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999 = Freedom


Everyone with me sends you greetings. Greet those who LOVE us in the faith. Grace be with you all. Titus 3:15

The establishments of both Parties hate the Cain 9-9-9 plan so it must be a great program and it is. The main benefit of this plan is the elimination of the IRS which will turn tax preparation into a breeze. There will essentially be one deduction for most people which will be for charity and all others will be eliminated and then taxed at 9%. The IRS is the primary institution in the District of Corruption that enslaves the American people to a system that was supposed to be voluntary but is now a confiscatory arm that threatens people at every turn. The destruction of the IRS would be a giant step towards Americas’ freedom.

Herman Cain and now Rick Perry have made bold steps towards the reformation or removal of the IRS. This will have two immediate affects for the American people of putting direct dollars into their pocket by lowering their overall taxes lowering from a 15% income tax to the 9% and elimination of Social Security taxes which represents another 11% from total taxes as well as the elimination of the Death Tax which is perhaps the most draconian tax of all. The other hidden tax that will be eliminated is the savings from not having to pay tax preparers and accounting for small and large businesses putting thousands in peoples’ pockets.

Nobody likes the idea of taxes and especially sales tax but to eliminate the need for the IRS and the expense of running such an archaic rat’s nest is a huge step in the right direction. This will add a burden to the stores and retailers who sale the goods but eliminates the complication and paperwork of the current tax system. This is not a Value Added Tax which is a tax on each step along the manufacturing process where the steel manufacturer pays a tax when they deliver the steel to the wheel maker then the wheel maker pays a tax when he sells to the auto plant and so forth. This is simply a tax when the car is sold to the customer.

The current tax system is more of a VAT tax in that it taxes every company all along the way. Any company that makes a profit in every step pays a tax which is passed onto the cost of the next step and ultimately to the customer. In reality the customer will actually be buying the products for a lower cost by not being taxed on every step of production. This is going to mean lower prices and more sales which will turn into more profits and jobs. For Dems reading this, when items you want to buy cost less you tend to buy more of them which means you have to make more leading to private sector jobs.

This tax plan will lower the costs of all goods and services by taking layer after layer of lower taxes and eliminating most tax accounting and allowing businesses to make their decisions based on economics not tax bribery. This eliminates most of the business welfare hidden inside the tax system which will lead to a more competitive, fair and fertile field for industry. This is the first step for a new tax system which will be more focused on collecting revenues rather than corrupt social engineering it has been used for.

A couple of other great nuggets in the 999 plan are the elimination of a Capital Gains tax as well as an immediate expensing of investments for companies. There are Billions of dollars being held to eliminate the paying of these taxes. This would be a huge jolt to the economy as these investors would be cashing in on profits with money ready to spend and invest on new products and businesses. The expensing of investments would allow companies to buy new machinery and automobiles that would be taken off their profits and lowering their taxes. It may only be a 9% savings but it would be a reason to purchase a good they were likely to purchase anyway stimulating rustbelt industries around the country. This would likely be an immediate boost to the auto industry but not likely to help the windmill or solar companies nearly as much.

This plan is obviously going to be lobbied against on all sides. There is no doubt it would be a huge change in the way things are done in DC. The tax system has been one of the major centers of social engineering as well as lobbyist corruption through the decades and this program would essentially end that corruption. This obviously means that all of the lobbyists and their paid off politicians will be fighting this plan with everything they have. This is going to make the healthcare lobby battles look like a squirt gun fight as these crooks are going to be fighting for their graft filled lives. Heck, it passes and DC could end up only having seventy lawyers per hundred.

Herman Cain has shown courage and leadership by bringing this idea to the campaign trail. In an age where politicians are coached to conform and stay away from big ideas he brings one of the biggest ever offered. This boldness is being rewarded in the polls as people understand the concept he is offering even if they don’t know all the details. This is an end to the IRS and tax code as we know it and have learned to adapt. His plan is the first major attempt to remove those shackles and free the people from the slavery of this system and give them an opportunity to control some of their exposure and costs. As frightening as freedom is to many, this is the first attempt to give that gift to America if it can be matched by an equal effort in reduced spending and regulations. Once again a Tea Party candidate is offering Americans a cool breath of freedom from oppression.

Pray for America 


Because I hear about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your LOVE for all the saints. Phil 1:5

The Baby Bummers in the Occucommie rape camps have no clue how capitalism works or have any interest in learning. Their idea of an honest living is protesting everything and everybody 24/7/365 while they wait for their food stamps and welfare checks. Who else in America has the time to man one of these Obamavilles except people who not only don’t work but have no interest in working?

The Tea Party protests could only be held after five or on weekends while lasting no more than a few hours because those protestors had jobs and families. What the Tea Party understood and the Occupy camps don’t is we are all for sold to the highest bidder and the rarest set of skills are the ones which will get the highest price. A successful CEO of a corporation has the most rare skills so he will be paid more than a dope smoking hippy who’s only skill is walking to the food stamp office and then to the store. They may both be overpaid, but are receiving the price the marketplace has determined they are worth. The drug addled hippy is more overpaid relatively than the CEO since the CEO has to answer to the marketplace and a board while the hippy is determined by the gummit. It is no worldwide conspiracy, some are worth millions and some are worth food stamps both are priced according to the going rate.

Just like a professional baseball or basketball player is paid millions, they are sold to the highest bidder on an open marketplace. For the most part the talent will be revealed on the field of play since only a handful of people can throw a ball 90 mph or hit one at that speed or hit a 3 pt goal as well as dunk a basketball. As the field gets smaller and smaller the Michael Jordans reveal themselves and receive the highest pay, not for winning championships but for selling beer and chips. These stars put people in the seats of auditoriums as well entertain people on TV selling commercial time for millions which sell products making companies profits. You could say capitalism is like sports in that the stars rise to the top and are rewarded accordingly, just like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant are superstars in their field so too are the superstars in industry are rewarded accordingly.

The Occupy groups want the Jordans and Bryants to have their paychecks taken away and given to the pee wee players who will never play professional sports. Actually they want the money given to the audience so nobody will be rewarded more than the other. In addition to that they want the audience given free admission and believe the star players will continue to work as hard for no more pay than the person who walks in on the street and watches the game. They would never understand what is so wrong with all of their ideas or why there would never be any professional sports or skilled people working in finance or any other industry. Actually, they don’t care as long as that check arrives every month and will continue to get bigger. They also don’t understand the check would stop coming without the Michael Jordons of industry like the Bill Gates and Warren Buffets and Wall Street.

The occupiers laugh at Tea Partiers for believing in God while they believe you can take all the money from the rich, give it to the gummit and they will receive that cash. There is a far better chance there is a God than these liberal cultists will receive one penny of the money the government takes from the wealthy. All that will happen is they will kill the Michael Jordans and there will be no more professional teams or elite athletes, everybody will be equally mediocre. At a time when we need the most skilled people leading our businesses and industries these brainwashed cultists want to fire all of them.

What the Tea Party saw that the professional protestors don’t is the strangulation of our industries by Big Gummit. Rather than letting the companies who were caught in the meltdown and often from no fault of their own, they should have been allowed to go bankrupt. The TP argued with the bailouts and even though there would have been a severe shock to the economy, it would have found a floor and began to rebuild itself and now would have been a harsh memory. Rather President One Term decided to spend a Trillion corrupting the firms that financed his campaign while allowing the ones who didn’t to pay the price. His stepping into the GM bondholder negotiations was criminal and completely destroyed the trust and understanding of the way capitalism works. This is what they actually should be protesting.

This would be like the referee calling fouls on one team and not calling them on the other. This would allow the favored team to win but completely destroys the way the game is played as well as the competition. The ref would also be able to choose who was on the team and who played as well as keeping the score. Soon there would be no game and neither team will play to the best of their abilities since they realize it is already rigged so no matter how you try there is no way the outcome will be different. Competition is what brings out the best in people and what sets them apart both on the court and the marketplace.

The Occupy protestors are upset for the wrong reasons because what they don’t realize they are the problem not the solution. They represent everything that is wrong with our economic system, not what is right with it. They want anarchy to be replaced by a communist dictatorship which will take care of them without having to work or create a lifestyle on their own. They have no concept of being paid what the marketplace determines your value, primarily since they have no skills of value to the marketplace. A college degree in a field that is flooded with workers or easily replaceable overseas will never pay as much as one that is rare with potential for advancement. The same model basically exists in a communist economy except it is corrupted by gummit interference and Party politics making it impossible to sell your skills to the marketplace in a fair playing field.

The occucommie camps are willing pawns being used to continue the Obama agenda towards more communism. These protestors have been lied to and brainwashed their entire lives through the cult religion of liberalism which is communism hidden behind a cult. They would like to see the greatest system ever invented destroyed rather than rebuilt since they are not the beneficiaries of this system. They don’t understand the simple beauty of capitalism, only the inequalities from the continual vilification of those inequalities. Those inequalities are the beauty of capitalism, Bill Gates started with very little.

Both groups want change it’s just that the Tea Party wants gummit out of the system and the occupiers want it to run the system for their benefit. One is being pushed by the gummit as free speech and the other is being vilified by it, as angry white racists. That should tell you which is for freedom and which is for slavery. It is time to finally choose America, do you want to be occupied or freed?

Pray for America