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Trading Votes for Water

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Brayin Candy is a place for Tea Patriots & Rebel Republicans tired of the Stone Age Press editorials. It's a place to get truth for Patriots, Independents or any Lib who has a questioning mind. This is Gonzo reporting  fighting the 2nd Revolutionary War against tyranny and the District of Corruption.

Hope you enjoy the style of writing as I expose the hypocrisy and corruption of Libs. Brayin Candy is mind games played while doing the job the press corpse refuses do . While they lie in their coffins waiting for their White House conference call, I shine the light into the forests, find the snakes and stick my talons into their fattened flesh for your entertainment. Have a piece of Brayin Candy...

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Trading Water for Votes

The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim FREEDOM for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed. Luke 4:18

The most corrupt Party in the histoir of America is about to commit the ultimate crime. Never mind they are shredding every law in the land to institute communist healthcare they’re going against the will of the people.  A mere 217 people in the house are going to try to disenfranchise the wishes for 75% of this Country. After we heard for 8 yrs their feigned outrage of the FL vote we are now watching the DNC attempt to lead a coup against the Republic of this land. In every history book written from now on they will be placed next to Benedict Arnold as the greatest traitors of Lady Liberty.

The good news is no matter the outcome this is a lawless maneuver out of desperation from Nazi Pelozi to circumvent the people due to the victory in MA of Scott Brown. They are turning the Dome on its head simply due to the Tea Patriots replacing Dead Ted w/Brown. They know they lied/cheated to get their majorities thanks to a hissy fit by the American people fueled by Old Media. Americans took a short nap believing their Country would never go away. We are now awake knowing it takes vigilance and focus to keep freedom since evil and corruption can snatch your liberty in a blink as we are witnessing now.

In a corrupt politburo full of bribes and thug tactics perhaps the most outrageous, right out of 1935 Stalin’s Russia; Pelosi agrees to turn back on the water for starving farmers. One of the great injustices of our time the San Joaquin farmers have had their farms turn into depression dustbowls with 40% unemployment over Global Scamming. They had their water turned off 2 yrs ago to protect a minnow when there was no valid reason why as we find out from climategate.  Over 100 miles of the richest soil in America farms were destroyed by these Marxists to punish farmers for making a living.

You can drive 2 hours seeing nothing but dead orchards which were once lush orange, peach, apricot and almonds forced to die by congress. Thought they liked trees? All of the sudden now for 2 DeathCare votes Nazi Nancy turns the water spigot on by 25% even though they’re having over 125% of rainfall/snowpack. Nothing has changed other than her need for their switched votes for her power. These two congressmen should be fired for agreeing to her corruption. What does this tell you about rationing your HC for political favors? What does it tell you about the manufacturing this economic meltdown if water/food/jobs are political weapons? All the lost jobs/food production in San Joaquin are Obama’s from here on.  This is an absolute corrupt gummit which needs replacing from President to dog catcher, my apologies to dog catchers everywhere for the slight.

Since Nazi Pelozi has decided to put our laws through a shredder we can assume the congress’ ability to tax the American people also went through. Since none of us who voted Republican want this bill as well as 50% of the Dems who voted for them, why should those of us who pay taxes and make this Country work have to pay to be enslaved? We have paid our entire lives for a gummit which no longer represents us or wants anything to do w/us. They pass this bill under the cover of darkness again w/an outraged America and they are looking at people escalating to the same levels Pelozi has taken US. Since, she wants to disregard the laws and will of the people, why shouldn’t the people disregard this bill? Just as they protested the Vietnam war by not paying taxes for the “military industrial complex” why should we pay to be enslaved by a communist regime or to kill babies in the womb? Why should we pay the CommieCzar salaries?

This is in no way a call to any form of violence or even a Tax Revolt, it’s a call to move to civil disobedience to protect the Republic and calling for an actual vote of the Representatives. Better yet, let’s have a vote in Nov when the people can voice if they want gummit HC. This is not a vote of the people, something they have been screeching for the last decade to be squashed when they hold the reins of power. Now they want to take our HC away to make us slaves to the state by fiat. This is not Venezuela yet, we are not Cubans we are Americans who’s forefathers have died to protect our votes. Can we be expected to do less?

We now need to look at shutdowns of DC, to be heard. We can close it down by causing massive traffic jams by parking our cars or trucks in the streets for 15 mins by the thousands. It will take hours to unclog those streets and Shut er Down. We can have sit ins at the Capital and congressional offices to show our outrage over this attempt to divide us and make this into a socialist state. These people have ignored our phone calls, ignored three votes of the people and now are ignoring our shouting we don’t want this in their ears while they buy off our so called representatives w/our tax $$ and now  our water. This is what Saddamn used to do to his people.  If they want to ignore us it’s time we ignore them since not only will this bill tax us into oblivion it will strip you of any personal information from your health records to financial and who knows what else. This will be complete control of your life by 216 people we didn’t vote for. We have tried it by using the Tea Parties and now it’s time to use Civil Disobedience.

They see the clock we have no way to stop it due to the Freedoms the Constitution stood for. They are abusing those laws as they look at it as a fluid document rather than a rigid set of laws. It has always been subject to corruption and as our Founders said could only be maintained by honorable men and now the most corrupt men ever are taking an opportunity to destroy our Country in a coup. Liberty is worth work stoppages in Gdansk, risking snipers in Baghdad or a line of tanks in Tiananmen Square, it’s worth everything.  It is a time for Patriots to stand up in defiance of this corruption in our individual groups held together by loose ties. We do have ways to slow them down w/Civil Disobedience. Our Founding Fathers used it, Gandhi used it and so did MLK, it’s time for us to revive CD to protect our Freedoms.

In the end this is God’s way of revealing the corruption of the Party. There is no level these swamp vipers won’t slither or a law they won’t break or ignore, including life giving water like some two bit despot. The DNC is on display to the entire Country to witness and will give us a huge target to direct our fury. They have cost us 10 million jobs through their mismanagement of Fannie/Freddie, energy as well as a corrupt slush fund called the Stimulus Bull which didn’t create or save one single job. They have proved beyond any doubt they’re incompetent and now took their own corruption to a new low. They no longer have a Bush to hide behind and are going to be campaigned against for the next decade. Only then will we have our Country back as well as our water.

Pray for America and the Defeat of ObamaCare