Brayin Candy

United States of Atheists

Therefore, this is what the LORD says: You have not obeyed me; you have not proclaimed FREEDOM for your fellow countrymen. Jer 34:17

The main war in America is the secularist/Atheists vs. Christianity. The National Religion of the US is Atheism which is being preached by fundamentalist Atheists every Christmas and Easter. If they’re so comfortable w/their religion why are they so defensive against Christianity. Not only are they forcing the Courts to ban Christians from every public event, they will not tolerate any Christian symbol or thought anywhere outside the Church. Atheism is the foundation of liberalism just as it was in their model utopias Russia, China, Cambodia, Germany and Cuba. There is no morality or ethical code for Atheism since the base of it’s personal ethics is Moral Relativism as we see its damages to this society and economy today.

Atheism has been making strides in its removal of Christianity for the past 50 yrs. We have seen an unending attack on Christians/Catholics since the early 70s. It was really brought to the front lines w/the introduction of Darwin into the classrooms as well as the removal of the Bible. The introduction of evolution was the replacement of the explanation of the creation of mankind from God to Science. Science then became the replacement of God which every communist gummit uses to brainwash its people. Once God is out of the psyche of the people then the most powerful entity is man who is only exceeded by gummit. They won this battle using that scientific tactic of consensus. The entire science world came together and decided evolution was valid and would be the consensus w/o any other possibilities. Science can’t tolerate more than one theory and is fundamental about their cult as we've seen in the Global Warming Fraud.

Christians also follow our beliefs in a strict compliance according to the Bible. We have been far more tolerant than the scientists as some have accepted a middle ground of Intelligent Design which says evolution is an explanation how God created the Earth. Many churches have accepted parts of evolution as their worship even though there are some real weaknesses in the theory. The Church has allowed Atheists to take over the public square to the point of not really having a place w/in that square w/o being attacked or mocked. In the name of tolerance the Christian church has become a meek shadow of a political voice.

The basic foundation of the Judeo Christian religion is the Ten Commandments. This is the set of principles we are to live our lives by. We are required to not only worship God, we also cannot lie, steal, curse or commit adultery. These are ironclad rules to live your lives to form societal glue for trustworthy honorable people. There is no wiggle room to allow for personal discretion which means when someone tells you something it can be trusted to be the truth. The Ten Commandments are the foundation of both societal structure as well as family organization forming a strong societal and business structure.

Atheists have no Commandments, rather they have Moral Relativism which is just the opposite. This  is a fluid morality bending whichever wind happens to be blowing. The point of MR is it’s the ultimate Ends Justify the Means. If you can justify a behavior or action then it is morally justifiable. Due to Atheism man becomes the determiner of what is right or wrong which is what is wrong with America now, we have had decades of Man deciding right and wrong. This allows people to lie if its justifiable such as Global Warming, it’s a lie but it is justified to save the Earth. Cooking the data was justifiable since you were saving the earth. Changing the rules in the Senate is justifiable since you are giving 10 million people healthcare coverage. Killing 100 million people is justifiable to make a Country utopian. When you make Man god you are inviting evil into the moral fabric.

When we made atheism the national religion we took morality and integrity out of business and gummit. This created a vacuum now replaced by evil and corruption throughout both. You can take any corruption such as Fannie Mae and see the meltdown was caused by people justifying the destruction of the banking industry to make a welfare system for housing. Rather than having people work and earn a house by hard work and savings we replaced it with excuses, lies and theft along w/graft and bribes. There is no longer a value for honor and integrity in business or gummit which is the basis of our corruption problems right now.

Fundamental atheists have twisted the Laws into saying there is a Freedom From Religion when it’s just the opposite a Freedom OF Religion. This means Christians have as much right to worship their God as atheists have to worship their gods. Their gods are the Earth under the cult of Global Warming, gummit the ultimate most powerful man and communism their ultimate gummit. These fundamentalists have used every tactic under the sun to eliminate God from the public and private squares. How many of us have the right not to worship GW? Through MR they can say if one atheist is offended then the Ends justify the Means. To make one atheist comfortable it’s justifiable to make 1000 Christians lose their worship area. To make one atheist happy its justifiable to take the Ten Commandments from the public square destroying the societal foundations. If you need to break every law in the Country to ram through CommieCare the Common Good Justifies the Means.  America, it’s time for a change from  atheism to the One True Hope in the Name of Jesus Christ. America needs to replace Evil with God to again be, the Lighthouse of Freedom.

Pray for America