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Destroying O'Donnell

Destroying O'Donnell 

I have made you known to them, and will continue to make you known in order that the LOVE you have for me may be in them and that I myself may be in them. John 17:26

The second most dangerous woman in America is Christine O’Donnell. She is every liberal’s worst nightmare. First she is a she which means she is supposed to be a braindead liberal who worships at the altar of abortion and whore of whores she is a Christian. Throw in the fact she is in the party of Old Men and was supported by the most dangerous woman in America so start the destruction. “Tina Fey please pick up the White Courtesy Phone and press Personal Destruction line one.”

To CommieCrats the biggest fear they have is for a woman who doesn’t simply regurgitate the feminist mantra of daddy Gummit taking care of you. For a woman to not hate men and preach the value of monogamy goes against everything they stand for. The added threat that she represents Joe Biden’s old seat makes the liberal destruction a must. The last thing the dying Socialist Party can afford is for women to follow strong Conservatives like Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell, this would send them to the Ash Heap.

Is Christine the perfect candidate, thankfully no. When you have people who are ordinary folks who are standing up to make a difference you end up w/people who have character flaws. We remember all of the attacks on George Bush how he made financial mistakes in the oil business or as a manager of the Texas Rangers. The Establishmedia are going to vilify her like Palin for fear of her representing women and showing them there is another way. This is why they have to make her out to be a joke or women may begin to take her serious and leave the fembot bastion. Course there is no scrutiny about the $100 Million Pelosi has stolen while in office, but O’Donnell owed a student loan for 10 yrs, STONE HER!!!

They have started the crazy woman routine on her since she said she once dated a wicca worshipper in high school, big deal. Of course Old Media has to use it to make her a joke to keep people from taking a Conservative woman serious. If they can keep her having to defend herself against the crazy charge it will not only marginalize her it will help distance her from women voters as well as spineless conservatives, redundancy alert! They need her to become the ditz they pigeonhole Repub women to help mask her message of lower taxes and less regulation as well as “gasp”, Social Conservatism. They need to pretend powerful women are only liberals when the Conservative message is for everybody. It is easily understood so they have to attack personally and stay away from issues. The witch story is a complete exaggeration by Old Media to hopefully keep a very vulnerable seat in their commie clutches.

The damage a regular person like Christine would do to the progressives is immeasurable. She would make it on her own merit w/o the help of nepotism or a corrupt machine all the establishment hacks have used to reach the halls of power. She would do it as a smart attractive young woman who have been barred from these halls and would be one of the 100 most powerful people in this Country. She would make it as a flawed individual in a supposedly sexist Country. To have this post filled by a broad who is a self starter and a hardcore Christian makes the fear in the District of Corruption drip. Her faith would be on display every day of the week in one of the most Godless places in America. She would put a spotlight on all of the liberal saints such as homosexuals, abortionists, atheism and moral relativism. This is why she needs to be destroyed personally which is their specialty against women. Now she has to fight back and prove them the liars that they are.

As a novice politician it isn’t what she is today that counts but what she can become. After some time in front of the camera w/her charm and charisma, her potential is in the stratosphere. As a Senator she can bring common sense solutions to the nation’s most difficult problems. She won’t owe anyone or Party the time of day so she can put a stop to uncontrolled spending and take a real look at the sacred cows which need to be slaughtered for future generations. Rather than the lobbyists having all the say w/her, real Americans will have an ear in Washington. We will have an American citizen rather than career politicians who inhabit the swamp of corruption. It is time to send regular people like Christine O’Donnell to begin to boil the political leaches. It is time to pour some Hot Tea on them w/a pretty smile and some lipstick. Delaware, its Tea Time!

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