Brayin Candy

Martyred by Global Warming


they love the place of honor at banquets and the most important seats in the synaogues; Matt 23:6

Two years ago the Soviet State of Oregon had one of the first heretics burned at the stake of Global Warming. Our 16 yr State Climatologist George Taylor was forced to retire over his stand against the cult of GW. He spoke heresy when he said 2 yrs ago he wasn’t convinced there was a connection between industrial emissions and CO2 levels in the atmosphere. This of course was right after egore’s movie which the entire liberalstablishment was googly eyes for and here was the leading State authority in the most liberal state in the union speaking against it.

I had the opportunity to interview him and asked him some questions about this conflict and how it was to be someone standing against groupthink inside academia. It is an interview that can be repeated in every issue liberals use the consensus argument when they don’t have the facts. Oregon is one of the most strategic locations in the world for studying climate and weather since it sits right on the Pacific receiving all the weather coming from the SE Asian Tropics. This makes Oregon and the NW the directly affected by the Nino effects which are the primary weather factors worldwide and is his theory. There are direct correlations between temps of those oceans and rain and drought in America and worldwide.

His fall began when he read scientist Pat Michaels book, “Sound and Fury” which he stated you had to go where the data led you and in GW the data didn’t lead you where the models said they were going. He found giant holes in the works and he too became a heretic to the warmists. George too began following the data he was collecting and noticed there was a lot of Cherry Picking of data and graphs which were being used to exaggerate or falsify results to promote their hoax. By simply following the data he uncovered the truth which is not allowed in science.

This came to a head when George was axed to debate the WA State Climatologist who was a High Priest in the religion of GW, Phil Mote. For the debate the group hosting it put an article in the Oregonian and filled the arena bringing all of Mainextreme Media to make a huge event, the Heretic against the High Priest. In attendance was Gov Kulingoski aide Alan Alley, the next day the Gov said he didn’t want him for his Climatologist and eliminated the state position. He won the debate, but became a thorn at OSU where he worked with other Priests of the cult.

As he said, “I would rather be an honest Pariah than a dishonest friend.” Later that year he retired from his job and opened his own weather consulting firm. We spoke about the politics in science and how it has corrupted not only the results but the scientists themselves. He spoke of a Steven Schneider who said, “It is more important to be effective than it is to be honest…the right balance is between being effective and being honest. .....the warming cause is more important than getting the science right…”

When I asked him if he knew there was manipulation of data he said yes he had seen the data fudged or cherry picked for the last ten years. I then asked if since he knew and most everybody skeptical suspected it who didn’t have access to the data, how could the actual GW scientists not know? He would not answer the question since he couldn’t read their minds or speak for them, although it was pretty clear he suspected it strongly.

Then we spoke about what it is like to work in a field your entire life and know you were following the truth wherever it led only to be run out for it? He mentioned the book, “Structures of Scientific Revolutions” by Thomas Khun which goes through the history of science and how many times bad science was often proved wrong by lone heretics. Lone voices going against the group think which disproves the consensus, such as Continental Drift, El Nino, Acid Rain, DDT, the Ozone Hole, going back to evolution of man during Hitler which led to Eugenics. He said science doesn’t have a very good history of always being right and GW will be one more example. He did say it was painful to lose his idealism that science was a constant search for the truth when in reality it’s been corrupted by politics. He is a victim of its corruption as he was burned at the stake during the heyday of GW and now we watch them desperately dancing their burning kite.

We spoke how it is far more a religion than a science. There is no science left to really prove what they are trying to prove. They are fabricating data from phony weather stations and ignoring everything counter to keep the lie alive. We talked about how the cultists are Fundamental in their belief and how he was an example of their refusal to listen to or consider opposing thought. They are so strident in their belief they won’t allow skeptics to review their findings as one said, “why should I let you see my data, you’ll only poke holes in it.” Isn’t that what science is supposed to do? If it’s the truth there will be nowhere to poke holes which is why they invented consensus. He finally said there is no voting on science, so consensus is a way to silence critics like him.

George is a great guy who has no regrets about what happened to him. He has a wonderful job working for himself and doesn’t have to tiptoe around people who don’t respect what he believes. He knows the fact he is a Christian was used against him as it made him less than a pure atheistic scientist and no longer has to worry about any of that. He leads a youth group in his church and has the satisfaction of knowing more about Oregon weather than any person in the state, he likely has the real explanation of GW and Cooling. After GW collapses from the truth he can know he didn’t compromise any of his morals or beliefs while knowing his ex-colleagues corrupted all of theirs. His theory is still standing while theirs is crumbling around them. George Taylor is now one of a few honest scientists as science’s flaming kite is exploding into the Hindenburg crashing to earth.

Pray for America