Brayin Candy

Stop Hating Bankers

In him and through faith in him we may approach God with FREEDOM and confidence. Eph 3:12

This most recent market tumble was caused by obozo going on a crazy rant how the Banks are to blame for the jobless. Sure, run a thoroughbred in the Kentucky Derby w/a 400 lb jockey then shoot it when it doesn’t win. He told the markets he was going to punish the banks and their officers again causing more angst. The big question is when will the Bankers and America be punished enough in his Marxist mind? They have watched their banks get taken over by him as well as the loss of their net worth by over 60%, when is enough; enough. When are the ones who really caused the banking disaster going to be fingered and punished? While he was singling out the bank CEOs, Bawney and Dodd were walking away scot free.

Now is the time for the Tea Party to stand up for the economy by supporting the Free Market. If we want this recession to end we need to support capitalism over the National Socialist Party. We need to support the banking and insurance industries over the corrupt politicians who are using us as pawns in their class envy war. Its time to support those institutions that made this Country the greatest economic machine ever developed. Have they made mistakes and do they have corruption, yes though nowhere near the amount in the Congress. It is time to stop the blame the rich game, lets support those who create.

In 1930 when FDR was running for President he started the hating Rich strategy and they’re still using it to destroy business owners. He was from the Roosevelts and inherited a huge fortune that he turned into a small fortune. Everything he touched turned to garbage from farming to oil, he found a way to lose it. He was like ohbummer having the reverse Midas touch and was very jealous of the wealthy. He used the populous theme to make people hate the banks and was continually vilifying them to the point of restricting them along w/all the industries making the Depression last far longer than most economists said it should. The war helped bring us out of the Depression, yet it was the WWII need for industry that forced him to deregulate and let free market ideas and lower taxes help pull the Country out of its malaise.

We are now seeing those same mistakes being repeated by Premier Hussain. He has zero economic experience other than commie organizing against job creators. He believes the gummit can make jobs when in fact the gummit doesn’t have the ability to make 1 real job, yet it has the ability to destroy millions as we have seen since he was elected. The gummit can make a business friendly or hostile envirionment. The first thing the Tea Patriots have to do is not fall for this Class Envy bait. Rather than going after the banks for their supposed crimes how bout we fully investigate Fannie and Freddie? Rather than punishing banks for making enough profits to give their officers $100 Million bonuses how bout we celebrate those bonuses and wish they had earned $200 million? Isn’t that what America used to be about? How does a CEO getting a big bonus hurt anybody?

We are being trained to hate profits which is insanity. Communists hate profits since their goal is to have a communal form of gummit that will make us all slaves of the state. They don’t need profits since they make theirs through graft while controlling every aspect of your life to make you work for the ones who won’t work. Now we’re seeing the natural progression of that failed economic system, we all lose as the public sector thrives while private workers starve. The ones hurt the worst are the poor as the water level lowers all the boats lower, forcing many on the rocks. This is the way it worked in Russia, Nazi German, China and Cuba, the Party has all the perks while we get squeezed. We need to fight this gummit every step of the way to support those Banks, Insurance and Oil companies that are being purged by their own gummit. They are our passage out of this storm. It’s time to throw off the shackles of class warfare to reclaim that great melting pot that was once America. It’s time to throw those commie organizing slogans out the window and support our capitalist Free Market.

The other step the Tea Patriots need to do now is to find primary candidates to support or better yet become a candidate for your local boards/mayors. Its critical to get good Conservatives into the elections to eliminate the GOP of their RINOS. Primary candidates like McCain need to be put out to pasture as well as 75% of the incumbents; it’s time to throw all the bums out to find a better class of crook. This is the way to cut down on spending to bring about a new day in America. It is the second Revolution and time to take sides. Only less than 10% of the people will actually do anything in the campaigns so your stepping up magnifies your say exponentially. You can make a difference picking our candidates now then push them through in Nov. You can make a change that will make our forefathers and grandchildren proud. This is the greatest revolution this Country has seen since 1776 and you can be a big part of it.

How exciting to make a difference. Don’t fall for the class envy when they start the banks are evil routine since the next industry that’s evil will be yours. We need to support those industries and companies with every fiber of our beings, since its their primary weapon to make people go along. The truth is that the banks know how to do their jobs far better than Frank and Dodd so let them do what they do best. Take the regs off, then make the gummit institutions like Fannie/Freddie more transparent. We still haven’t had their balance sheets examined and revalued. Let the financial institutions make obscene profits as well as the insurance industry by taking the 400 lb jockey off their backs to let US win this Derby. Do that and you’ll see America back on top sooner than you can say Communist Premier.

The Tea Patriots have their work cut out over the next decade as we conquer stronghold after liberal stronghold. The difference is we have the wind at our backs as America is finding out what these tyrants are all about. We need to help elect Patriots who will unravel the hobbling regs and get them on the ballots for the Nov Tsunami. We need to support all our business and industries from Financial to Insurance to Energy. No more divide and conquer, we’re all bank, auto, oil & insurance execs now. They need to be freed of gummit morass and freed to run hard against the worldwide competition. This will bring jobs back throughout the economy. In a truly Free Market these industries can compete w/any Country and solve any problem real or imagined. Let them run free and we’ll see an America that will once again be that Shining Light upon the Hill the entire world looks to.

Pray for America and Her Leaders