Brayin Candy

The EPA Hides the Decline

Everyone who has this HOPE in him purifies himself, just as he is pure. 1 John 3:3

The EPA has decided to go it alone to enforce Global Fraud w/the full faith and strength of the gummit, so how do we fire Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA? She admitted that her decision was based mostly on the same material that has now been debunked in the e-mail dump. What kind of Bureau takes completely discredited statistics and enacts draconian law? Only a dictator would use this type of strong arm tactic which is what we have now. We have an Inner Circle that is acting like a Politburo from the old Soviet Guard. Not too surprising when your model is formed by their bought and paid for, Students for a Democratic Society leaders.

Lisa Jackson head of the EPA when grilled by congress on this brazen power grab, said she made her decision on a report that had its basis on the U of East Anglia data which was corrupted by Prof Jones. She even had time to reverse her decision after the email scandal destroyed all of his "Hide the Decline" e-bombs were exploding on the internet. Rather than doing the proper thing to hold off til these ebombs could be examined so reports could be verified or refuted, she bulldozes the report through and declares them valid w/o one stitch of proof. She needs to destroy America too bad to let a little corrupt/missing data get in the way of her mission.

While head of the corrupt NJ Dept of Enviro Protection she was caught in the middle of a large Cleanup fund scandal. She was found w/her hand in the cookie jar letting a company ignore a cleanup area that had some heavy metals. While head of that commission she stated and made sure that there would be no Coal Powered Plants built in NJ, so now NJ is paying her price of higher electric bills. Next, she is going to strangle the entire Country w/high electric and energy bills due to completely debunked Global Worship.

She has decided, since the skeptics turned out right, she needs to declare CO2 a dangerous gas then dictate every aspect of this economy. Now agreed, excess CO2 inside the District of Corruption is dangerous to the Freedom and Health of America, for the rest of us its simply...air. If that is the case, why don’t they declare Oxygen a dangerous gas, wait a second, they did and are going to tax us into poverty. They're going to beat the" Repubs want dirty air" cliche to death, but it won’t change the fact their blowing smoke.

The way the Soviet Union was organized is they developed a figurehead like Stalin who took on a messiah type persona to make his pronouncements godlike to the masses. Course this dipwad ain’t cutting it. He then had his Inner Circle of CommieCzars who carried out the day to day oppression. Running industry and agriculture Centrally from the Kremlin in Moscow which was an economic disaster. They were surrounded by the Party faithful who received all the extra payments to maintain their better lifestyles. The masses of course had to fight for the scraps as they lived in their gummit housing projects you always see in the Russian movies. Normally, they would have 2-3 families per apartment w/no possibility of advancement since all the school slots and decent jobs, cars and healthcare go to the Party members or Inner Circle.

Ronald Reagan used to love to tell the story of Ivan who was buying a car at Moscow Motors. He paid the deposit and the salesman said he would deliver the car in 20 yrs on March 16th. Ivan asked him what time? The salesman said what difference does it make, its 20 yrs away. Ivan said he needed to know, he had the plumber coming that morning. Gorby never laughed at that joke.

Lisa Jackson is a member of the Inner Circle and Energy Czare Carol Browner another avowed communist is in the Circle of CommieCzars. This is a pure dictatorship right out of the model of Russia/China/Third Reich ass we are witnessing a bloodless coup. This fiat she ordered has no basis in science or even any reality outside of a 90 min film fraud by gore. That is the sum total of this cult, allowing them to take our lives away from us. Like Hitler and his war against the Jewish bankers, Premier Hussain has used the warming of the planet as his leverage to take away our economic Freedoms. Just as Progressives like Hitler need to purge society of those who are capitalists, we are going to see this purge by starving the businesses of energy under this Snow Job of CO2 reduction. This is a purge of the skeptics which will eventually, if he can mobilize his cultists, turn into a Gulag prison/re-education program. Only then he will claim can we have enough Soviets to really make his utopia work. Funny how those utopias have to use so much force to maintain themselves while all capitalism needs is more Freedom.

Jackson is either a baffoon or a liar since there is no possible way CO2 can increase to dangerous levels worldwide, its too large. There is a growing consensus that the GW scientists are frauds and their emails prove it. Not only is there a Decline in temps, now that we can measure to w/in 1/1000th degree from space, the CO2 is being gobbled up by plants. Plants like trees take in CO2 and expel O2 which animals breath, almost like it was a designed?? Around 80% of the CO2 breathing plants that transform these gasses is in the ocean and are continually making oxygen. If there is more CO2 in the atmosphere then there is going to be more ocean plankton which makes more plankton for fishies. More fishies means more yummies for us and will increase the seals, feeding the Polar Bears. Perhaps that’s why we’re supposed to have the biggest Spring Chinook run since 1939 on the Columbia this year?? We need more CO2 for more yummy Salmon for those Blonde Bears. What do evil communists like Jackson have against fish and Polar Bears?

Truth is, Lisa Jackson is just another corrupt commie who is fighting to destroy America. Their goals for the past 50 yrs is to destroy the Auto, Trucking, Banking, Nuclear, Oil, Forestry, Hydroelectric, Coal, Farming, Ranching, Housing, Pipelines, Shipping, Gun and military industries and have just about completed it. They have all of them on life support and she wants to step on their lifeline. This economy would recover in a matter of months if we would put bounties on lawyers and politicians, barring that, voting the bums out and starting over would be a good compromise, although.... The EPA is Hiding the Decline to destroy our Country, there is no other explanation for Cap & Tax. Once that is done then the SDS America hating leadership will remake this into the models that they have worshiped since the 60s. Those are Mao/Stalinist communists where they centralize all then we fight for the scraps if not imprisoned. We are at a huge crossroad which everyone needs to fight to save America before she is destroyed. Freedom always has a price, now we are paying it.

Pray for America’s Freedom