Brayin Candy

Our Dark Knight


Indignant because Jesus had healed on the Sabbath, the synagogue ruler said to the people, “There are six days for WORK. So come and be healed on those days, not on the Sabbath.” Luke 13:14

After going to the opening of the Batman movie and hearing about the killer it basically fit into the plot perfectly as good against evil. We saw in real life what evil looks like as we watched on the screen a depiction of the very same thing as well as the fragility of the human mind and conscious. The movie was excellent as it had all of the action and intrigue we have come to expect from a Christopher Nolan film. This was a well written, acted and directed movie which for those like the shooter can inflict them in very dark and dangerous ways. Many have predicted months ago the breakdown of our moral compass causing very dangerous times as the meltdown of our economy and moral fabric continue.

The number one target by the Dinocrat Media will be guns and the easy accessibility of them in our open society. They will be making all sorts of connections between guns and these types of violent acts while ignoring the fact a kid dressed up like The Joker and shot a theater full of people. One of the very disturbing parts of the Joker was his absolute lack of a conscience just the same as this shooter so he chose the perfect character. It was as if he wanted to see if he could murder people the way the Joker did without the slightest bit of hesitation from a moral standpoint. This is what our society is breeding as many have been saying for decades and especially in this decade as the moral thermometer is reaching absolute zero.

If the outcry is to limit the number of guns perhaps we should look at limiting the number of guns in movies and video games? We are raising a generation of young boys who are already genetically programmed to fight and kill and we are shoving tens of thousands of killings into their cranium while not giving them any type of context or definitions of when and what to kill vs what to protect from injury and expect them to sort this out themselves? Even the Batman movie was loaded with guns and girls to let the cerebral cortex get bathed in testosterone sending messages to young boys to kill the ones who deserve to die and you walk away with the girl. Just as we should not limit people of their rights to guns we shouldn’t be limiting movies to their right to gunfights. What we do need is for the filmmakers like Nolan to accept some societal responsibility and begin to consider limiting their body counts rather than making them bigger and more dramatic.

The problem both the shooter and Batman had is they had no moral compass since the movie was stuck in Eastern mysticism which has no real morality. It basically says you are your own god and you attempt to become a godlike creature which is impossible. Batman tries to be the symbol of morality and truth, but without God and the 10 Commandments which he ignores completely, there is no way to measure good. When you have no God then you can come up with villains such as his nemesis who believes he is doing “good” by destroying Gotham City to rid it of evil and decadence since he is also a god which is what amorality leads a person to believe. This is what is being preached in our media, anything you come up with is moral if you believe it is moral and be tolerant of that amorality.

Liberalism not only tolerates any type of immoral behavior but sanctifies it to break down society and its mores. As these mores are broken down and destroyed there becomes less and less for society to hold onto as we saw in the movie and the movie theatre and a type of justice system that is based on whatever rules gummit wants to put in place. When you glorify sin while God says to stay away from it since it is a sin destroys lives, what is there to hold onto especially for those who are mentally ill or confused? You then go from Batman who represents good but is an amoral person to the Joker who is completely without conscience who will kill someone for the thrill of it. Someone who will kill hospitals full of people simply to get laughs out of destroying the most helpless and terrorizing society simply to shake up their world, you have moral confusion. Heath Ledger played this part so well it ended up destroying his life and committing suicide with a drug overdose. Now we have a mixed up kid who turned into this monster and tried to murder an entire theater of innocent victims playing the same character.

As this society and economy has melted down over the last four years and everything has been done by the media and gummit to make that happen, the societal morality has been melting with it. As kids like this find their lives empty and lacking in any productive measure we are going to find more and more of this occurring. We are seeing Flash Mobs robbing stores and mobs taking to the streets as they are ginned up for racial extortion we see people having less and less to hold onto. We are witnessing as in the movie the Occupy people being given power in the claim of fairness when the fairest form of economics is just the opposite, work hard, have faith in God and succeed.

The commie libs in Hollywood and DC are taking us into some very dangerous territory morally. They are running to a place that has no right or wrong and kids are having to decide for themselves what is right and wrong because the leaders refuse to tell them. He was an honors student in a liberal college being brainwashed by the High Priests of liberalism professors, on how to be more tolerant while how intolerant Christians are compared to their amorality. Now we are having boys growing up on violent movies and video games with 24/7 access to porn and its fantasy world and telling them to decide for themselves as they spiral into emptiness and darkness. I guess we should be glad our leaders didn’t tell us to be more tolerant of this kid’s acting out. We have boiled an immoral stew which is now producing monsters who are acting more and more violent as the economy continues to fall apart forcing more extreme reactions. Look for these to become regular occurrences as we continue this path.

The commie libs are going to say we can solve this problem by keeping God out of the schools and our god gummit taking the guns out of society. This is trying to cure cancer with a hammer since it isn’t the guns that are the problem it is the monsters we are growing without any sort of moral compass. Until we bring God and Christ back into our schools and society we are going to be plagued with kids who are told to reject God, the 10 Commandments and all the structure and morality that comes with it. We are like the Jews in the wilderness to attempt to get through some of the toughest times of our Country’s histoir without God and that is a formula for failure. Until we turn back to God and worship him unashamed we will have these boys slaughtering innocent people by the hundreds since right now their moral base may be Batman or it may be The Joker. It isn’t about a political solution like banning guns in the theater or on the screen it is about allowing Jesus back in the school. We are truly fighting Good against Evil in our country and Batman is not the answer, only Jesus Christ is truly good and he can heal Gotham City.

Pray for America