Brayin Candy

A Bain on America

King Herod heard about this, for Jesus’ name had become well known. Some were sayng, “John the Baptist has been raised from the dead, and that is why miraculous powers are at work in him. Mark 6:14

So now the commie libs are having to fake outrage about job outsourcing. Most of us understand libs like Ohbummer who never worked in the private sector, have no idea why jobs would leave America when he is running them out. It is the same reason jobs are leaving the Soviet paradise of Chicago for Indiana, WI and Ohio, to lower their tax bill and increase their profits. When you have the highest tax, regulation and labor rates in the world businesses have no choice but to leave and most congratulate their CEOs for keeping their businesses alive and flourishing.

How a President can point to a businessman for downsizing companies after what he did to the Gulf and the 10,000 high paying jobs there forcing them to Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Venezuela and China and ignoring the courts yet still accuse Bain unfathonable. The gummit has forced millions of good paying jobs out of America for no other reason than they are industries like Oil, Coal, Forestry, Auto, Steel, Farming, Fishing, Mining, Banks, Insurance or any other capitalistic enterprise they despise and need elimination. This has not only destroyed entire industries through overregulation and taxation the companies have no other choice but to leave the country and then these librocrites feign outrage for lost jobs. Ax Boeing and NC about lost jobs by this gummit.

The examples are endless but our latest example is the destruction of the banking industry through Dodd/Frank. This will not only destroy the small independent banks but makes it near impossible to get a loan right now. The average length of time for a mortgage if you are a very well qualified home buyer is in the neighborhood of 6 months from start to finish. If you are attempting new construction they are not only checking your credit but the credit of your builder and anyone involved in the building process. This is if you can get a permit in the first place but the gummit has made it so difficult on the banks to give loans by basically underwriting every loan in America from DC that most give up through the qualification process.

If you could find two less qualified corrupt politicians in Congress than Chris Country Wide Dodd and Barney Fannie Mae Frank you would have to dig pretty deep. They were both on the take from mortgage banks with Dodd getting special mortgage rates and closing costs and Frank getting campaign donations as well as his live in lover from Fannie Mae. They have written a bill which is costing banks millions as they collect hidden taxes in user fees that will make loans and checking more expensive and stop banks from loaning money the way they would like. This will cause the public to get angrier at the banks in preparation for a complete takeover by DC. Just like when they took over the Student Loan program making them more expensive to the student who will have a higher default rate being put on the backs of the taxpayers, so too will the eventual destruction of our banking system by DC.

We saw massive destruction of the textile industry twenty years ago. This was a high labor and low margin business which was destroyed by the gummit directly. With their cracking down on the regulation side of textiles as well as Workman’s Comp and Minimum Wage they forced the entire industry to close down here and move to Asia where those laws don’t exist. By raising the wages and manufacturing costs of both labor and cotton production we saw an entire thriving industry which was one of the cornerstones of the South just disappear thanks to our gummit.

The gummit did the exact same thing to the furniture industry in the Carolinas so now we grow some of the finest hardwood in the world which is sold as logs to China and Europe then cut up into parts for their furniture industries and shipped back here as cheap furniture. We have taken some of the finest furniture companies in the world like Broyhill and turned their factories into empty shells to be turned into distressed floors for the Upper East Side. No matter how many jobs Bain outsourced to other Countries in the Global economy, they were a drop in the bucket compared to the Democrat Party. If you were to take Texas and Wisconsin out of the mix, Romney has likely created more private sector jobs in his career than Obama has as President.

Let’s talk about outsourcing jobs and Bain Capital. They were simply providing a service for desperate companies which were being destroyed by the DNC extremists who are at war with American industries. When a company that has been a strong employer for a hundred years is targeted by the Feds so they can’t make a profit they have to look at all the options including other countries. When you find countries like China which has a much lower corporate and income tax than the US as well as slave labor costs and huge subsidies knowing if you stay here you go bankrupt, what choice do you have?

This is another example of the free market having to adapt to an overreaching gummit and then getting blamed for some imagined crime by that same overreaching gummit. Just like the oil industry which has been denied drilling in the safest most productive areas by the enviro-commies they are forced out into the deepest and riskiest reserves and when the inevitable happens are punished for what the politicians caused. You can take any problem real or imagined and find our gummit at the root of the problem. These power hungry Central Planners will take a problem, real or imagined; claim to try to fix it rather than letting the free market’s ingenuity and then make it worse requiring a Blue Ribbon Committee to come in and destroy it like ObamaCare. This has been repeated throughout our lives and economy to the point we are at now where no industries can afford to do business in America let alone start one.

Until we outsource the DNC starting with Ohbummer and his minions in the Stone Age Press we are doomed to having our jobs sent overseas. Until we address the issues of the EPA, Dept of Labor, Ag, the DOT, IRS and every other alphabet in DC we are doomed to be slaves searching for scraps from the Master’s table. The Beltway is the 1% that enslaves the 99% through ridiculous regs and taxes from DeathCare to Water Regs they are starving us under the guise of protecting us. It is time to take off our shackles and become Free Slaves which begins in about 140 days. Let’s make 2013 the real end to slavery and let that emancipation be Freedom from the DC Plantation. Let every decision in every hall of that swamp be, does this make America and Americans more Free or Less Free. If it is Less Free, close it, overturn it or burn it. When that criterion becomes the rule, American industry will rule the world.

Pray for America