Brayin Candy


 What exactly did Joe Biden mean when he said he guaranteed a major political disaster would happen w/in 6 mos of Black Racist Oblack’s inauguration? Could he have seen  the worst nightmare for many us, the elimination of Israel from the map? Does anybody think Barak Opocalypse would come to their rescue? Does anyone in the World believe there is any risk turning against him? Of course not.

Any of us who have read Joel Rosenberg’s books know according to his very accurate predictions, he expects the attack of Israel in the near future. With the movements of the events in the past couple years that seems very possible. With the shakeup of the markets and desperation of the Countries the real possibility of a chain of events could make this happen.

What Joel has seen as was foretold in Exodus was a battle between Israel and Gog and Magog. Gog was Russia and Magog was Persia or Iran. Of all the hot spots around the world this one make by far the most sense and especially with the economic crisis striking around the world.

What Beweak Obummer and Bedtime for Biden may have been told in the top secret security briefing is Iran has already acquired or is close to acquiring a nuclear missile or missiles. Most business people I talk to expect if Obummer is elected this recession will become deeper and last longer due to higher taxes and vilification upon these businesses. The stock market is reflecting this fear as people are pulling their money out of America expecting his destruction of our capitalist system. This worldwide recession/depression will force our Country to ignore conflicts around the world and forced to become more survival oriented.

Why would Russia sell a nuclear missile to Iran knowing it will likely destroy Israel? Its Russia’s best interest, they need the cash and access to a warm water port. They know if there is a deeper or nuclear war in the Middle East to force up the price of their newly sourced Oil to help their revenues. The worldwide recession is destroying Russia’s economy. Putin knows there is no risk against a weak President. The added bonus of eliminating Israel from the world is something Russia has wanted for decades to control the ME and its oil supplies.

If Iran were to hit Israel w/a missile they know Obama would be powerless to do anything even if he wanted. Love or hate W, you know Ahmacrazyraged is not going to give him a reason to take a right at Baghdad and head for Tehran. He doesn’t want to follow Saddamn w/his neck stretched. He may be crazy but he ain’t insane. Does any leader in the world think Opocalypse would even consider a war against Iran while he’s beating feet out of Iraq? Ahmacrazyraged would just threaten to fire one at our troops in Iraq/Kuwait and Bawk Bawk Bawk would chicken out. Iran knows this and Israel knows it. If Israel is attacked with Oblack in office they will be completely on their own. Go with God Israel.

What Gabby Hayes Biden said is the American Jews are not going to be happy w/the decision. He also knows or has been told by Barak we would leave Israel alone against the world. The nuclear destruction of Israel is a real possibility and with a deep recession tied to a Democrat gummit there is no question there would be nothing stopping the elimination of Tel Aviv. This is the only thing that fits the seriousness of Biden’s comments. This is why he was concerned by the statement, people would not be happy, it had to be directed at the Jews or as Barack calls them Zionist White Devils. Apparently the only thing they are concerned with is their poll numbers won’t fall when the NY Jews realize they will be expected to support this horrific decision.

If Iran does have a nuclear missile, as hard as it would be for McCain to generate the will to go to war in the middle of a recession it will have to be done, we all know that Opocalypse never would. I pray I am dead wrong, but more times than not I have been right about these things and this is the only thing fitting the 6 mo timetable. This is the election of America and Israel’s lifetime.

Pray for W, McCuda, Israel and Our Troops