Brayin Candy

Cap and Graham

And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I LOVE: with him I am well pleased.” Matt 3:17

Once again our lying Congress is pushing a tax fraud on the American people which would make Madeoff blush. Through this fall and winter we have had both actual evidence and climatic showing algore is the biggest fattest fraud to walk the planet, now we’ve found one every bit is large. These snakes in the swamp are trying to shove Cap and Tax down our sore throats to maintain their CO2 scam. The biggest snake oil salesman of this crime is Lindsey McGraham. This crook has learned from the master how to cross the aisle once in a while to join the Republicans and this is not one of those times.

No matter how much evidence to the contrary or scientists admitting they were faking the data, these corrupt politicians will never admit there is no such thing as Greenhouse Gasses. Even though numerous studies have shown the earth has been cooling slightly rather than warming slightly, they are going to force up energy prices to double or triple. This is nothing more than taxing Coal and fossil fuels to bankrupt the coal industry so they can waste $$ on windmills.

During the fall we found there was no Global Warming. We found the scientists were fudging the data to make the phony Hockey Stick egore trumpeted in his crockumentary. We found they added ½ degree to the averages to make it look like there was warming when there wasn’t. We found the stories of catastrophe were made up about melting glaciers, polar caps, Greenland, rising oceans, fires in the Amazon and on and on. We found the scientists were cherry picking weather stations and the oceans were not heating at all. We saw they doctored the computer models so nobody could uncover their fudged data. We heard about new terms such as Mikes Trick and punishing deniers and denying them to peer review or accreditation. With these mountains of evidence we still have McGraham trying to destroy the coal and fossil fuel energy markets. What amount of arrogance must you have to have to be a US Sinator?

The least offensive part of his and Yaawn Kerry’s bill is going to have is a 15 cent tax on gas. When gas is already at 3 dollars and rising thanks to not drilling for the past 30 yrs so rather than developing our natural resources McG needs us to curtail our driving and further damage our economy. He claims to have gotten drilling off the coast even though that is still denied for at least 3 more years and eliminated from Alaska and the Gulf as well as the West. What did he get by being soooooo Bipartisan?

After Graham destroys the coal industries in the Virginias and the West which have already been shut down by Executive orders, what then? As he increases everybody’s energy bill 50-75% and tripled when the coal plants are shut down to be replaced with inefficient wind and unicorn treadmills how will our economy ever recover. We will look fondly back at the days of 10% unemployment just like Spain who is experiencing 20%+, but our politicians are way better than theirs who installed this same plan. Policrooks like McGraham have found a way to tax air and know when they promote the Inconvenient lies they are using a fabricated CO2 scam. They know the moonbat media will never ever report the truth since they are just as corrupt and have the same agenda as Lindsey McGraham.

These Congress crooks know the Green scam is running on fumes and they are going to try to get it to the finish line before the crowd finds out. When the people realize there is no danger in burning fuels or that CO2 is actually beneficial, the game is up. Once the bill is passed there is nothing they can do other than say just like the Ozone fraud their legislation cured the nonexistent problem. How much damage has been caused to mankind by scientists and gummit in the guise of solving junk science disasters? How many lives have been wasted, millions dying over the fake DDT scare, the Ice Age scare, Ozone hole, population bomb there are too many to count. Between them and the corrupt obamedia it’s a wonder America has survived as long as it has.

If and when the people worldwide find there is no downside to using carbon energy such as cheap coal they can develop as much low cost energy as they need. They can drill for oil, dig for coal which is literally burning dirt and ignore wasteful boondoggles like wind, rain and sun. Sure they may not get the thrill of hugging the eart form their Global cult, but having a job will ease their self caused guilt. These politicians will milk that Green guilt for everything they can since they realize this fraud represents Trillion$ to their empty troughs, nothing else.

McGraham has learned his skills well from his mentor Benedict McCain whose; motto is anytime you can stick a knife in the back of a Repub is time well spent. We are seeing a Rhino doing exactly the thing which cost us the election last time. Once again he makes the mistake of Raising taxes and controls during a recession while making life more difficult for businesses and families. What part of Conservatism is represented in this fraud on the American people? Why should people vote for Republicans, what do they stand for? It will not protect the environment, make us energy independent or lower taxes, but just the opposite. This traitor needs to be called out as the headline grabber he is and condemned by the Party to show we stand w/the American people and businesses not against them. With Repubs like Lindsey McGraham, who needs Democrats?

Pray for America