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God, Jesus and America

America Jesus and the 828 Rally

If you obey my commands, you will remain in my LOVE, just as I have obeyed my Father’s commands and remain in his LOVE. John 15:10

We now have exposed the two parties for whom they are. We have one which is a corrupt atheistic moral relativist Party who hates Christianity. They will tolerate some Christians as long as they don’t go for that God and Jesus stuff and only focus on taking people’s wealth and giving it to the Gummit…er…poor. This has been their tried and true scam since FDR to take from the rich and give to the Gum…er…less fortunate. The Conservatives worship God and put Gummit far below. They believe in individual rights and the ability to make what your God given abilities allow. This Country has been devalued into a God vs Anti-God Parties. We now see what an empty existence this Anti-God politics gets you.

The anti-God worshipers have infiltrated much of the Church since there has been a negative light put on Christians over the past 50 yrs. Many churchgoers and pastors say they are Christians just not that kind of Christian. That kind of course is the sexist, fascist, homophobe Christians who actually follow the Bible w/o tearing out pages that they don’t believe in. President Obama in his book said the Bible was a fluid book that is always evolving itself. This is the typical liberal translation of the Bible that basically has 3 or 4 ideas it believes in. Their theology is love your brother as yourself, judge not and give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Caesar of course is codeword for distribution of wealth in a socialist method.

The Bible never says take from the wealthy and give to the poor. Many scholars believe Jesus was a wealthy man until his late ministry. Their theory is when the wise men gave the gifts to Jesus they were giving untold riches that lasted him his lifetime putting him through the finest schools of the day. He also preached in many of his parables the value of having wealthy people who would look after their slaves and workers. The stories of the vineyard owners were always wealthy people being put upon by their employees and having to punish them for their dishonesty. He told of the workers who even killed his son when they wouldn’t do the work that was required. Jesus understood the need for entrepreneurs who would organize and grow the crops or provide services. He simply made sure people didn’t worship money rather than God.

One of the most famous parables was of the Good Samaritan. Both the traveler that was robbed and the Samaritan were wealthy people who showed compassion for their fellow traveler. The Samaritan chose to provide well for the injured traveler from his own wealth. Jesus never complained about the fact people became wealthy or earned a living only how they would treat their workers and families. He also had the parable of the 3 servants who the master gave great wealth and the one buried his in the yard and didn’t multiply that wealth which he gave to the one who made the most wealth. His comment was those who produce much, much is expected and those who produce little, little is given. So to translate his teachings as a socialist distribution of wealth is a false teaching of the word. He even lectured one of his disciples that the poor would always be with us so don’t worry about not giving all your $$ to the poor. Christianity is a free market religion since both value the individual choice and a free will determination.

Even salvation represents an absolute freedom of acceptance. There is no sword to the neck as is taught by many religions but Jesus simply knocking at the door of your heart waiting for you to answer it and ask Jesus into your life. This is a deeper relationship as well as a personal relationship between you and Jesus the one living God. The other religions require you submit to their gods by will or force so there is no personal relationship. These religions require that you submit to the societal values and indoctrination. This has infiltrated the Christian church when they call it a societal salvation or the entire society has to accept certain religious incantations for you to be saved. Anotherwords you have to accept things like socialism, punishing the wealthy, Global Warming, living a green lifestyle, and most of all be, tolerant. You accept Christ and live a tolerant lifestyle and you are truly saved according to many liberal Christian churches.

The tolerant to everything except those who disagree is an empty lifestyle since you are forced to accept every form of immorality to prove your tolerance. This acceptance leads to more immorality as society has no parameters to live within and an anything goes devolution leading to emptiness and addictions. Those trapped in the lifestyles that are now tolerated like homosexuality are having an avg of 200 partners per year due to the sex addiction men naturally have and the elimination of any relationship and only the satisfaction of their addiction. This leads to diseases such as VD, hepatitis C, AIDS, mono, depression and suicide. The average male homosexual dies 20 yrs earlier and is far more diseased than normal. This of course leads to more costs, both economically and societal thanks to tolerance.

You can apply the homosexual example to unwed mothers, abortion, radical islam, porn, divorce, cult worship such as Global Warming and every other liberal religion or behavior we are forced to accept under the guise of tolerance. There is only one true God the God of Abraham Issac and Moses and until this Country returns to the Judeo Christian faith we are never going to have a chance economically, morally or socially. We need to return to Jesus Christ and the Bible which gives you and society a guide to live your life. You don’t hate the homosexual but you do hate his act and the sin it represents since it is going to destroy his life as well as society’s structure.

God set up men and women for a reason to be a healthy family for children to be raised, not to satisfy a momentary want and that is what we need to celebrate. The tolerant society leads to abandoned kids, drugs, all types of abuse and massive depression type addictions while Jesus leads to happiness and contentment as proved in study after study. This is what the 828 rally was about, bringing God back to America and reaffirming the Christian family.

The Founders of this Country understood that Jesus Christ’s teachings are the strongest and most free way to organize and live a life as well a society. Christians will love the sinner but will try to help him stop sinning and break his sin. America needs to return to the Church and rebuild the morality of this Country before it will ever receive the economic benefits which go with it. It will be a hard road getting there but one that leads out as we now see the desert tolerance and acceptance of immorality gets you, only Jesus Christ can lead America back to the oasis. Americans, choose this day whom you will serve, Tolerance or Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior.

Pray for America’s Revival