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Townhall Freedom v Slavery

There is one body and one Spirit–just as you were called to one HOPE when you were called... Eph 4:4

Upon arriving at the Wu Town Hall in downtown Portland it was obvious the Union Mobsters were dutifully doing their $40/hr jobs. There were 87 seats available and since I only got there an hour early those seats were covered by union astroturf. It was fine since it was expected so I came to film the DNC activities outside and the obvious choreography taking place to expose it, which is what I did. To think the most liberal city in Oregon could only attract 2-300 libs says how forced they are to support DeathCare. I had gone down there w/a question to ax, but figured I wouldn’t get that opportunity due to union thugs and was right.

My question was: Congressman Wu, since your side is continually vilifying the Insurance Industry why should we Patriots turn over our Doctors and Hospitals to a massively corrupt congress?? He would have given the usual Texas two step how we had to do something even if it is wrong since the crisis is so bad. Even if I got in and axed my question, then I wouldn’t have gotten nearly what I got on my camera outside.

The primary talking points that are being spread by the obots are the insurance company is a villain and needs to be destroyed for our own good. They were all repeating that since you would call a fire dept if your house burned down why wouldn’t you call the gummit if your body had a catastrophe? Isn’t your body more important than your house?

This is another one of their famous apples/oranges arguments the Left Wing Extremists are famous. First you wouldn’t send in a gummit IRS agent to come in and do your heart surgery; you would have a heart surgeon do it. They want us to all go to gummit hospitals which would be the equivalent of VA doctors and care, which are continually falling apart. The bigger difference is you carry Fire Insurance from an Insurance Company to pay the bills for your catastrophe. The gummit program for physical disaster insurance is FEMA which is not who you want taking care of your bills. The obots want to put America in the New Orleans Dome during Katrina.

This also proves our argument that insurance companies are far more efficient than a corrupt gummit. For these companies to earn a profit they need to make themselves as efficient as possible. They have been specializing in their business since Ben Franklin and this gummit monstrosity can’t run anything believes they can just come in and do what these companies do. These companies live on 1-2% profit margins or in the case of HMOs are non profits. There aren’t enough margins for this sluggish behemoth to fit.

Gummit has no motivation to become more efficient or streamlined. Just the opposite, the unions want as many workers doing make work as possible to swell their Union Boss funds. The employees are paid the same no matter how much they produce or don’t. Then once they belong to a union there is no possible way to thin the herd. This will become a bigger and bigger tumor to the point of killing our healthcare system. Not only will the payments and work become slower the service from the District of Corruption will deteriorate to the point of absolute frustration for doctors and hospitals just like Medicare/Caid. Thousands of Doctors have opted out of Medicare now, so we can look for that to snowball under RationCare. Then who you going to replace those lost experienced specialists, Pelosi?

Very shortly after the congress takes over our Doctors and Hospitals there will be the politicizing and corrupting of this industry. We will see NEA type organizations move into the hospitals and the gummit will completely politicize them. We will see freezers full of cash being shoved into city officials and congressmen as the graft is spread around. There will be favors and nepotism throughout this industry as it becomes more and more like the Chicago machine. We will see more and more of our ReaperCare $$ being used for bribes and kickbacks to grease the wheels of gummit Deathcare. We are going to go from the best healthcare in the world to a rundown corrupt Turd World cash machine.

The question America has to ax itself is, is there anything the gummit has proved it can do better than private industry? The only times the gummit has shown itself to be efficient is when they privatize services and let the invisible hand of profit do it’s magic. There is no incentive for the gummit to be efficient then you throw in the massive inefficiencies of graft and corruption throughout the District of Corruption you know what this boondoggle will look like in very short time. Course then it will be too late, as we dread using it.

At a time when we are suffering the worst economy since FDR we can’t afford to turn our hospitals over to this corrupt and inefficient gummit. This will surely push us off the cliff which may drop us into the 2nd Great Depression. The answer is to take the shackles off the Healthcare industry and allow it to use Free Market forces to become more efficient. Rather than throwing it into the Rat hole, it needs to be given fresh air to truly become the dynamic force it can become. Let the Free Market do what it has always done and cure this cancer. Our Choices are the Free Market or a Corrupt Congress.

Pray for America and The Tea Partiers