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Easter vs Earth Day

 Easter vs Earth Day

Peace to the brothers, and LOVE with faith from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Eph 6:23

The two busiest days of the year for atheists are Christmas and Easter. While they were doing everything in their power to make sure Easter is wiped from the public mind, they were making sure everybody was forced to worship Earth Day. Fundamental atheists have instituted their religion as the National Religion of America under the guise of science and environmentalism. While they were making sure ever Easter egg hunt is called a Spring Sphere hunt or simply a Spring Egg hunt these pagans were worshipping Gaia and forcing kids in schools to worship it too. What next a Mother Earth Egg hunt?

Atheists have to do everything they can to eliminate Christianity from the American mind to promote their ultimate god, Gummit. Of course they like the tenants of their worship of Gaia hid behind the cloak of Saving the Earth, but their ultimate goal is the enslaving of people to an overbearing communist dictatorship where they would be in control. The beauty of their plan is you naturally have people worshipping the earthen gods and then you couch your goals in protecting the environment for the rest. When you don’t have a definition of what protecting the earth means then you can have free reign for your definition to enslave the dissenters.

Christians by definition do not worship the earth and have been called to be stewards of it. This means rather than turning their lives over to the earthen gods like Gaia and Baal they are to manage and harvest the earth to God’s glory. Christians by definition are the Conservationists who will use and care for the environment to keep it in balance according to God’s calling. Christians are to grow crops in abundance as well as use the minerals and resources God provided on this great miracle he provided called the Earth and its abundance. Throughout history when man followed God’s plan and developed and managed his resources things went well for man, when he fell into the trap of worshipping the Earth like we are now, not so much.

It is no accident the schools were celebrating Earth Day which is a mask for the celebration of Russian leader Lenin’s Birthday. Those who created this day were solid commies as are those who promote it in the guise of environmentalism. This religion is built on the ability to make people believe they can make a difference by treating the earth like a fragile piece of glass who live in fear of breaking it. If they can make the worshippers believe the slightest chemical in the air or water will destroy the earth, they can own them. Once they own them then their real god, government will own them too. This is the goal of Earth Day to make people believe they can become good people by not adding to the destruction of the earth so they will go to that giant recycling center in the sky.

Once the kids and people are converted to earth worshippers they can own them by excusing every dictate as a means of protecting the earth. The commie left has been using this tactic for decades and is why we are in the economic/political mess we are in now. They have used earth worship to control the use of energy by outlawing drilling for oil, digging for coal, building nuclear, natural gas, solar projects, geothermal projects and the burning of any fossil fuels. They have done the same for farming, fishing, home building and every other manufacturing job. Basically, they use Earth Day to shut down every free market industry to make us slaves to them, to own us.

The irony is managed resources are more environmentally healthy than the wild state the earth worshippers dictate. The animal life around oil pipelines, oil drilling rigs, reclaimed mining operations and managed forests are far more abundant than their fallow natural state. People and industries that develop these resources are more closely tied to those environments and will do whatever necessary to manage them properly. They truly become stewards of these resources and maximize the biological abundance making for a healthier land. While the earth worshippers claim to be helping the forests and animals they are only using them as props to promote their real agenda which is control of the people and the trees, animals and environment suffers.

In reality these environmentalists are politicians who have found a religion to make the masses follow their form of dictatorship. They are the equivalent of Jim Baker and Tammy Faye only on a massive scale who has found millions of willing dupes in search of religious fulfillment through the worshipping of the earth. This religion is as old as the rocks, trees and moon but pulls men and women in time and time again. The fact you get some charlatans like Algore and Goldman Sachs who can put a hundred million tithes in their own offering plates makes the worship all the more beneficial for them. We have to break our chains of these false prophets and go back to the one true God to worship our Creator who gave us Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Going back to being stewards of our resources rather than worshippers of them is how we can rebuild our Shining City on the Hill. Let’s celebrate Easter rather than Earth Day.

Happy Easter