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Failing Fannie

But the man who looks intently into the perfect law that gives FREEDOM, and continues to do this, not forgetting what he has heard, but doing it—he will be blessed in what he does. James 1:25

Fannie Mae is a perfect example of destructive attacks on an institution by the commiecrats until it succumbs to the beatings only to be taken over by those same pols who forced its demise. For the past 30 yrs, Dems have done everything they could to punish capitalists then after they’ve done it through draconian regulation they blame the banks like Fannie for not being regulated enough. This is like after pulling a drowning victim out of the pool unconscious putting a 200 lb dumbbell on him and throwing him back in, but enough about Joe Biden.

For the past 15 yrs F/F have been forced by the Dems in congress to give loans to anybody who breathes as their version of low income housing, the wheels have come off. The massive failure rates of these loans are not surprising to anybody other than those who had good intentions for the people who were victims of capitalism and hatred for “fat cat bankers”. This never ending attack by commie organizers has had its desired effect which is to punish the fat cats.  When are they or America punished enough for our so called sins?

Right now F/F is sitting on around 3 Trillion in mortgages much of which has been written off. The banks who owned F/F stock are the ones who took the hit for the write down when the Sinate took the corpses into receivership, specifically the banks that owned preferred stock. That stock is nearly worthless so the banks that never made risky loans are the ones who bailed the gummit out, well them and the taxpayers. The failure of these two gummit corpses was a huge trigger for this meltdown and was primarily caused by a corrupt congress/Dem Party.

They will blame Bush which is their kneejerk, heavy on the jerk, reaction yet President Bush called for an audit and transparency of this cesspool at least a dozen times only to be called a racist/denier. He of course was a racist for not allowing Blacks to live in houses that they couldn’t afford. Thanks to corrupt politicians like Bawney Fwank, Chris Dudd and the Black Caucus those inner city Blacks no longer have a house, credit or jobs thanks to obomonomics. Now to cover their tracks the same corruptocrats are saying there wasn’t enough regs when in reality there were far too many which destroyed the bank’s ability to analyze the risk of loans. They were over-regulated to force them to make bad loans. This is the same thug tactic that is being done to the insurance industry for the same desired effect, the gummit ownership of that industry.

The problem wasn’t regulation it was transparency and risk. Blaming the fat cats is a diversion since the bankers and investors are going to make money from whatever rules are written, it’s called survival. What happened here was the gummit forced excessive risk into the industry and that risk eventually went past the point of management. Throw into the mix $4/gal gas, also forced by the Rats and the disaster in the people’s budgets hit like Eskimos on a harp seal herd. The resulting carnage is where we’re at now.

In the Sept congressional hearings when it was suggested that Fannie limit its portfolio to 1.3 Trillion to minimize the potential losses to the taxpayers while Frank, Dodd and Shmucky Schumer says that F/F need to relax their lending rules again to allow low income people to afford to buy houses. Isn’t that like opening the other Barn Door after the horses have left? And how braindead are the people in the NE corridor to elect these corrupt morons? Oh yeah, they’re supported by the same corrupt old news who makes the other 5% look bad?  

Why do they continue to keep these failing institutions open? The reason is they’re a DNC ATM. There was an agreement that the DNC would protect them from investigation if they contributed to their campaigns. The major recipients of the money were Dodd, ohbummer, Schmucky and Fwank, although Bbbbbbawny was getting his own bennies from his homo exec boy toy. Fwank called himself “his ugly wife”.  If that didn’t make you lose dinner, nothing can, this is another corrupt DNC tool that needs either fixing or forgetting, and we’re seeing neither.

There are a number of reasons why they aren’t being audited and deregulated to let market forces repair this failed institution as well as the banking system, high on the list is campaign funding. $Millions of our tax $$ are going to be used as a campaign Drive Through to fund Dims to defeat the candidates who would dare to clean up this outhouse. F/F are nothing more than Gorebal lies coming from the lib establishment saying they care for the poor Blacks when it is nothing more than a way to destroy the Banking Industry while funding more corruptocrats. For the hate America crowd, a Twofer.

Just like Gorebal Warming, we need to expose these filthy orgs to destroy them by exposure. F/F are simply more socialism that began as a way for the financial institutions to have gummit backing. Like always when you throw DC into it, corruption is not far behind. These two are corrupt from top to bottom and need reorganization or demolition preferably the latter since implosion is already happening. Now they are in receivership by the gummit and being run by congress or as most would say, the corrupt leading the corrupt. Just like Warming, we need transparency first to really find how big the problem is and then honesty and integrity to fix it. In the congress we have neither. We need a new and better brand of politician. We need Tea Patriots to close those doors, light and shovel the Barn. We can turn this old rundown Farm into that Shining City on the Hill.

Pray for America and the Tea Patriots