Brayin Candy

James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles

But since we belong to the day, let us be self-controlled, putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet. 1 Thes 5:8

The two cub reporters James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles not only deserve a New Media Pulitzer, they gave America a look inside the world of corruption. We witnessed some of the most despicable crooks inside ADNCORN who has stolen elections, propped up obozo and their socialist Party. These lowlife dirtbags were obozo’s army last election and were planning on becoming a stronger force in the next. These Black Santa Oblack hacks have been caught defrauding America by twisting the laws and ethics while enriching themselves at the detriment of the Inner City poor they pretend to help while only helping themselves. Their lies and deception has now been caught for the world to witness, but enough about the media.

 What the ACRIME videos and the Million Mob March on DC has shown is the corruption of the Day Old News. These people have been lazy ADNCorn scribes for so long they’ve forgotten what their jobs were. These Left Wing Extremists have promoted a communist gummit and now are doing everything they can to deflect their corruption. There is no difference between the woman who was advising how to avoid detection of a Sex Slave Auction then Old Maid Dowd calling Tax Paying Patriots, racists. Besides her being a bore, who’s next original thought will be her first, goes to the frayed whip one more time to race the Old Swaybacked Racist Nag. Could there be a more despeRat tactic than the old Freedom Lovers are racists line, zzzzzzzzzz? This clearly underlines her lack of intellect of the issue while she hides behind her Dingbat routine. It may have been cute, perky and fresh 30 yrs ago after a couple of scotch and rocks in a smoky pressroom after hours, not anymore.

The good news about the ACRIME story is it proves beyond a shadow we don’t need PravdABDNC anymore. They have become a cartoon of themselves as they try over and over to stay relevant. According to the Old York Times, there never were any videos or protests. There never were any brave kids going into these dens of ADNCorn thug enterprise to record this corruption. There never were any discussions of how to cheat on your taxes or set-up a child prostitution ring. No, according to the Times the only thing wrong, it was reported by young racists, that is their blinder. They look more and more like they are the mafia lookout than a news organization. They are no less corrupt an arm of the DNC than ACRIME, now everyone knows thanks to 2 kids w/a camera.

The only network doing their job is FOX. They are ridiculed by PravdABDNC since they are doing what journalists were supposed to do, uncovering corruption. The Leftexstream press calls everyone names like whacked out druggies in the back of the classroom, making fun of the A students. You know the ones you wish the teacher would leave the room for five minutes to adjust their attitudes? They name call to hide their own lack of skill or ambition. Most of them couldn’t turn an intelligent or creative thought if they had a gun to their heads. These grey haired hippies have done nothing other than write the same old tripe for 40 yrs, so when’s the pasture?

We’ve had to listen to leftist cliche’s from the same old Dinosaurs like Katie Colin, Charlie Brown and Peter Jennings for decades. They have attacked Conservatives and America for so long they have no other curiosities, like leftist abuses when they are surrounded by it. Now they have their Fidel, they are hiding the fact he’s completely corrupt. They are never going to report they were wrong about their liberal view now it is here. They are the dogs which always chased the car and have finally caught it to find their teeth locked onto a spinning wheel going 75.

The good news is the kids proved we don’t need the Establishmedia. They are a waste of oxygen as they attack the very story they should be covering. Why is Fox beating them like a Redheaded Stepchild? Because FOX is chasing corruption wherever it goes and it is heading right at ACRIME. This is what they are trained to do and gives them the energy and creativity while the Dinosaur Press slogs behind. The Day Old Press’ idea of a scandal is inventing a lie then reporting it enough to make the truth into a lie which is journalistic malpractice.  We in the new media are doing their job and doing it far better than they ever dreamed. Not only are the Dowdies of the Press Corpse pure ideologues of communism, they are inferior writers/producers. There are only a handful of writers you can get through more than 2 paragraphs of their clichéd bromide before your eyes begin to glass. In MoDowdy’s case 1 sentence.

The really good thing about being a racist is that the card is fun. Yeah, us racists notice the color of someone’s skin and enjoy racist jokes like the obozo Witchdoctor poster. It was the funniest posters ever. Much funnier than the crosshairs on President Bush, but jokes are supposed to be sick. Now my racism doesn’t reach the level of hatred of Black Racist Oblack or Angry Michelle’s, who has yet to meet a White American they don’t want to punish, but whose is?

Some of us have lost our white guilt; we think the Blacks here had the best opportunity of anybody in the world. They just have been shackled by the DNC by losing their ability to get a quality education or freedom to move up. They have been sold at auction by Jesse Jackmail and Al Step-n-fetchon to the NEA for $$. These charlatans know the importance of a quality education which is why they and obozo send their kids to private schools while denying the Blacks they speak for are sent to the failing public monopoly. In Cleveland, Catholic schools in the inner city had minorities graduating at 99.2% while the publics’ were at 30%, til the DNCorn/NEA had the voucher stopped. The same thing was happening in DC until Oblack/NEA had their vouchers GW had passed, stopped for the teachers unions. Those may not been able to educate all of them, but could have made a big difference too many.

Abraham Lincoln said, “we even here-hold the power and bear the responsibility...We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth." Those cameras Giles and O’Keefe took into the ACRIME offices gave us a look inside the entire DNCorn establishment. There is no difference between the Black women giving advice on how to auction child Salvadoran Sex Slaves then it is to sell DeathCare to grandma. They are both trying to get around the truth to enslave people. It is no different than a strategy meeting in ABDNCBS on Monday morning in the WH conference call. They are all trying to find a way to destroy America by falling for their lies. When you have no core beliefs you just try to find words to obscure the truth and is what the Black lady proved. She is Jarrett, Curic, Gibson, Jennings, obozo’s czars and the Day Old Media, who are all corrupt. Fox and the Computer Media no longer need them and enjoy exposing the District of Corruption to the world. The two kids have fired a proton torpedo into the reactor of the Death Star. They are the last best hope of earth.

Pray for America and Our Troops