Brayin Candy

Fouling the Gulf

The second is this: ‘LOVE your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31

Just like his presidency the Ohbummer presser was a complete failure. For an hour and a half he grabs all the credit and gives all the blame. When he brought his daughter into the discussion how she axed if “daddy” stopped the leak, you couldn’t help but wish she was in charge rather than this hack President. After all, she has as much experience in geology and executive decision making as he does. If she ever had a lemonade stand then she likely understands more about running a business than he does. He would have likely taken her cashbox for the greater good. This press conference in front of the assembled WH spokespersons was a worse disaster than Global Horizon going down in flames.

This was a pure gaff fest not only showed he wasn’t the brightest bulb at Harvard; he isn’t even the brightest President in the WH in the last 10 yrs. His explanation of the technological difficulties drilling and repairing an oil disaster 1 mile underwater was incomplete as well as nonsensical. He never bothered to explain why it has taken him 5 weeks to even address the American people and even then it was at an hour nobody would be able to watch it. The people need to have the situation explained to them and what exactly the gummit is doing if anything to clean up the oil. By the looks of it they are more in the way than any sort of help. This proves once again when it comes to massive problems, a bloated gummit bureau is the last thing you want in charge just like healthcare. It also shows how impossible it is to predict or model these situations when bureaucrats are more interested in keeping their hands clean than rolling up their sleeves and getting dirty.

The only thing more underwater than the gusher is his regime. This is another example showing how wrong the consensus is about the intelligence of the liber-elite. They go to their Ivy League colleges regurgitating all the clichéd bromides the professors spew on their students telling each other how brilliant they are. Just like the establishmedia, they write for each other relying on consensus to determine their talking points. The students who repeat the academic groupthink the best are moved forward becoming more and more extreme. They all become enemies of capitalism and form their own models how evolved socialism/communism is trusting their failed systems will work this time. In the end you have these eggheads giving speeches to each other w/o the slightest critique until you end up w/obomonomics.

Just like the models of Global Scamming were completely exaggerated so were the models created for the Porkulus bill. Premier obozo claimed gummit was the only entity large enough to spend enough $$ to get the economy away from the cliff. So he poured $$ down his rat hole like mud in the geyser only to watch it disappear making the disaster worse rather than better. Oh he can claim the leaking has stopped and there are now made and saved jobs when the only saved job he’s concerned about is his. His stimulus bill was an epic failure just like every other thing he has put his marker on. Now unfortunately for the Gulf he claims to be making or saving fishing jobs. Is there any question he will make this situation worse rather than better, especially since he has put in charge Oil hating Sec. Chu. Here is a guy who states he wants gas to go to $8/gal to stop the oceans from rising and claims we won’t have farms in 20 yrs from GW. This is who’s coordinating BP and does he really want this incident fixed or be a tool for his larger agenda?

Every one of the Premier Hope’s answers was either avoiding or evasive. How difficult would it be to say his aide was fired rather than giving some dog ate my homework answer? His real Nixonian answer was the Sestak question. How hard is it to answer whether you offered a job in your administration or not? He gives the old I’m not a crook routine and now backfilling w/BJ taking the blame. If that doesn’t get the pompomedia awake from their zombie lives and actually do their jobs, nothing will. This is like putting a steak in front of a starving dog, yet our press corpse just turns their noses up preferring to starve to death than eat their own. Now if it were Rove it would be the crime of the century, so back to their coffins. Who can blame them when you realize there are no such things as Pulitzer Prizes for outing Dems? That would be suicide for a regime scribe.

The media may not ax the embarrassing questions but we sure can. If there was nothing illegal or wrong about this quid pro quo, why was BJ involved? If it was all above board than why do you have to use a backdoor offer? The reason is simple, it’s illegal, and its Chicago politics and Axelrod was involved. The fact it not only failed to work when he turned it down, Benedict Arlon got beat so he massively failed twice w/one stone.

This disaster of a regime is proving the socialist models are a fraud designed to enslave Americans. These commies hate capitalism as they sit in their protected socialist jobs away from any real world experience. They relish in the glory of brainwashing future generations into believing their multiple failed ideas actually work. This complete failure we are witnessing at every level is making it clear how overrated the intelligence of academia truly is. Just like GW, these ideas have never been challenged since disagreement is verboten and purged. These people are the biggest frauds on the planet as we watch one of their own hunt so intently for a coherent thought while he rambles aimlessly repeating cliché after cliché waiting for an applause or a harrumph. Rather he receives blank stares and irritation as the single act grows thin.

His failure is liberalism’s failure w/its lack of creativity or originality being stuck in the rigid walls of group consensus. So chained to its walls they couldn’t even allow burn skimmers at the outset of the disaster to burn off much of the oil for fear of CO2, to the not allowing berms for lack of an environmental study which will take months. Until they can get consensus, they sit stuck in the mud while the oil spreads wider and wider. The pure stupidity of academia is being exposed for the fools they are just like the grade inflated student we have in the White House. Small wonder he hides his Grades since his lack of brainpower is on display every time his telecrutch is turned off. This spill has not only stained the beaches, it has blackened his Presidency, academia, socialism and his partners in the media. At this rate it is going to foul his entire regime in and out of DC. No wonder his daughter axed if they plugged the #@%! Hole yet?

Pray for America