Brayin Candy

Tea Party Express II

  God did this so that, by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to take hold of the HOPE offered to us may be greatly encouraged.  Heb 6:18

 Walking up to the Tea Party Express II gathering I was approached by a Braindead Lib or as we call them locally, a Peoples Republic of Portlander who read my "Stop Mao Now" sign and said, “What is M-A-O? 

I answered Mao. 

She axed, what is mao?

I said, Mao Tse Tung?

She axed, what is Mao Tse Tung?

I said, The dictator of China who murdered millions of people.

She looked at me blankly so I turned my sign around which said, "Hope or Chains".

She gave me a disgusted look and stormed off.

Another well informed obozo voter.

What a day w/the TPE II. You have to attend this if you have the chance. These people lift your spirits as they are a breath of fresh air as are the people who will surround you. Not only are they very talented singers and speakers, they love this Country as do all the patriots around you giving us a comradely you find very few places anymore. We have to fight this fight to victory for a new dawn in America.

We have to use everything we have to get our message out. This is our crossroads in histoir, we don’t want to say we didn’t do everything we could to fight this war. YouTube and facebook as well as Twitter are ways to fight and organize for next year. Everybody should try to have 1000 FB friends to help organize next years’ election.

So walking in as the busses arrived and they were getting group shots in front of the busses, which I wanted to film. I moved to the other side of the parking lot and begin filming and started the FREEDOM cheer. It got pretty loud after around 5 or 6 times, when I looked over and saw the news crews. I went over and filmed those giving interviews to catch their bias or at least keep them in line. Folks, a camera is better than a gun in this war. So I began interviewing the reporter, then he began interviewing me, it was amazing video and did get my 20 secs on Ch 2, go Freepers!

Then went back to the crowd to film the event and another reporter came over and began interviewing the crowd which I filmed, then got interviewed by her but never went on TV. She did seem a bit taken back by having a camera in her face and her shades on a cloudy day seemed a bit Hollywood. She was beginning to interview an old Russian woman who was beginning to talk about her coming to America to escape communism, but got cut off by the beginning of the event. That would have been video gold and couldn’t get it.

The event was like a big party and it is so much fun to stand up for our Country as she is being torn down. These are big shots of energy we need to fight this fight. The only down side Jim Robinson the owner of Free Republic wasn’t there since he isn’t doing this trip which is understandable. Missed you bud. I would have loved to get a pic w/him but maybe next time. Best line of the day, "the cash for clunkers wasn’t a complete failure. It got 95% of the Obama bumper stickers off the road." 

The most emotional moments were the tribute to our WWII vets and all our vets, sung by Patricia Heaton er Diana Negy as well as the handshakes by fellow Freeper Lloyd Marcus who is on a million handshake tour. In a time when the Maoists are trying to tear us apart, Lloyd is doing his small part to bring us together. That is some powerful video. Got to talk to him and gave him a Free Republic card and he said he posts here often. He asks, why something as small as skin pigment should make us hate each other. He knows it is a weapon to keep us divided. The more we are torn apart the easier it is to beat those groups. This tour brings us together, so make sure to unite together to increase our power and you'll have a Great time!

 Pray for America and the Tea Party Express