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The Media's Nightmare

 The Media's Nightmare

…the faith and LOVE that spring from the hope that is stored up for you in heaven and that you have already heard about in the word of truth, the gospel… Col 1:5

The Establishment media are going completely bonkers. They realize barring some unlikely political miracle their golden child is a one termer. The stock market is in a solid downward spiral as the last few liberal investors realize they have been fooled into believing there was a recovery and a bull market was right around the bend only to find a washed out bridge. Now we are witnessing full blown panic in Old Media as they know whoever wins the Republican nomination will be the next President and to make matters worse with the Tea Party still waiting at Valley Forge it’s not likely going to be Mitt Rino. This means they are going to have to spend 4-8 years covering someone they absolutely hate if they survive.

As America’s Pravda continues to promote the summer of recovery and people are seeing more misery the actual mood for socialism has fallen by the wayside. These people manufacture their happy face polls and drag out commie activists posing as real people to tell us how everybody they hate cannot win against their messiah but they have seen the unfiltered polls and are terrified. Anybody who has taken a fair share of statistics and especially graduate level sampling and analysis can see right through their manipulation and also see the unfiltered results. Some of us have had more statistics classes than the blathering class who likely never had any formal training in statistics. They don’t understand the impossibility of accurately polling an entire Country or the bias in their samples. The facts are he has lost all of his support among the so called independents and youth as well as the women’s vote and is falling among Jews and Blacks. The Hopeless Change Express has driven off a washed out bridge and the media is still on board.

The dirty little secret they are not telling America is right now any of the candidates from Cain to Bachmann and even crazy Paul, well maybe not Paulson will win the next election. This is why they are pushing on anybody they believe will be a moderate socialist to maintain the gains they have made under the Ohbummer disaster. They are going to be pushing as hard as they can to get Mitt elected and hopefully make him a racist when the General election comes along as a Hail Mary. If you look up in your Funk and Liberals under Racist Old White Guy you will see a picture of Romney. This is their only chance since of all the Republican candidates Mitt is the only one who can’t win. Boooring!

Of course Cain or Bachmann would be a nightmare for the Stone Age Press since the mediots have spent their entire lives fighting this level of Conservatism and would be the end of unchecked socialism. Both of them are solid social and fiscal conservatives who could do real damage to the false belief America is for homosexual marriage and abortion. Both love America and support strong family values and both bring some strong skills to the table in tax and business savvy. Their championing social issues as well as their unabashed love of the Lord would damage the media frauds as well as make them even more irrelevant than they already are, is that possible? Is it possible to hate the media more than Conservative America already does?

Pravda is doing its best to broadcast the State misinformation except like the old Soviet Union you can only fool the people for so long before they realize you’re lying. They are the groupthink arm of the liberal machine which has been built over the last 40 years stretching from academia to gummit across to Hollywood and earth worship, all of which would fall like a house of cards if a true blue Conservative were to take the reins of power and mobilize the American spirit. Any one of our candidates except Mitt would make the first step developing our energy program and stop wasting precious dollars on green boondoggles. This would have millions working the first year and transfer billions of hard earned wages from Saudi Arabia and Brazil to Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, North Dakota and Alaska.

Speaking of Alaska, Sarah Palin would make the entire commie liberal establishment have a collective brain hemorrhage. She would not only win, but is perhaps the most informed person in politics on Oil and Gas exploration and development which would stimulate our economy immediately. This is their greatest fear that capitalism would do what collectivism can’t, make jobs. She like Cain and Bachmann is a God fearing minority who ABDNC has labeled victims and slaves to the DNC Plantation. This is why these minorities like Cain have no minority protection since he is considered a traitor to his race as Palin is a traitor to her sex so the N and C words can be applied to them as punishment. This brings the especially vile attack towards them as they are considered worse than White men and need to be beaten back into submission. Palin’s ability to not only withstand their sexual names but laughs and makes jokes at their expense making her the most dangerous of all.

The camera doesn’t lie and the camera loves Sarah Palin and how she handles herself just as it did for Ronald Reagan. Reagan didn’t have the advantage of a modern media with millions of writers and amateur reporters who can counter the liars in the press, which could make for a powerful combo, come election time. Her ability to draw crowds and inspire people who are fed up with the liberal establishment will draw another tsunami which will make last November look like high tide. This is what the true polls are saying to the media, the DNC and the White House and why they are singing past the gallows with Palin. The Leftwing media knows they have all of their eggs in a one termer basket and are Humpty’s men trying to put him together before the election as they look over their collectivist shoulders at Lady Palin in the full armor of God with her sword held high. You can see and hear the terror in their voices as they know she will not only destroy liberalism and renew patriotism but she will finish them as well. The truth is this election will be between the media and America.

Pray for America