Brayin Candy

Death of The Big Three

 Why are the dims not dancing the jig with the Obama Meltdown of our economy. Hasn’t this been their goal for the last 40 yrs. Haven’t they and their fellow commies been trying to destroy every major American company for decades? Hasn’t everything they’ve passed in congress or distorted on ABDNC for decades been to destroy our most strategic industries? Their targets have always been Big Oil, Big Banking and the Auto Industry now are all pretty much destroyed. Why are they not the happiest people in the world? Oh yeah, they need to get re-elected.

No matter which, DNCBS or New Banko Times report, there are always the same targets evil capitalists who need destroying. The commiecRats have systematically done everything in their power to make that happen. They have eliminated the possibility of Big Oil developing and producing our own resources to make our Country self sufficient. They’ve eliminated any possibilities of producing Nuclear Power and eliminating Coal. We are lynching ourselves w/a Green Rope. They force us to go to our enemies on golden knee to pay the going rate for oil and are held hostage for that economic lifeblood. This was a deliberate plan they’ve implemented over the past 40 yrs. Their scare tactics have made us energy hungry, putting us on the brink of disaster. Their knife is slicing into our throats.

Big Banking has been undermined by the insistence of the Dims in congress forcing them to give loans to people who had no chance of repaying. The libs called it compassion by forcing their “evil profiteers” in the banking industry to make bad loans. The losses would always be made up by their "obscene" profits those evil fat cat bankers made. Bankers had a noose around their necks while the Dems jumped on the trap door. The main slush fund for the DNC from the banks was the gummit corp. Fannie/Freddie. These two corps were rife w/corruption buying these bad loans by the boatload showing them as good loans on their balance sheets. When the fraud was finally revealed the revalued loans were written down and the collapse began.

These two overinflated DNC Ponzi Banking schemes spread their cancerous assets throughout the banking world and when the corruption was revealed everybody had to revalue their assets. When those loans were written down the banks no longer had money to loan. The undermining of our Banks was complete and Wall Street started to tumble. Their plan worked to perfection and now we are on the brink of Worldwide Depression.

The most evil of our businesses over the past 40 yrs of course was the Auto Industry. There is nothing that raises the DemocRat eviro-terrorists’ hackles faster than the thought of an SUV being driven by a happy American family, equal to the thought of building a Nuclear Plant or George Bush breathing. That to the braindead liberals is public enemy #1. They have been pushing tin cans on wheels for decades telling us how great Yugos and VWs were. They want to get our families out of our safe, comfortable cars and into crummy coffins on wheels to kill Detroit. Well guess what, they have; yet Detroit still votes them in which points to the power of marketing. Maybe the Dems should make their ads?

For the left to not be absolutely thrilled is as big a mystery as there is. This is a main tenet of the religion of liberalism they’ve been preaching since Woodstock so how they keep from grinning ear to ear just makes you wonder. Why are they not sacrificing some babies in celebration?

The Obama Meltdown is leading to the destruction of America which has been their goal their entire lives. Now they are going to flood the levies of economic high ground with millions of boondoggle pork projects to turn this winter storm into Katrina II. Rather than taking our lumps now and repairing the levies, we are going to tear down those levies and stick America in the Dome. Unfortunately we have Roy Nagin as President.

Pray for America, Our Troops and Hussain’s Guidance