Brayin Candy

NFL Limbaugh Lynching

But Christ is faithful as a son over God’s house. And we are his house, if we hold on to our courage and the HOPE of which we boast. Heb 3:6

As an admitted racist, although not as racist as Oblack, Jackson, Sharpton, and a FB nut, I am a perfect analyst for the NFLimbaugh scandal. Those virtues of racial morality Jesse Jackmail and Step-n-Fetchin are going to protect Vick and McNabb from the White Man becoming an owner. Never mind more people who watch the NFL are Conservative or a large % of the players are we are spoken for by these two racists. Rush made the fatal error of saying about McGag, what every Eagles fan says every Playoff.

Other than the lies planted by the DNC about owning slaves, Rush spoke out against the liberal sports media using McGack as an example of reverse racism. During the 5 minutes Rush was a color commentator for ESPN, all the pundiots made McNabb out to be the second coming of Montana, Aikman and Bradshaw combined. The only question is whether he had enough fingers on his cannon or if the HOF could add a wing. They glowed on and on about how great he was before he won his first big game. Now looking at his career, everybody and especially those in the City of Brotherly Love know he’s not or ever will be Joe Montana or Payton during the Super Bowl in the final minute, now Rush was absolutely right and those mediots were wrong. He is still a good QB, but the fawning the experts heaped on him was overblown only due to his skin pigment, sound true, or Racist?

The scandal originated in the Players Union, oh how those union thugs seem to get around. Incoming Union Director DeMaurice Smith, was on the Ohbummer transitional team and was on AG Eric Holders staff in the 90s, likely leaked Limbaugh was part of the Rams purchasing group and then organized the sleazy smear campaign. This thug who is going to be paid $3.5 Million per plus bonuses never talked to the players and went straight to smearing MahaRushie w/lies from the day it was announced. He was obviously being directed by the WH as this is their usual Chicago style techniques, swatting mosquitoes w/a hammer. For most of us we watch sports to get away from politics, but for hacks like Smith there is no escaping politics; it’s why they live. To pretend he’s protecting the image of the NFL is laughable since the only thing Rush is guilty of is being a White Conservative, so they hung him from the Goalpost.

Once Jesse and Step-n-fetch got wind of this they were like a couple flies smelling an outhouse in the noon day sun. These two racists who if not for the pigment in their skin would be in jail for the criminal shakedowns they’ve done in their careers. Both have made millions from their extortions with threats of busloads of Astroturf who mug for the media destroying businesses. These two who likely haven’t watched a FB game in years come to protect those poor Black players from having a Conservative Whitey investing in a team. These two have destroyed more White and Black lives than any other scam artists in the Country. Just ax the Duke Lacrosse White boys if Jesse and Al look at anything other than the lack of pigment in your skin. Those White boys lives were destroyed by these racists and nearly kicked out of school when JJ and Al put the Sheet and Hood on these innocent kids. These two flies have made a career lynching Whites. These two Racists taught ACRIME how to extort businesses the way they have for years.

You couldn’t find two worse examples for Black kids to follow than Jackmail and Step-n-Fetch. No matter what the issue, the answer is punishing the White Man. No matter what the problem, it’s the White Man’s fault. They have been cheating on their wives w/Jackson having a bastard child he hid for years before it was exposed and we have no idea how many abortions these two have paid for. They re-enforce the idea all Black women are hos and to be a Player you screw them and forget them, to the cheers of your Brothers. Neither of them have worked a day in their lives and have become millionaires by extorting the system. Both of them have endorsed the NEA disaster of education, while sending their kids to private schools, enslaving Blacks to failing public schools. Rather than challenging these schools w/competition these two supports the status quo ensuring the dropout rates dooming a poverty group so they can enrich themselves. It’s the White Man’s fault.

They have been on the forefront of destroying the Black family from the LBJ not-so-Great Society, to abortion protection and endorsing every disaster the DNC has caused. They are primary lobbyists for the elimination of the family structure in the Hood and replacing the father w/the gummit paycheck. This eliminates the definer and enforcer of the rules of the family and society. They have forced the soaring illegitimacy rates which leads to drug abuse, rape, violence and every other problem the Black community is suffering. They just blame the White man and wash their hands. These are the models the media lift up for Black yout.

Rush would be a far better model for Black youts. He has overcome everything that’s come his way from being fired 10 times and told he would never make it. He never went to college and self educated himself in spite of a poor education is a political guru. He has overcome drug abuse, failed marriages and all the media attacks attempted to bring him down, doing it his own way. He has become one of the most successful men in the Country by doing nothing other than giving his opinion and not bending to the name calling, racism and isolation from not being on the DNC Plantation. Rush Limbaugh is who every mother and father in the Black family should have their kids emulate rather than the flies in the outhouse they have mirrored. Why keep following these racists back to the Plantation due to the pigment of their skin?

Pray for America and Our Troops