Brayin Candy

Going to Copenheist

But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the HOPE that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, 1 Peter 3:15

Now that anybody this side of the establishmedia’s braindead knows the Global Snow Job is a fraud, why has obozo doubled down? We now have 76-89% of the world knowing that Mike’s Nature Trick was the only thing Cooking in the Climate. We also know the Polar Bear numbers are rising exponentially to near pest populations. This is simply the largest fleecing of the World we’ve ever witnessed. So why do we have Obammy taking one of his multi-million $$ trips to be the Godfather of this UN mafia.

The poor UN freak show hasn’t had a real cash machine since Saddamn had his neck stretched by George Bush. They had a nice little graft cow they could milk while taxing $$ from America to skim from Iraqis w/Saddamn’s Oil for Food charade. Sure they had a nice little brothel down in the Congo, but you really can’t pay for your NY mistresses w/underage sex in the refugee camps. NY Hos are not cheap, especially on diplomat salaries, so this Global Warming scam is just what the UN needs to rebuild their UN Slut Fund. There will be $Trillions to skim for this Star Wars Bar Scene.

Such an amazing coincidence that obozo’s primary money man coming out of Chi-Town was one of the primary money launderer of the UN Oil for Food scam. He just happened to be who Rezko laundered $$ for as he financed Barak’s senatorial campaigns. Now, if this Auchi guy who was a Baathist in Saddamn’s gummit, were to help launder the UN Cap & Tax $$s he could become a multi-billionaire to fund OB’s 2012 campaign. What a tiny world we live in that is just so full of poisonous CO2. We’ll call this the UN CO2 for Food scam so we can all be starving Iraqis children.

Auchi was one of the Bank of France executives who were convicted in a $100 million graft scandal that helped him become a billionaire. He was the money man behind Rezko and loaned Rezko the money to help finance obozo’s home loan. He also financed much of the Chicago machine and can’t enter the Country for fear of being arrested in the Blago indictment. Many feel he was the one who started the run on the banks since he is tied to many of the ME sheiks as well as $oro$. By working w/the UN there is no question how much potential grease this mistress fund could lubricate. It would make the UN the most wealthy gummit on the planet to feed communist dictators worldwide, not to mention Manhatten mistresses.

When obummer was a new senator and Auchi was trying to land a contract to build an electrical plant in Iraq, he needed assurance we wouldn’t desert Iraq. He needed BO to be the lead on this to assure Iraqis we were there for the long haul to get this plant built, since at the time stability and terrorism was stalling these projects. That is why he made this speech in the well of the Sinate:

"We must find the right balance — offering enough security to serve as a buffer and carry out a targeted, effective counter-insurgency strategy, but not so much of a presence that we serve as an aggravation. It is this balance that will be critical to finding our way forward. Second, we need not a time-table, in the sense of a precise date for U.S. troop pull-outs, but a time-frame for such a phased withdrawal.

More specifically, we need to be very clear about key issues, such as bases and the level of troops in Iraq. We need to say that there will be no bases in Iraq a decade from now and the United States armed forces cannot stand up and support an Iraqi government in perpetuity — pushing the Iraqis to take ownership over the situation and placing pressure on various factions to reach the broad-based political settlement that is so essential to defeating the insurgency."

Sounds nothing like he does now, but then he had $millions of campaign funds on the line. A week after Auchi’s bid was rejected, Black Oblack demanded withdrawal. Now he sees $Billions’ so he takes AF1 and heads for Copenheist. To strengthen his hand, he orders the EPA to outlaw CO2 sending a signal to these people to give him what Auchi and $oro$ demand. Never mind that there is absolutely no science to climate change, he is going full throttle to get his 2010/12 campaign coffers.

This is the biggest scandal of our lifetime while the old media remains are ensconced in their tombs, dutifully printing whatever the DNC recites. They know they have no proof, so they just yell louder and cling to group think. They make it a political war and know that their side will just promote the lie, especially this one since it represents absolute power and wealth to their communist goal.

So we now have the most corrupt President in our histoir going over to set up a slut fund for the UN Den of Thieves who are partnered  w/our Den of Thieves to make $oro$, Auchi and the UN mistresses wealthy beyond their evil dreams. The suckers in all this are you the people who get up every morning working 9-5. That sucking sound you hear is your paycheck going to fund the communist takeover of the World with a major skimming to pay for some mistress condo. Not to worry, you may get to share his Rolls Royce double parking ticket.

Pray for America and Our Troops