Brayin Candy

Rustler Rangler

A faith and knowledge resting on the HOPE of eternal life, which God, who does not lie, promised before the beginning of time. Titus 1:2

How did we ever elect a congress that looks more like a White Collar Prison than a branch of gummit? We used to have minor league graft like the Post Office scandal under Rosti Rostenkowski, what we have now is a fully fledged Mafioso who are becoming millionaires using their power to enrich themselves. They rail against business making profits while they use their positions to give themselves advantages nobody else in America enjoys. Then they ensure us they will investigate themselves. Bet Al Capone wished he could have hired his own Elliott Ness like congress does.

We have corrupt politicians running congress and chairing the most powerful committees who are abusing their authority. Crooks like Charlie Rangel who has yet to see a business that he finds valid, is continually crying about Tax Cuts for the Greedy Rich. How big a hypocrite do you have to be to not only dodge taxes but not report income to keep you under the rich $250K income threshold? Once he goes over $250K his rates would increase 15%. This Demcorrupt is the person who is writing the tax bills we have to pay while ignoring them himself w/no concerns since he has the Congra Nostra protecting him. But hey, trust them they will him.

In 2004 he reported $4000 income on top of his $158K congress salary when in reality he made somewhere around $1,000,000 in additional income. This would have required you or me to pay an additional $400K but then we aren’t members of the District of Corruption Inner Circle. As often as he preached the evils of tax cuts for the rich you would expect him to pay extra not less, if at all. Rangel has been stealing from the trough for as long as he’s been a member. If anybody would accuse him of corruption he would simply hide behind his skin pigment to call the accusers racist. The corrupt Black Caucus would back him w/the racist card and no further questions are axed. This worn out spindled card has helped him steal Million$.

Recently when Maxine Waters was axed about corrupt congressman Rangel she answered"I wanna tell you, there are many members who if you go back over all of their records over the years, you're going to find that there are disclosures that were not made."

Funny she would make a comment like that, then not really. After the TARP bill was passed she yanked the race card for a minority owned bank in her district. The bank never qualified for TARP funds but she made a special trip to the TARP administrators to make sure that the bank received $12.5 million it had never qualified for. This money kept the bank afloat and kept her from losing the $500K she and her husband had invested in it. Yeah, if you look into her records you might find some things. You or an evil rich White person would have just lost the $500K, yet since she is elected to the most corrupt organization in America, she made $$.

Waters and Rangel are simply the way power and corruption works. They use the magician’s sleight of hand by vilifying the Rich while they pick your pocket. Don't bother looking under the dome, it’s those evil, profit making, CO2 belching industries you need to watch, not gummit. They aren’t stealing from an evil corporation like Halliburton, who never did anything wrong; these crooks are stealing from the public trough. They are taking $$ which should be yours if not for their greed. Rangel has never had a real job yet is worth $Millions from Graft and Corruption for which he’ll never be charged. If he were not a member of the District of Corruption he would be fined Million$ sitting next to Madeoff the rest of his life.

These two crooks are the sickness in DC, the system they have created is the disease. The entire congress, from Dirt bag Harry, Nazi Pelosi, Chris Dudd, DiFi and on and on is all corrupt. This is the den of thieves who are writing the Tax Laws, Cap and Tax, Energy as well as DeathCare, knowing they will be the beneficiaries. You don’t see them signing up for the DeathCare they are forcing us on. They are planning on making themselves the recipients of the biggest haul in the histoir of man. They will be swimming in a sea of $$ w/no oversight whatsoever. They and their families will be Rich beyond their wildest dreams w/o ever having to earn an honest $ or making any of that evil PROFIT.

When the House voted to leave Rangel Chairman of the Ways and Means committee, which is the most powerful spending and taxing committee in the House, it tells you what you need to know. They are going to allow corruption and will police themselves, giving themselves a system the mafia could only dream. This is your gummit who pretends they are Robin Hood for the masses when in reality they are Robbing You, becoming your Master.

You can thank the Tea Parties and Town halls for calling attention to the takeover these corrupt politicians are attempting. The only solution is to throw the bums out next election. We need to throw these crooks out and make the K Street sharks have to buy new politicians who haven’t been sold out. Then in a few years repeat the system until we have drained the DC swamp and replanted it with citizen soldiers who will put their Country in front of themselves. Rangel, Waters, Reid and Pelosi can retire in the multiple houses they’ve stolen.

Pray for America and Our Troops