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Brayn Food

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By Tea Patriot Publishers

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. Really you have a singularly unique work here! I can't think of anyone who has done what you have here. It is original, fresh, and a totally new blunt perspective. Yet you make the reader laugh.... you have a gift Gary, you really do!

I LOVE IT!!!!!  try and get it our to all the TEA parties, a very easy to read and understand, my side hurts from LOLing

Arrived today and I can't put the damn thing down!!!  OMFG I love it!!  Thank you sir.  Thank you soo much!! 

Gary Bray's new book reveals the evolution of a true Conservative leader.The story transforms a  leftward leaning individual  into "a Jack Bauer of the blogosphere". He then reveals many of the tactics used by the left to advance rampant statism, and Marxism.  He shows how they do it and how to stop it.  It's a patriot's handbook. Bray is fast becoming a champion in the fight to save the nation from those who would shake its very foundation. It's a must read........rodguy911 

"This book not only has a lot of great facts and insights showing that truth and good judgment are on the side of the conservative positions, but it had me laughing out loud many times with what he calls Brayisms (e.g. "An Inconvenient Trick", USSA, Obortion, etc.). I recommend this book as a highly entertaining and informative read :-)"

Dennis Marcellino, Author of The Plague Of Liberalism (

Brayn Food is the Encyclopedia of Obama’s corrupt ruling class. This is a book for Tea Partiers who want to understand the war they are fighting and who their enemies are. These 1 minute Brayn morsels explain this fight for the Freedom of America by a group of Revolutionaries carrying the thoughts and prayers of our Founding Fathers on handmade signs. This book  strengthens and clarifies the Tea Patriots’ ideas in their Battle for Lady Liberty.