Brayin Candy

Gummit Greed

You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor. Exodus 20:17

Perhaps the biggest hypocrite in a WH full of them is Payroll CommieCzar Feinberg who has now been ordered to tax all the Wall Street Execs 90% of their deferred compensation. Here is another bloodsucking lawyer that reported $3.5 million income last year and is worth $30-40 mil who punishes producers. The Dems and some short sighted conservatives, enjoy the rich being punished, but what happens when they come after your salary and they will. When and where has any WH ever decided who and what do we get paid? Its ok for a lawyer to make millions but not Wall St brokers. This is the most regressive regime in the histoir of this Country. We are all cats in a Korean Restaurant wondering who’s next?

The WH has decided that none of the execs that they hate are to be allowed bonuses. These are people who are very well rewarded, since they have very unique skills that make people $$. This is the way they are paid and now the WH thinks since they used taxpayer funds rather than going bankrupt they no longer deserve to make bonuses. This of course doesn’t apply to similar companies like GE who are owned heavily by DR SOros as well as own DNBC. How Pay-to-play convenient.

The corruption of this Kremlin knows no bounds. For those who think this is a good idea, how does CEOs losing money help you in any way? You will not only never see the $$, you won’t enjoy the benefits of those $$ circulating and multiplying in the economy. NY Gov Paterson complained that this 90% Federal tax will cost his state $1 Billion. That represents 20-30% of the total payroll of these execs that would be spread around their communities. That represents lots of meals, wheels and deals that won’t be happening around NY and America. According to basic economics any $ that is returned to the private sector is multiplied by 100, which means this $10 Billion that is being stolen by the gummit would have been a $Trillion stimulus to the NY economy that won’t be happening anywhere.

Why should anybody covet these execs success? Isn’t that what America is all about to try and work toward everybody becoming successful? We have been brainwashed to hate the Rich and that they are the enemy when in reality they should be celebrated since they are what makes this Country work. We have too many people who have been told they can’t succeed and have forgotten what this Country was all about. Are we going to continue to punish success and reward failure or are we going to go back to what makes our economy work. Who are these Maoists to say who makes what and why aren’t they sacrificing themselves? When are they going to cut their salaries to help the taxpayer? If they can raise taxes to nearly 100% over a certain amount what keeps them from going after everybody? There is no chance that they will stop at the Banking execs, these are power hungry Central Planners. They won’t be happy until they control your salary which is why everybody should be outraged at this theft.

Many will say, they took taxpayer $$ so they deserve what they get. Is that right? No, the gummit never had them sign a contract that if you sign onto the TARP plan that you have to agree to no bonuses and the gummit would tell you what you are paid. What next, deciding the prices on the McDonalds menu? Simply for loaning some $$ they did not agree to let these thugs take over their industry. When you loan a business funds you do that w/the understanding that you like the way manage enough to risk them $$. That means they make all the business decisions and you are willing to take that risk for the return of interest income. If the gummit wanted control they should have let these banks go into bankruptcy reorganization.

The TARP $$ went two places, to the Banks on Wall Street and the UAW/SIEU/NEU pension funds. All of these Wall St and pension funds ended up in the exact same place, Wall St. The $Trillion that was supposed to go to American workers was basically diverted into the pension plans that were raided during the last campaign. This pension raid has never been caught before, this time that the markets collapsed making these DNC slush funds nearly deplete so Porkulus replaced those borrowed funds. The bottom line is that TARP and Porky funds were invested into the different investment banks making those CEOs millions. Once those large compensations were discovered by the Lap Dance press and reported, the Kremlin had to then make changes to satisfy their Extreme Leftist reporters. We can’t have capitalists making money which is why obozo told his paymaster Czar to steal these bonuses.

This is a perfect example why we don’t want gummit controlling our HC. TARP was supposed to be a perfect bill as was Porkulus. When the Inner Circle found that there was a problem with excessive profits than they had to come in w/this backfill tax. Rather than letting business decide how to run their day to day decisions gummit tries to make those thousands of decisions for them. That is when politics enter into the decision making and rather than doing what is to the most benefit of a company, these pols do what is the best for themselves. This is exactly what will happen and destroy HC.

Payroll Czar Frieberg is another corrupt lawyer who wants absolute control of your paycheck. This is his first step of an eventual takeover of every payroll decision. If you belong to a union or another DNC friendly company like GE than you will be ignored. If you are on not a friend of the DNC you will be punished accordingly. Campaign contributions will be analyzed and decisions will be made. There is no way that gummit is allowed to cross this line, yet these Maoists are seizing control of every part of our lives and checkbooks. This is what you do when your primary goal is destroying capitalism. Welcome to the USSO.

Pray for America and Our Troops