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The Sinking of America

 The Sinking of America


And the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I LOVE; with you I am well pleased.” Luke 3:22

The oil leak has been a roaring success for Noilbama. It has served his purpose of helping him destroy the oil industry in the Gulf as well as continue to meltdown America’s economy. This has been his lifelong ambition and this blowout could not have happened at a better time. When he wanted to stop drilling in America completely he has the crisis he has been hoping for as he placed his commieCzars in place for this event to eliminate the lifeblood of America. Within minutes of his announcing of the drilling blockade the Dow went into Cardiac Arrest. He couldn’t believe his fortune of destroying the Energy industry to set up his soon to be completed Nationalizing of it.

No dictator has been able to fully transform an economy as fast as Premier Hussain. He can now punish the Red states as he makes them wards of the Fed. They have only recently began to recover from Katrina and now this disaster to their tourist and fishing industries have sent them back into Katrina. He knows he needs to punish Gov Jindal and how better than to put a knife through his heart by shutting down his main industry, oil drilling. This will destroy another million good paying jobs as he caters to his most extreme activists who he needs to support his dictatorship.

It has been obvious he has been doing nothing to minimize the damages to the LA coast by allowing Bobby the berms or equipment to build barrier islands. He wants the people and especially the environazis to be outraged at the oil companies to go along w/his takeover. He needs as many people suffering as possible and how better than to further choke our access to our resources in the Gulf. There is absolutely no reason not to continue drilling on 95% of the platforms which are not in deep water yet he shuts down them to punish LA, TX, and Alaska what a surprise. You would think logically when so many people such as fisherman are out of work he would do everything he could to keep the other industries going, but he is a braindead lib who hates the oil industry so he needs to villainies them. Problem is it is beginning to backfire.

To make sure all the blame is placed on BP and the rest of the industry he has sent his hired guns down there in the Justice Dept. Now Eric Holder is the same AG who claims every terrorist is innocent no matter how much evidence is burned into their crotch or dead bodies surrounding him, is ready to declare BP guilty and needing execution. He doesn’t need any evidence he already has his mind made up to try them in front of his adoring media so El Jefe doesn’t get any of the blame. There will be no explanations why they were drilling a mile deep where accidents happen rather than shallow water or land drilling where we haven’t had an accident in 30 yrs. No there is an agenda to maintain and an industry to Nationalize.

The last thing they can afford right now is to ax why are we all the way out there? Then people would begin to question the entire communist dictator model. They would then begin to ax why we have to pay $4-5/gal for gas when we could allow our oil companies to manage our existing reserves w/o dangerous gummit restrictions and bring gas down under $2. They may start axing if this has anything to do w/the fact his biggest donors were the Saudis and why they will be the big winners in this blockade of our reserves? They may also wonder why he is so eager to shut us down after a catastrophic accident yet he doesn’t take back his loans to Brazil/$oro$, who are going to drill deeper w/the same companies? Amazingly this will make $oro$ another fortune as he now can supply US w/more oil. Why doesn’t he withdraw those loans for deep sea drilling off Rio if he’s so concerned? The markets know the answer to all those questions and crashed.

His problem now is the anger of the American people is not only mad at BP but the fouled Gulf is looking more and more like the Bama presidency. So many people have been writing about his strategic fiddling and takeover of the Oil industry the avg Joe knows exactly what he is attempting. There is no surprise of disbelief like over the Auto or Banking takeover we have been predicting this move since before this disaster happened. The only surprise is he would do it on a day which there was so much bad Obomonomic news w/the jobs report. This was like a Left-Right combination as he continues beat the economy like a one armed boxer. Unlike George Bush who would bring the people together in a crisis, Premier Mohamhead Achmed only uses them to further divide our Country as he continues to politicize it dividing the envirowhackos from the rest of the Country. As always he sides against America and her strategic industries and w/those who would destroy US.

Right now that gusher on the bottom is a symbol of a presidency out of control and fouling everything it touches. There is nobody around the world who likes or respects this occupier and it appears there is nobody he likes period. He is helpless to do anything about the leak and is depending on the very people he wants desperately to destroy to save his regime. The only people who have the ability to solve this problem, who have been working 24/7 to do just that, have his entire govt in their hands. They of course have bigger reasons to solve this dilemma which is the saving of the coast and repairing their damaged image. They will get the job done while our Poser in Chief will be losing golf balls and cheating on his score card. Getting a solid 4 hour day out of him is as difficult as finding a leather purse at a PETA convention, it just can’t be done.

So here we sit in the middle of the Obama Ocean having the worst economy since FDR w/Carter Jr at the helm trying to torpedo the ship. He has an oil leak trailing behind him fouling everything in its wake and is doing everything he can to ignore it while it gets worse and worse. His crew is looking for leadership which isn’t there and the passengers are about to throw them all overboard to save the ship. Only then will we be able to right our ship and stop him from his continued attempts to sink it. He has nowhere to hide as now everybody on board knows when it comes to ship Captains, corruption and incompetence, are a Titanic combination.

Pray for America and BP