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Mosque Hypocrisy

Mosque Hypocrisy 

…but the world must learn that I LOVE the Father and that I do exactly what my Father has commanded me. “Come now; let s leave.. John 14:31

We are once again watching the liberal establishment fighting the 80% of America they hate. Why they are insistent on the Mosque being placed near the WTC is pure insanity, but I repeat. If they are going to accuse Americans who are revolted by the symbol of the religion who attacked our Towers of being intolerant than how about Islam intolerance? There is really no reason for them to build it there other than putting a stake in the eye of America and Big Media knows it. When are we going to hear the slightest outrage from the Mooselimbs about burn down Christian Churches and Synagogues every day? We know whenever an abortion clinic is bombed or a minority is yelled at, the Christian hate crowd is blasting the airwaves w/in 10 mins. Where are those same people about a religion that is full of bloodthirsty killers?

Why would we ever want a monument that promotes a religion of suicide bombings, throat cutters, plane hijackers and abuse women in all sorts of barbaric ways? Of course the Nationalized Org of Broads will be supporting this Mosque built on the beaten backs of women. This is a religion where women are no more than chattel who are not allowed in public w/o being accused of being a harlot w/the possibility of being killed to keep the “honor” of the family. Why are none of these spokesmen of this Moosque shouting their outrage of these brutal acts of their religion? The reason is, if they were to criticize the monsters of their cult they would be the next one killed by their fundamentalists.

We Christians understand the dangers of the jihad islam has called on the free Countries of the world. We understand the spiritual war that we are fighting and what the dangers are if we are to lose. This would be the end of freedom since Islam hates freedom and is a cult which would control every aspect of your life according to Sharia law. Women would be in burkas and if they were somehow raped w/o 4 men testifying against the rapists would be stoned for adultery unless they show mercy and shoot her in the head. Where is the outrage by the leaders and spokesmen of this cult about these brutal acts? Where is the outrage of the defenders of tolerance when you see a religion killing in the name of their god? We know exactly what would be said of Christians if they could find one example of the thousands of examples a month the people who worship in this mosque represent? The next time any of the leaders of this death cult express outrage over these murderous barbarians will be their first.

Of course there are two main reasons the liberals don’t speak out against Islam, the first is the enemy of my enemy is my friend and the other is they are gutless wonders afraid they will be killed. The braindead libs and Mooselips are both atheistic cults that hate America and Christians equally. They will take their chances with the moose if they will continue to punish America. They have no idea that the Mice hate liberals and their lifestyle worse than they hate Christians. These libs represent everything considered an abomination by their kookran. The second is the entire liberal establishment is terrified to even make a cartoon let alone say anything critical for fear of having a fatwaaaah put on them. So here they are making a so called principled stand out of fear and intolerance of America.

Christians need to stop fearing these cowards who hide behind the phrase tolerance. We don’t have to tolerate sin and barbaric acts simply to be tolerant. There is nowhere in the Bible that says Christians need to be tolerant, actually just the opposite saying we will be hated by the World for our intolerance to sin and destruction. We have to make a stand showing we are the only ones who have morality and understanding of the spiritual word we are fighting. We need to stop cowering at the names we will be called by the minority liberal establishment which is another atheistic cult controlled by feelings. Liberals lead an immoral personal lifestyle but if they are judged socially moral they are morally superior to everyone else, especially those intolerant Christians. This is the spiritual war we are fighting from both sides and why both sides want us dead.

Once again the Stone Age Press and the rest of the Liberal Establishment are trying to go against the will of the people to be shills for obozo and his Death cult. Whether this idea originated out of the White House or did simply Islam want to prove they conquered America it doesn’t matter, they are going against the will of the people because they serve the same master. Satan’s Mosque must be defeated and Islam must be beat back to its Satanic ideology. Let it continue to oppress and murder in Trashcanistan but not in America or the Western world.

Everywhere it has gotten a foothold and has become a mainstream religion there has been murder and gang rapes on Christian followers. This is a Judeo Christian society that lives in peace, we need to fight this Mosque to the death or we will be regretting it for eternity. When Islam apologists are as outraged about Mooselimbs burning down Christian Churches and Synagogues as they are about this Moosque then we will believe their sincerity. Until then, go blow up a school bus full of Jews Mohamhead.

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