Brayin Candy

Fraudulent 911

Finally watched Fraudulent 911 yesterday and what a joke. Michel Maroon should be arrested for false advertising when he claims “funny” on the cover. Unless you consider calling President Bush stupid or evil genius, thirty times, then there is no humor in this hatefest. If your looking for laughs, you may want to go watch Al Franken do 45 mins of stand-up instead? The most reveling part of the movie is how it exposes how braindead liberals have to be, to swallow this pap. These people make the UFO crowd appear level headed.  The long and short of it is, you have seen the movie; it was the Yaaawn Tax & Kerry campaign.

You don’t have to suffer through the whole movie if you watch it on your puter at 1.5X and speed through the repetitive garbage. It takes about 45 mins.  If you received a gallon of gas every time the fat slob said Saudi Oil, Haliburton or Carlyle Group you could drive your SUV for a decade or two. The basic premise to the entire kookfest is that then Governor Bush met with 4 Taliban members in 1997 to discuss a pipeline through Trashcanistan. That was when the plot to attack the WTC was hatched. They were supposed to go tell Osama to attack us and kill Americans so we could overthrow them and Saddam and build the pipeline. To further this theory another Taliban leader met with the State Dept in May of 2001 to finalize things. He doesn’t mention their meetings with Clinton or that this meeting was to protect the ancient Buddhist statues??

He goes on with his house-a-nuts theory that when we finally attacked the Taliban, since it took 2 long months to conquer Trashcan,we were giving Osama bin hidin and the Taliban time to escape. Never mind that Russia and Great Britain were stuck in that country for decades, we should have conquered the land in 24 hours and captured Osama??? This is when he asks the question, “what kind of fool would take 2 months to capture someone who killed 3,000 Americans?” You can guess who’s picture is on the screen.

Here goes, Texas Governor Bush hatched a plan; that after he won the nomination and won the Presidency he would have his 4 friends in the Taliban tell Osama to attack the WTC so we could run him and them out of their Country?? Paging Dr No, paging Dr No!! Then in May of 2001 the State Dept meets with a single Taliban to go over the final attack, even though Carlyle decided not to build the pipeline, to do what? Course, Michael never tells his Moorons the pipeline has been scrapped. No we’re talking evil genius here. The Area 51ers would be proud.

He then goes on to interview an assortment of loser war protesters, from proven liar Richard Clarke to some Bezerkley 60's burnouts. We’re going to Bezerkley to get some unbiased opinions on President Bush for filler. He interviews a USMC deserter who is the only military good guy who just happens to be named Abdul Hanson. Gee, wonder why Abdul changed his mind about fighting the war? He mumbled something about killing, “poor” people but everyone knew he was meaning Mooselums like him.

The big interview was with the poor liberal mother in Flint MI who lost her son in a helicopter crash in Kabul. After giving a tour of her shanty where she hangs the flag every day because she loves America, she sat down to talk. She let us all know she was Catholic and showed her “rainbow” cross. How PC to have a Catholic Cross that includes homosexuals. She read her son’s final letter who asked why we’re in this war and was waiting for President Bush to be defeated. Why would a soldier send his last letter home at the start of the war, questioning that war and making a campaign statement. Being a Liberal, she likely wrote the letter herself. If he died in Kabul, was he questioning the Afghan war or the Iraqi?? She was the star for the rest of this bilge, going up to everyone and weeping about her son. She was enjoying the attention and spitting on her son’s memory.

You should view this drivel to see what the Kerry campaign was all about and to educate yourself. To see how he was able to deceive so many willing fools. It will probably get the O-scar just like Arabfat got the sNobel. You should also see what the new Standard Bearer for the Stone-age press to do their limbo limbo. These were all of PravdABDNC’s talking points and they just regurgitate them over and over and over. From the WMD’s to the Dan-o-saur AWOL story without any proof. The slob even throws up some documents that made you think of Freepergate. 

The new standard for attacking President George W Bush is now, the charge is all that matters; if we need to make up some looney Taliban connection so be it. Fatboy has proven that there is a large group of braindead hatefilled Liberals that will swallow whatever is on the hook. It showed that to make W into a liar, they had to change the definition of a lie. Fortunately, the wisdom of the American People was not so easily hooked.

Pray for W and Our Troops