Brayin Candy

Stop the Global Fleecing

Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will live in HOPE, Acts 2:26

The only Deniers left in Global Fleecing are those who deny it’s a fraud. For anyone who has read the emails released by the Russians, yet not realize there’s no increase in temperatures, have to be rowing up Denial Falls. Anybody who’s argued with scientists over GW noticed the lack of facts they would provide, made us know we were right. Now it’s been revealed by the same scientists who maintained this fraud, we have to come to the realization there’s no such thing as a Carbon Footprint, it’s a virtual fraud. We are actually in a period of cooling and there’s not anything mankind has to do w/it either positive or negatively. Man’s effect on the planet is essentially a fart in a tornado. There is absolutely no earthly reason to handicap our industry/jobs over this Ponzi scheme.

The most devastating leak to the climate change scientists wasn’t, Hide the Decline or even Mikes Nature Trick to produce the phony Hockey Stick.  Or even the revealing UN’s head climatologist email:“The fact is we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty we can’t."

No, the most damaging fact that came out from the emails by far is the Forecasting Model Programs. Real programmers who have looked at their models found the language was decades old and full of mistakes and fraud. If these scientists and academia were receiving these $Billion Grants, why weren’t they having the best programmers in the world writing their programs? Simple, the data was so corrupted and pointed so clearly to the opposite of their lies, they would be exposed if a real programmer came in and wrote a real program. They had to keep all their data inside their closed circle for fear of the truth being exposed as we're now seeing.

It’s clear that the entire climate science community has been completely corrupted by politics. The fabricated data became a computer virus spreading throughout the GW community. The honest scientists have been frozen out and punished for not marching lockstep w/the Global Scam. This is why we should ignore everything they say until every one of their findings have been exposed by their skeptics. If true it will stand up to opposing positions if not, why not? 

Decisions like the starving out of farmers in Northern Cal or Klamath Falls should be reversed immediately since we now know their findings are likely cooked against the farmers. These fish are no more endangered than NW salmon that have been used as weapons against dams and lumber mills by these corporate hating scientists. We’re going to have record salmon run this spring yet they’re endangered. Denying farmers their livelihood for another fraud is criminal and these predators need to be stopped. The Trillion$/jobs they’ve cost America is mind boggling.

There is no damage being done to our environment or climate due to CO2 so there’s no reason we should be handcuffed any longer. Not only are we not damaging, it’s very possible like the caribou around the AK pipeline, it’s beneficial to the environment. We need to accelerate our development of oil, coal, and natural gas production as soon as possible. We need to aggressively develop these plentiful homegrown sources to make good paying jobs and keeping our $$ in America. In addition it would damage the Saudis as well as $0R0$, the wizard behind the commie curtain who said, he needed to destroy America to allow his communist world gummit.

In the end its pretty amazing how amateur these professors were. You would think the greatest minds in the world could come up w/something more sophisticated than adding a half a degree to raw temps for 20 yrs? Even a freshman student could come up w/something better to justify a gazillion $$ fleecing. They couldn’t allow even the briefest of peer reviews for fear of discovery. There will still be immense denial of the truth by the Commiestablishment, yet they’re sitting geese as the truth becomes more and more obvious. If honest lawyer wasn’t such an oxymoron, those involved would be sued for everything they had, then thrown in jail for the rest of their lives.

Rather than wasting our time on Butterfly Wing energy sources, we should use the best and brightest to allow technology to solve our energy needs. We are surrounded by oil which is extremely clean burning and getting cleaner. Coal can be burned cleanly w/the advancement of scrubbers getting more and more efficient. Technology has made our power plants so clean you could live healthy inside their stacks. Technology will only get better as we see in solving Acid Rain and polluted rivers. We no longer have to worry about CO2 since is a proven myth, so we only need to make coal plants 99% clean and we have cheap efficient power cutting electric bills. This could even make power so cheap electric cars could become practical....never mind. There is only one reason we aren’t developing our energy sources which is the DNC and their commiedia. Time to shout it loud and proud that GW is the Fraud of the Century!

A plentiful supply of oil would bring prices down to $1.50/gal which would be an immediate surge to the auto industry as well as every other manufacturing industry. Artificially high gas prices have destroyed Detroit as they are experiencing 25% unemployment while plants are closing one after another. Course, this will not happen since the UAW won’t allow the production of cheap gas. They’ve stood in the way of domestic oil production since they were formed. How’s those Union dues working for ya boys?

Time for the Conservatives to shout from the mountaintops we’re tired of this Global Shafting and we’re not going to take it anymore. Our economy has been destroyed by the same scientists and fraud politicians for decades, so it is time to point that out and Rise like a Phoenix out of the Liberal Ashes. Time for an Oil Tea Party and get drilling. It’s time for us to return America back from the lib Global Worshipers.

Mary Christ-mas Patriots