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Stop the Mosque


Stop the Mosque 

He who does not LOVE me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father who sent me. John 14:24

How humorous is it the liberals want to promote their atheistic tolerance to a group of radical Mooselips who would love to slit their throats. Whether America wants to admit it or not the Ground Zero Mosque is the front line of the Spiritual war we are fighting. The Death cult has no problem fighting this holy war in the open while liberals attempt to use their old tired tolerance arguments which have nothing to do w/this battle. This is an evil satanic cult wanting to plant its church at the capital of western civilization and instill Sharia law in America. They understand America is the last fortress for Christianity and if they can defeat it here the battle is over worldwide.

We are again hearing the apologists explain how we should surrender to Islam to make them like us when that strategy has only led to dead bodies and raped women and children. We keep hearing about all those mythical moderate Mooselimbs who want to embrace western civilization if only we would give them a chance. In reality a moderate Moose only wants to kill Christians and Jews while radical Islam wants to kill Moderate Muslims. Rather than discussing how tolerant liberals are of every religion except Christianity and Judaism how bout they explain why 400 Christians a day are killed by Islam and that doesn’t include the other infidels they murder, torture and gang rape in the name of allah.

This is a truly evil religion what is built on a hatred of every other religion but theirs. They believe if you will not convert by the word you will convert by a knife at your throat. If you still won’t convert the knife will penetrate your throat. These monsters have killed and conquered other religions since the 4th century when Mohamhead was worried the Christians were taking over the ME countries. He invented a cult that combined a worship of the moon and the earth through his family rock which is worshipped at the Dome of the Rock. The Koran teaches its followers to conquer and kill everyone who doesn’t believe allah is God. Every move you make as a follower is to further the conquest of islam and that is exactly what they are doing at Ground Zero, conquering America the last Christian Country. We as Christians have to fight this on spiritual grounds. These cultists want to destroy us and America, which is their religious goal. They will not quit until the entire world is conquered and living under Sharia law. This cult is a combination of a religion and a political institution which has no problem weaving the religion w/the politics like they do in Iran. There the Mullah Woolahs are the spiritual leaders in the Country while the politicians form a communist dictatorship. This of course is the model of all Islam as well as Black Liberation Theology which Buick Insane Obozo was a devout follower. So ready or not we have a full blown spiritual war being fought in NYC against the Christians and Jews.

Everybody supporting this from the Moosie organizers and the atheistic liberals, need to explain why everywhere it exists and is established Jews and Christians are raped and murdered in the name of allah. Why in the world would we want to encourage that in the heart of NYC as well as the symbolism of this edifice going up before the rebuilding of the WTC? These cultists are extremely aware of what this would mean to the Mooselip world as well as to America and are going full speed ahead. They will say whatever it takes to make this happen to promote their cult. It needs to be defeated and destroyed like it was in the Old Testament since it is nothing more than the same worship of Baal. This is the same evil Jews have been fighting since creation. This is the war between God and Satan.

This has nothing to do w/Freedom of Religion as it does w/the encroachment of a dangerous cult in the heart of America. We are going to fight a cult that is absolutely intolerant of every other religion on the planet. Their primary enemies are Christians and Jews although they will kill and rape any other infidel who doesn’t bow to their gods. We are looking at a much larger battle than a small piece of sacred ground we are fighting against a giant symbol for these conquerors. We will see an intolerance of our lifestyle and mixing of religions we have seen in America as we go back to their 4th century worship and tactics. We see their attacks throughout Western Europe and every other Country they have invaded. They understand the way they can manipulate the libs is to say Christians are being intolerant so libs can demonstrate their sanctimonious tolerance.

So once again we can witness the pure hypocrisy of the extreme left. They will pretend this is about tolerating a religion when both are completely intolerant of Christians. We have seen it over and over when you attempt to bring Christian holidays or the 10 Commandments into the schools. They bend over backwards trying to insult and isolate Christians while promoting atheism and every other new age religion or cult. We see their intolerance to anybody who disagrees w/them although they reach a new level when it’s Christians or Jews in Israel. The liberal mind has to feel socially morally superior and tolerance is one of the primary ways of exhibiting it. Now we have them trying to argue another spiritual war from a political standpoint. Liberals have no idea who they are dealing with or what motivates Islam. They are trying to feed a hungry bear hoping they don’t get ate when we all know how it will turn out. We know how tolerance turned out for the Ft Hood soldiers and we know how it would turn out in Manhattan.

No, we don’t have to tolerate an evil religion that wants to build a monument to the destruction of the WTC. If they want to use America’s freedoms to make a statement about tolerance perhaps they can build a Jewish Synagogue in Mecca first or even condemn the burning of churches and houses of worship around the world. Perhaps they can state their outrage of the killing of innocents or gang raping of Christians everywhere they are. How about they explain the stoning of girls for the crime of being raped? They going to bring that to NYC? They could start w/their statement of what they think of the Islamic attack on the WTC or Ft Hood as well as other carefully planned attacks from radical imams in the US. No we are in a spiritual war w/Satan who guides Islam and its leaders, we need to pray and stand up to this attack on our land. We know the answer to all of their questions of their tolerance since our soldiers had to leave their crosses at home when fighting in Iraq; we need to offer them the same. This is America, one nation under God, the one true God of Creation and so it will stay.

Pray for America