Brayin Candy

Our Corrupt Media

Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the HOPE that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the Truth, 2 Tim 2:25

The only Establishment more corrupt than ACORN and Chicago combined is America’s Establishmedia. They as a group have no value to the American culture since they are nothing more than puppies of the DNC litter. Why have them when they are completely surrounded by overt corruption and believe their job is to hide it at all costs. What happened? Party loyalty overrides every other professional standard. The fact is every news outlet other than FOX is panting in the WH strategy conference call is all the proof needed. Imagine Nixon putting together a conference call with major news outlets?

The press isn’t stupid just corrupt, they know exactly what is happening around them. They know all of this spending and especially the HC plan is going to destroy this Country and are complicit w/this destruction. They are ideologues who believe an all encompassing gummit will more fairly distribute the resources than capitalism. Forget about individual Freedom, they only care about their own positions in the Inner Circle. Their absolute corruption stands head and shoulders above any other corruption in this Country.

The corrupt mediots like Mathews, Gibson, Colic, Jennings, et al not only don’t report corruption like ACORN but vilifies any news organizations that do. They will accept any amounts of corruption as long as it lies on their side of the political spectrum. We have officials taking banks of cash and our media would rather look the other way and distract than cover this corruption. To imagine a morning phone call to the WH is nearly beyond comprehension, yet it’s the way business is conducted for PravdABDNC. This is like the mafia having a conference call w/all the Police Stations telling them which Banks to watch.

Unlike Mussolini who decorated Lamp Posts w/reporters for investigating his Nationalizing Italy our reporters are only good for decorating them for not investigating. Then we’d need to install more Lamp Posts. These reporters shouldn’t be afraid to investigate corruption just as if it were a Republican in office. They don’t even need to invent scandals like they did against Bush, but they should look into the rampant Graft they are slogging through. Unfortunately, they are nothing but themselves corrupt politicians wasting space in their newsrooms and papers. They have become so corrupt they no longer even know who they are and would rather play and win the Game, rather than report or find the Truth. They won’t even try to disprove the ACRIME charges for fear of finding they are true.

ABDNCbs has been corrupt for so long, being caught in political lie after lie they are now actively attempting to help bankrupt this Country. They know you can’t just print money and run massive deficits for very long, but are dutifully carrying the water saying you can. They won’t even report the truth about what’s in the HC bill or Cap and Tax so they will help pass them to destroy this Country. If and when it happens they will be the primary culprits these bills passed and are not questioning any takeovers or centralization this regime is instituting. They are guiltier than any others in this travesty since they should know to at least ax pointed questions to expose the truth. They are nothing more than dirty rotten cops.

They went so far as making a point which even the mildest questioning won’t be tolerated. When SNL made the slightest joke over the weekend about obama, the establishmedia starting w/DNCNN actually belittled SNL, pointing out the slight exaggerations of the skit. We’ve never seen that w/a Repub like Bush or Palin, rather those skits were magnified over and over, but the rules are going to be strictly enforced for their messiah. There will be no questioning or dissent against the chosen one as they all march in perfect lockstep to the destruction of this economy. Anyone who would dare to stand up and ax what is happening or point out corruption and incompetence will be destroyed professionally. The message was sent loud and clear as they vilified SNL as if they were FOX TV.

These old dinosaurs are so nearly extinct and ingrained in their beliefs, they can never be changed. They would never report on their own and only know one way of reporting/distorting. This is the reason there are only two real solutions to the cleaning of corruption of the establishmedia. One would be for the managers to fire the entire newsrooms, and then start over w/reporters who will investigate corruption no matter what. The other is for the bankruptcy of these media outlets and then start over from top to bottom, which is the better solution. This issue is too critical to the saving of this Country for anything halfway. Until then citizen reporters and the alternative news will have to band-aid this together til a real solution comes. Corruption is the number one problem in this Country and the media is more corrupt than the gummit and ACORN combined. If any reporter is reading this and wondering if you're corrupt, ax yourself if you are in or wish you were a part of the WH Conference Call.

Pray for America and The Truth