These are the same people like Professor Gibson and Katie Colon who ambushed Saracuda and then butchered their interviews to make sure her and McCain failed. These are the same ones who attacked her daughter, accusing her of having the Downs baby to destroy Gov Palin/McCain. The same PravdABDNC who attacked her for buying clothes every politician including the Bamas, bought every election, yet now was a scandal. The same Stone-age press who spent 1000 times more time in Wasilla AK then Chicago where Barak’s main campaign fundraiser was being convicted of fraud. So yes, the same people who did everything they could and will do everything they can to defeat Republicans, are outraged at Rush’s simple statement.

Harry Reid said the war was lost or failed is outraged Rush would want obama’s nationalizing of America to fail. Murtha who said our troops were murderers before the first witness was interviewed is outraged Rush would say something so outrageous. The same Party who did and said everything they could in the past 6 yrs to undermine our troops to make them fail, is outraged at Rush. The difference is they were hoping to destroy America by losing the war and destroying our standing in the World. Rush Limbaugh is hoping obama will fail to save America.

When Michael Maroon made his movie and was invited into the Presidential box at the DNC Convention, he made it because he hates America. When Rush says he wants obama to fail its because he loves America. When Moore edits his movie to make America and our troops look as bad as he can its because he wants America to fail. When Rush tells the truth about Obama’s policies & lies, its because Rush wants America to succeed. The reason Moore hates President Bush is because GW loves America and everything it stands for. The reason Rush wants obama to fail is because Black Oblack hates America and everything she stands for. He sees this Country as a racist hatefilled Country where the Rich exploit the Poor. Bama wants to take all of our hard earned money through confiscatory taxes and redistribute it to the Poor. Braaack wants to punish the people who make this Country run so he can install a bigger all powerful gummit to enslave us.

Of course Michael Maroon and the Establishment press wanted President Bush to fail. He stood for everything the gazillionaire hated, America, God, Freedom, Respect for Our Troops and Capitalism. Fatboy wanted Bush to fail so America would fail. These are the exact opposite reasons that Rush Limbaugh wants King Hussain to Fail, so America will Succeed.

Pray for America, Our Troops and obama’s Failure