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The Second Great Depression

Obama's 2nd Great Depression 

Therefore, my brothers, you whom I LOVE and long for, my joy and crown, that is how you should stand firm in the Lored, dear friends! Exhortations… Phil 4:1

By any measure we have a copy of the Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal gummit expansion which extended the Great Depression. If you were to really find the true unemployment figures they are likely within a few points of the worst years of the Depression at 25%. We are seeing the home foreclosure rates are the worst since those years as well as the rising prices of food which is putting more and more in the soup lines. We have a 3 prong attack on the economy which just like FDR’s regime is destroying the private sector by design.

When FDR came into office he was a relative pauper who happened to be related to the Roosevelt fortunes in rail and oil although his father made his fortune in Chinese opium smuggling. FDR was the Red Headed stepchild who never made any money basically he was the first Kennedy brat. He tried his hand at oil and real estate and lost in both. He built a personal hatred towards banks as communism was sweeping the world and after he was Governor of NY moved to the White House on a hate the rich campaign. His was one of the first DNC campaigns in America to teach the voter to hate bankers and Wall Street which allowed him to nationalize the banking system while raising taxes on the wealthy to 90% stopping any growth or jobs in the private sector.

At one point he taxed them at 100% over $100K until the war broke out and private enterprise forced him to release control of the banks ending the Great Depression. The only difference between FDR’s gummit works programs and Premier Hussain’s is the federal workers today are unionized and receiving huge retirements. We are so overextended on public retirements there is no way to pay them although the unions haven’t explained it to their members. They believe they can just mine more dollars out of American pocket to maintain their lifestyles. They believe they are more deserving of a lavish retirement at 58 than you are at 75. Little do they know they are sitting in a rotting basket while they float down the flooding Mississippi heading for the waterfall.

If the gummit hadn’t done anything when the first collapse happened we would have been over this recession a year or two ago. His dumping the Porkulus bill into the problem only made a bad situation far worse and solved absolutely nothing economically. It may have propped up some union bosses and hid their ransacking the union pensions but it did not create a single job anywhere in the Country. We now have a huge burden dragging down the economy and all of the unionized businesses are paying excessive payments to prop up their overextended Ponzi schemes.

The second problem we have is the lack of an effective energy policy. We live in a Country which has abundant sources of energy but the gummit won’t allow us to develop it. The DNC and their megaphones in the media have effectively destroyed the opportunity to drill for Oil or Gas let alone drill for coal in areas it takes nothing more than digging and burning. They can all be done efficiently and cleanly but the media has so brainwashed the people through scare tactics and the Global Warming fraud it has allowed the regime to force us to starve for energy. It is like dying of thirst next to a lake because the gummit said the lake was poison when in fact the dead man could have drank his fill with no health problems.

Finally, the third part of the trifecta of doom is the destruction of the Banking industry. At a time we need to have the banks working as efficiently as possible the Ohbummer dictatorship has again forced the banks to stop underwriting loans for the poor and minorities. This is what got us here in the first place which means the banks have to give loans to people who will default within a few months or years so they can have a house. To avoid this, the banks have stopped giving loans to the deserving people so they won’t be brought before a committee or sued by the gummit for discrimination. The banks are in trouble to begin with but these laws have forced them to basically stop loaning money for houses or businesses and simply buy T-Bills which is making this meltdown last longer.

The answers to all of these problems are the same, it is to have the tyrants take their hands and regulations off the industries and let the free market solve the problems. The market would be bumpy for a few months while it sorted out the winners and losers then filled the vacuums and begin to recover slowly but surely. Once it begins to take hold there would be a slow growing and in a few years we would be back to gaining strength and the invisible hand of competition would do what it has done through the ages. Like an onion we will have to remove layers upon layers of gummit restrictions.

This is impossible for the commie libs since they have been brainwashed into believing they are the only ones who can run an economy fairly. They don’t believe there should be winners or losers except if they are the ones who choose them. They have no concept of taking their hands off of the economy or not using their taxing abilities as a great experiment to force people to live the way they determine is the right way. This looks exactly like the Soviet Union where all the Commie Party members who live their lives the right way receive all the bribes and limos while the unwashed live 2-3 families to an apartment to pay for those bribes and limos. They believe the beauty of their system is all the wrong thinkers live their lives equally miserable while the Marxists enjoy the rotting fruits of their broken economy.

Until we throw all of the Marxist bums out of power from both Parties we are doomed to living in this extended Depression. We will not see any jobs created in the private sector until Ohbummer and his Czars are unemployed. He can then enjoy the recovering market as he makes huge speaking fees from the obots who can’t get enough of his ability to read a speech. You know the comrades at ABDNC, SoddomWood along with the Silicon Valley who gave us this economic disaster. Until he is on his speaking tour explaining his economic solutions we will never see our industries begin to solve his solutions.

This trident of economic destruction was supposed to bring it down faster and harder which is a testament to the American will and determination to survive. We have the way out, we just need a leader with the courage, articulation and love of capitalism to put a steady hand on the rudder to steer this ship of state away from the rocks and back out to sea. For the time being we all need to be anchors and hold her off those rocks until we can bring in a Captain and crew who know how to start her engines to get her moving again. The key to setting sail will be throwing our bilge overboard.

Pray for America