Brayin Candy

The SEC Fraud

But I tale you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, Matthew 5:44

Our Corrupt SEC is now targeting Wall Street as the villains in the Obama Meltdown by charging Goldman Sachs w/Fraud. This is nothing more than thug politics by this Junta to make the proletariat go along w/their attempt to take over the financial industry. They are using the same Nazi tactics they have used to take over the Auto, Banking and Healthcare. This Stalinist move is their distraction from the real criminals in the collapse of the Financial Markets which are Bawney Fwank and Congress.

Conveniently the only people not investigated in this corruption are Congress and Fannie Mae, the actual cause of the collapse. There was no fraud by Goldman Sachs as they know, they are simply calling the usual hedging and selling of worthless unvalued paper as fraud. Nobody who was trading the commodity had any idea of the value of the paper since Congress had required the mortgage industry to stop underwriting loans the same way they have forced the insurance industry to stop underwriting healthcare. In addition when a whistleblower came to their den of thieves reporting the books were being overvalued, Bawney, Dodd and Obozo cried racism to stop the investigation into Fannie’s fraud. This is nothing more than a magician’s distraction to take your eyes away from the sleight of hand.

What a coincidence the exact week Congress is writing a law making capitalism illegal in America, the thugs at SEC accuse the largest Capitalist institution for the Obama Meltdown? There are no coincidences in this Soviet State; this is an attempt to punish America for the wrongs they have committed against the proletariat. There is no fraud in this frivolous case and only a smear on Wall St which of course will be broadcast by KGBCS to brainwash the flock into hating the evil rich. After the gummit Nationalizes the financial industry and GS is found innocent the damage will have been done and we will all be owned both financially and physically by the National Socialist Party.

The SEC is accusing GS of defrauding some rich investors and unethical conduct. What the basis of the fraud charges are was GS was not only selling these bundled mortgages which had some the Fannie and Freddie loans in them but were purchasing hedges against the paper to guard against the market collapsing. Basically, they were buying evil insurance against their position. The SEC is calling those hedge funds fraud since they are saying GS knew those mortgages were worthless and would be revalued at a much lower cost than they were being sold. Can we accuse obama’s campaign of fraud for the same charge? There was no way of finding the value of those mortgages since congress had stopped the investigation into the valuing of the most radioactive mortgages in the bundle thanks to Bawney Fwank and Chris Dudd and obama, who received the most contributions from Fannie Mae.

If the investigation of Fannie Mae had been allowed to go forward rather than stopped by obama, Fwank, Dudd and the DNC this meltdown Mae have never happened. There were rumors floating about the subprime mortgage market and everybody was holding their breath since there was too much unknown. Nobody really knew what it meant or how severe it was and we still don’t thanks to congress. We have still not investigated Fannie/Freddie to find the value of these worthless loans and are still pouring billions into this DNChole to hide their fraud. Rather, they go after the store selling the fraudulent loans, not the real crimes.

If these criminals would have listened to President George W Bush who attempted a dozen times to have F/F investigated, valued and reformed this meltdown would have never happened. This Trillion $$ of fraudulent paper would have been revealed and F/F would have been required to be transparent making this SEC fraud case a moot point. That never happened since the DNC was in on the fraud and was profiting from it. This was from the greed of these politicians and their hunger for power. In reality F/F and the forcing of banks to make loans w/o underwriting for risk was to force exactly what is happening now. This was a planned attack on the economy over the past 30 yrs by a bunch of commies hiding as moderates. Now they have the power for another ten months and are trying to complete their plan of making this a Stalinist Country and this is one more, huge step towards that goal. They are going to make the rest of the financial industry an exact replica of Fannie Mae, their version of communist finance.

We will see this anti-capitalism bill pass which will be lauded by the commiedia as a glorious step towards a more equal financial system when it will be just the opposite. We will have the Party deciding who the winners and losers are rather than the individual. We will have the $0r0$’ of the world have all the opportunities while the free market capitalists are purged from the system. Just like HC where there will be death panel we will have a success panel to look into the contribution records of a business to decide if it is viable or not. There will be a finance CommieCzar who will determine pricing, production and profit. It is a new day under the Glorious Leader as capitalism is outlawed to be replaced w/Nationalism. Welcome to the Nationalist Socialist Party of Amerika.

Pray for America