Brayin Candy

His Mom Chose Life

You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your FREEDOM to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love. Gal 5:13

During the campaign Premier Obortion said, if his daughter made a mistake and got pregnant he didn’t want to punish her w/a baby. Could there be a more callused way look at a baby as not only a mistake but a punishment? This is especially disturbing since he was not only a mistake by his teenage mother, but was very likely a rape which all pro-death advocates say need to be aborted. This is even more disturbing since he supported a bill that not only pushed late term abortions, it wouldn’t let babies survive if they managed to survive the procedure. To know the baby you're writing a bill for could have been you, takes a level of coldness few humans possess. His mother chose life. Praise God.

Whether he knows his mother was raped by his father or not, he certainly infers it in his/Ayers' book, “Dreams From my Father”. His Mooselip Grandfather was married to his wife of 25 yrs who was barren so deciding he wanted children, paid a dowry for a 16 yr old girl from the village that was already sold to another man. On the way home from school his friends kidnapped her, brought her to his grandfather’s hut where he raped her and she eventually had 2 sons, the second being BO’s father. When obama axed her about the rape, she just said it’s the way things were and laughed it off.

Barak’s dad was an angry commie who got into a private state school and was always breaking the rules by inviting girls into his room. He eventually got into trouble for doing something to one of these girls, probably rape and was kicked out of the school. In his early 20s he gets a girl pregnant who comes to live w/his parents, has the baby and then marries her. Whether he raped her it was never said, although it seemed to be the custom of that tribe as was told by his Grandmother. He has a second child and then gets a chance to go to the UofH and leaves his family w/his parents, flies to Hawaii where he meets Black Oblack’s mother who’s 17.

He befriended Ohbummer’s Grandparents Toots and Granddad, took out their daughter a few times before she was pregnant, then marries her even though he had a wife and kids back in Kenya. It is likely his mother told him whether she was or wasn’t yet by the tone of the book you can tell he suspected it, not that it matters other than the hypocrisy of supporting abortion. His mother was a perfect example of whom, according to the National Organization of Broads; would say she should have gone to Planned Abortionhood to kill obama. They are now fighting over an ad which can’t even be shown on the Super Bowl for fear people will talk about this possibility. According to Barack’s own words he should have never been born but vacuumed into a jar and thrown into the trash. He is a bigger contradiction of the abortion argument than Tim Tebow. He is a living breathing reason why women should choose life, just like Tim; you have no idea who may end up being President of the United States or even a college QB if given a chance. How many Presidents or Heisman Trophy winners have been killed in those 65 million abortions?

His mother’s parents were both commies so it’s likely she was pressured to get an abortion. This was the early 60’s so feminism was really beginning to take hold. To be 17 and pregnant had to be a hard decision for her especially if it was from a rape. If obama was counseling her he would definitely pressure her to get the abortion yet she kept her baby. She chose life and let God’s will be done. He was not a mistake he was/is God’s gift even though he’s made some very poor choices. How much guilt must you have in your life to support the killing of babies like yourself in the womb to not “punish” your mother? How do you balance that argument in your mind that you should have been killed rather than becoming President of America?

His mother made the right choice for both him and her. Even if raped, the guilt she would have endured knowing she turned her womb into a tomb would have caused her untold damage. The Femihags convinced girls the very thing which makes them miraculous is what’s keeping them back. Abortions cause women much higher levels of depression, alcoholism, promiscuity, drug abuse and have difficulties forming romantic relationships. The levels of suicide go up 250% the year after a girl has an abortion from guilt and shame. An interesting fact is all of these levels are far lower than normal for girls who give babies up for adoption. Adoption is the ultimate gift.  Abortion is a truly horrific abuse on women when they’re frightened and vulnerable.

How is he able to justify, for babies like himself being killed, since he is both a mistake and a punishment to his mother, supporting it til the first breath and beyond? If he were intellectually honest he would oppose abortion completely simply from his own experience. He supports abortion in the final trimester which they induce birth so everything but the head is born; they force the head to stay in the canal so they can stick scissors in the head and turn their brains into mashed potatoes. If the baby escapes this barbarism and is fully born, he supported a bill that would have that baby killed on the birthing table by withholding food. Before George Bush had this procedure stopped many of these babies were chopped up and sold for body parts. This was Planned Abortionhood’s real money maker til it was halted. How do you justify this knowing it should have been you except by your craven ideology? “His daughter shouldn’t be punished for a mistake.”

His mother was right yet wise beyond her years. She's a heroine for the pro-life movement for her courage through very difficult times. Like Tim Tebow’s mom, Barak’s chose to protect the life which was growing inside her and now we know she chose well. When all those hags are screeching at the Tebows, they can look at the leader of their Party and realize they have a Mrs. Tebow too. Just like Tim’s mom who made the most difficult decision in her life, choosing life ended up w/a son who became the most powerful man in the World. The guilt he carries supporting killing babies like himself helps explain the coldness he has learned to carry like a millstone which keeps getting heavier. It explains if he can justify that, he can justify punishing America for its mistakes real and imagined. To him, three of those mistakes are Tim Tebow, Trig Palin and Himself.

Pray for America and Women Hurt by Abortion