Brayin Candy

It's not worth getting angry about?

“It’s not worth getting angry about!” This may have been the line that sank the largest Gladiator to ever run for the Republican nomination. This came from his subconscious and was a statement of war against the Tea Party and any freedom loving patriots who are spitting mad at the thought of having their lives being run by an inefficient gummit bureaucracy. Yes Mitt, it is worth getting angry about as is the need to stopping your establishment coronation since the Tea Party wants to clean up the corruption and socialism out of our Party before cleaning it out of the Dems. We want to bring down this entire Roman Coliseum and that starts with you.

You get a real look into a man’s character when the going gets tough and Rick’s attacks showed us Mitt Rino’s lack thereof. Nobody resents his wealth and he has an admirable success story but does anybody really believe he would be worth what he is if his last name was Roberts rather than Romney. He may not have inherited any money from his father but he did inherit his name and that was worth millions. As the head of American Motors and Governor of Michigan who ran for President during the heyday; giving Mitt a giant head start in both business and politics. He represents another political/financial dynasty like the Kennedys, the Rockefellers and Bushes. Nobody resents his success but he hardly did it by himself like Newt, Rick, Bachmann or Cain and he knows as well as anybody he is the poster boy for Crony Capitalism.

So he plays by a set of rules that is very dirty and nasty from lessons he learned in the lowest of business practices as well as having more funding than the rest of the candidates combined. He plays to destroy his competition through character assassination leaving him as the only one standing. We are seeing with the Newt attacks he plays by his own set of rules and so does the establishment. This is following the same pattern we saw destroy Michelle, Cain and the same thug tactics that were used against Palin. We are watching the worst form of political attacks to hide his commie lib record so he goes about destroying everybody else with lies and distortion.

This is not so much an attack on Newt but an attack on what is right and fair in an open democracy. We have seen enough of the personal destruction of our spokesmen over that past 15-20 years from the Democrats and we don’t need to see the game played that way by our side. We need to have Romney explain his history of supporting liberal legislation and let the truth reveal who is the right person to save this country. Let’s find out what kind of business practices this great capitalist used to amass his fortune or did he use these types of thug tactics to acquire his wealth?

We had a peek behind the curtain when he said, “It’s not worth getting upset about healthcare.” This statement told us he was not going to fight for the people or the elimination of healthcare. He is going to manage the program and trim a few things around the edges rather than try to reverse it as the first step to reversing all the oppressive gummit controls. In one statement when he was cornered with no way out we got a look inside his mind and it is not one who is willing to fight for his Presidency let alone for the basic rights of the common man and disqualified himself as a candidate. When the going got tough Mitt quit. In the end he would be worse than Obama since he would be fighting the Tea Party just as hard from our side of the battlefield.

All of the establishmedia roared and raved how their golden boy beat that common Conservative loudmouth that they don’t want to vote for let alone defend against their echo chamber which is what they fear. They want to have an elitist like they are, who is a Rockefeller Republican that is not really all that stuck on messy issues like abortion, gun control, homosexual marriage or God. They want someone who looks like a President who would be in the in crowd and if he wins the White House their lives would just continue and get better. Newt however would be forcing them to have to defend and rub elbows with those yucky Tea People who really don’t understand the nuances of the culture of DC. After all, they just spent eight years defending a hick from Texas; they don’t want to have to defend a Newt. They know exactly who they want and Newt is their worst nightmare since he would declare War on the beltway and they never hired on to try to explain that, again.

So the moderate establishmedia just turns their head when their Golden Boy makes a mistake of monumental measure and declares him the winner and frontrunner again. Meanwhile the people saw what he is made of and the glass jaw he p-p-p-possesses as well as his lack of will to eliminate Obamacare. We will continue the mandate to buy healthcare, no underwriting for insurance companies, and the bankruptcy of those companies followed by single payer and of course death panels, but those are nothing to get angry about. We will have a lukewarm conservative when the fight isn’t too hard but mostly we will have GW without the backbone to stand by his convictions or the ability to articulate conservatism. The main thing the establishmedia is hoping is the end of the Tea Party and their messy influence on politics.

We have a candidate with a flood of money who is likely funneling it both through the front door and the back who has the entire GOP establishment pulling his campaign like six charging horses around the Coliseum. As their gladiator kills victim after victim Newt climbed down from the crowd with a large sword and a fortress of books who is now standing in their path yelling Live Free or Die! Will the crowd give him the thumbs up or the thumbs down and another kill? What the Floridians and America have to ask themselves is if they are going to allow the Republican Party to continue to mirror the Democrat Party or are they going to demand standards?

Are they going to judge our candidates by their actions, ideas, their history as well as character rather than how much mud their opposition research can dig up or twist? Are we going to let the Establishmedia decide our candidate or are we? This is exactly how we got Obama and to allow this form of politics to succeed in our Party will be the death of the dream our Forefathers had when they envisioned this grand experiment. They believed God shed his grace on Thee and to accept this form of corruption is not what he shed it for. We as Americans have to say no to this, which will open the door for candidates like Cain, Bachmann and Palin to fight with their records and ideas rather than away from the slime merchants who run the Coliseum. Newt and we are fighting to the death against the entire Roman Empire and when this battle is over only one walks out.

Pray for America