Brayin Candy

Nazi Peloosa Deathcare

We have this HOPE as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. Heb 6:19

Nazi Pelosi as the Dictator of the House is going to cram DeathCare down America’s gullet. She wants to enslave the Country into her massive bureaucracy to smother us under massive controls and taxes. She is going to punish the people who make this Country work to give gummit more of our lives. As she vilifies the successful who make the jobs in this Country, she becomes one of the largest libercrites in the land.

Here we have a corrupt Pol who is waving the "evil rich" bloody shirt to sell America on another horrible gummit Rathole. Rather than explaining the disaster she wants to enslave us, she vilifies another group she needs to destroy. This coming from someone who has made over $100 Million in graft and corruption. If she is so concerned about spreading the wealth, how bout she gives up all her $$. After all, she could leave tomorrow and get a pension of over a $Million a year so why not give her $100 Million to the poor. Just think how many could have HC if she paid their premiums for a year? Course, Stalinists never spread their own wealth, it’s about stealing other peoples’.

Pelosi has made a very lucrative career through Graft and Corruption in her home district of Little Chicago West. By giving sweetheart deals for her husband and family she has become one of the most wealthy people in America. Unlike Entrepreneurs she wants to punish, who didn’t have the ability to get gummit handouts or set asides. They didn’t have the ability to abuse their power to enrich themselves, they did it by the sweat of their brow. So Mrs $100 Million Graft wants to destroy them and this Country now. She takes hypocrisy to new levels, even for a Demcorrupt.

She has not only made herself one of the most wealthy people in this Country, having next to nothing when she arrived to become filthy rich. She made sure inside the Porkulus bill there were Million$ of Pork for her Real Estate holdings in SF. She has made sure there was no investigations of fellow corrupt congressmen who she owes favors. She doesn’t want to investigate Countrywide Mortgage where her son makes Million$/yr for a job he rarely attends. It’s all in the Pelosi family.

Now Stretch wants gummit to literally own your life from cradle to grave. She has a 2000 page bill costing over $1.2 Trillion and by factoring in the underestimating of the past will likely be over $5 Trillion. She is adding another 1000 pages to represent the necessary Graft to grease this disaster through the Blue Dog Earmarks. There is no concern for paying for this, since she knows the Corruption w/in these pages will ensure her power for another decade. She wants to solidify her absolute power even if it absolutely destroys our lives.

This plan has the worst of all the plans woven into one bill. There will be only one plan throughout the entire Country, for everybody whether your 21 or 81. You will be forced on the plan which will cost more for less coverage. The doctors will be ordered by the Death Panels where and what to cover. If any are against abortion, too bad they have no choice. There will be no plan flexibility or competition which will bankrupt Americans at record pace. Ol Bug Eyes is giving us a frightening look at her and the DNC’s extreme liberal dogma in the most unfiltered view we have ever seen. As we take looks into her little shop of hos, the picture will become more and more stark. This looks like a short term loss with a long term gain.

This Nazi strait jacket will be something to beat them over the head like they wave the bloody George Bush shirt. This is not what America wants or needs, so as we expose more and more it will show America who and what they clearly are. While she hides behind the Evil Rich boogerman, we need to point to the disaster she is about to spread across this Land. Does anyone believe the same people who wrote TARP, FEMA, Stimulus and Crash for Junkers; can do Healthcare? Don’t bet you or your family’s life on it.

Pray for America’s Freedom