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Corzine and Obama

Show proper respect to everyone: LOVE the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king. 1 Peter 2:17

If DEMOCRAT Governor and Senator John Corzine manages to stay out of jail over his $2 Billion Ponzi scheme he can become the Social InSecurity Secretary. With the ability to make Billions disappear he is a natural for managing that gummit boondoggle. The problem with going from public office to the private is you no longer have the taxpayers to clean up your mess. Not to mention they actually have laws against Ponzi schemes and embezzlement you don’t have to worry about in the gummit. As a Democrat Senator and Governor he developed some really bad habits that don’t translate into the financial markets.

Democrat Senator Corzine is the symbol of what is wrong with politics and crony capitalism. By all accounts he was a below average commodity trader who decided to take the Phoenix group and make it into a high stakes gambling operation betting on the survival of the European union. Here we have a miniature George $oro$ betting on European debt and currencies while trading contracts with all the large banks around the world. When the Countries like Spain and Italy were downgraded by the rating agencies his discounted paper suddenly went to zero and he lost everything. Democrat Senator Meathead then tried to float the company on incoming funds as long as he could until his investors discovered they had no funds in their accounts and here he sits waiting for a cell next to George Madeoff.

To understand how these bonds are traded you need to understand how the commodity market works. This debt was basically Subprime mortgages that Countries were issuing to cover their deficits same as we sell our debt to China through brokers. Just like oil or any other commodity they are valued on the open market however they are a negotiated market where brokers will make offers and take sells on volume purchases. He hopes to hold the bonds until they go up in value and then sell them to a future buyer for an evil profit and repeat the business. The problem he ran into is the countries he was investing in are so overleveraged and invested in poorly performing industries like solar and wind that they lost more money and were downgraded turning those future sells into thin air. Wonder if he could build a windmill to collect some of that air?

The problem with trading commodities is many traders like Democrat Senator Meathead is they believe they are smarter than the market. Once you believe you have the perfect crystal ball you end up eating glass or in his case the entire ball. The market is not predictable and especially when you are trying to predict something as volatile as foreign gummits. This is taking something as risky as financial commodities and multiplying it by a thousand, sounds like a perfect match for a liberal disaster.

So now we have the media trying to hide the obvious fraud and criminal involvement of Democrat Governor Corzine and his attachment with this corrupt regime. This is the same person who they wanted to be the Treasury Secretary due to his supposed financial expertise. He would be a perfect fit for this Soviet Style gummit with its obvious goal of bankrupting our country. He was investing in countries that were following the same model the commie libs are following from the renewable energy to complete union control and overburdened debt. He believed the commie European model works better than a free market and bet on it with Billions of other people’s money and futures and now they are feeling the consequences. Thousands of investors have now been bilked out of their life’s work as another greedy liberal wasted their futures on his pipe dream.

The exact same thing has happened to America as a self centered egomaniac bet the entire Country’s future on that same pipe dream. Commie libs like Barack Oneterm not only bet the future of all Americans on boondoggles like renewable energy, trains to oblivion, gummit healthcare and unions but also his hatred for this Country seeps out of every pore of his being. We are watching Hope and Change turn into Hate and Rage. His Marxist economics has failed far worse than Democrat Senator Corzine’s investments for exactly the same reason, their trust in Marxism. This is the perfect example of what is wrong with having liberals in both gummit or finance, they don’t have a concept of how an economy works. They have no idea of what the Free Market is or have any trust in its ability to function without centralized control and regulation.

Liberals believe the Free Market is basically evil and will destroy the world unless it has a powerful gummit controlling it and managing it. The thought that a free market can work efficiently and to the best interest of not only the company but the environment is as foreign as letting people enjoy an unfettered life. So just like Obama when Corzine saw one European socialist model after model fail from too many boondoggle programs did he tell his people the truth? Of course not, he did what every Democrat does and that is to lie and hide the truth while axing for more investors to bring more capital into the sinking ship as the money disappeared. Was he honest and transparent about the financial disaster which was occurring? No, he hid it and is still hiding what happened hoping he will receive preferential treatment from what he deserves which is a jail cell the rest of his life.

Democrat Senator Corzine lost $2 Billion of his investors’ funds while Democrats Obama, Reid and Pelosi lost $2 Trillion of their investors’ funds. None of them show any compassion whatsoever to the lost capital and they all want to double down since they know best for America. None of them have the slightest caring for the people suffering from their disastrous Marxist theory or the damage it has caused in their lives. They believe they will be immune from the suffering as well as the overriding goal of punishing the rich.

Just like Corzine they believe that failed system will eventually work since it has never had the right central planners in charge and they are those right people. Just like Corzine he and they believe they are smarter than the markets and could control the markets with central planning. What they and Corzine have found is markets are too big to control and all the money in the world will disappear when you pour it into a socialist rat hole. The money and jobs are gone and now all that is left is hiding that from the investors and hope they don’t figure it out. The only difference between Democrats Corzine and Obama, Reid, Pelozi is one is subject to Ponzi laws and jail while the others are not.

Pray for America