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Nixon & Obama

Nixon and Obama 

However, to the man who does not work but trusts God who justifies the wicked, his faith is credited as righteousness. Romans 4:5

Just when you think it could not get any worse with the Benghazi negligent homicides and cover-up, the CIA spills the beans and exposes the liars for who they are. We now know the White House and State Dept both knew two hours after the attack an Al Queda group named Ansar Al-Sharia attacked the compound on 911 at around 9:11 PM and emails came from the Tripoli Embassy detailing the attack. Within two hours of the attack Ansar Al-Sharia claimed credit for the attack and at that time the Ambassador was either dead or soon to be raped and killed. The Administration then invented an absurd lie about a video and promoted the lie that it was America’s fault for three weeks.

Everyone with half a brain could figure out this was not a spontaneous Arab Spring riot about their precious Mohamhead; this was an attack on America and Obama. You would have to be either braindead or a member of Pravda or both like Spitball Mathews to carry these lies to the people to further your pathetic careers. To ignore the obvious discrepancies which were glaring from day one beginning with the date makes you as guilty as those who began this charade on America. When the President swears to bring those guilty of this horrific crime to justice he should begin by looking in the mirror. He is as guilty as the terrorists who carried out this terrorist act since they were doing what terrorists do just as he is doing what corrupt lying dictators do.

This crime makes Richard Nixon look like a choirboy since his crime was simply a third rate break-in when this was covering up negligent homicide. Here is the same hypocrite who was always crowing about Bush lying and covering up who is willing to promote such an obvious lie as this. To imagine all of those times he lectured us about our intolerance of this peaceful religion and needing to condemn these movies while he was knowingly promoting a lie. He knew within two hours this was a terrorist attack by Ansar Al-Sharia and he and Hilary concocted this story then went on the Sunday talk shows, press conferences and the United Nations assembly repeating it and declaring it had nothing to do with terrorism. What kind of two bit dictator tries this type of stunt? What kind of media reports it without question?

The reason he did this is due to his weakness on terrorism. He has bent over backwards to never call terrorism what it is so this is the final step exposing his duplicity with Islamic terrorists. He and the DNC know if America begins to question their safety and need someone to stand up to terrorists their days are over so they made up this intolerance story. It played into their hand and his lectures on the ignorance and intolerance of Islam by America so he likely believed he could buy enough time to get past the election. Once the election was over there would be nothing anybody could do to him and with allies like Chris Mathews and PravdABDNC he had a better than even chance of making his lie stick.

The larger issue is the guilt and corruption of the press. It is willing to do anything to further their communist agenda and this is another shining example of promoting a lie that every one of them had to know it was. They all have contacts inside the agencies and had to know the truth or had a strong indication of the truth yet they carried his water like the good little criminals they are. None of these Columbia and Harvard graduates cares one iota about the four Americans who fought for their lives against savages who wanted to do the most sadistic tortures known to man before they killed them. We don’t even know how they were killed or if they were castrated before they were raped and strangled.

After Hillary and Rice resign and Obama/Biden thrown out of office there should be a demand for Chris Mathews and his corrupt fellow reporters to turn in their resignations too. There is a place for a fair and open media but we haven’t had one for nearly fifty years. The hacks we have now are nothing but campaign managers for the Party and have no use for the truth and now will ignore all objectivity to promote this Obamonation. Where are the questions of why the attack and was the rumors of trying to buy back the weapons used for the Libyan overthrow correct? Were there anti-aircraft weapons and was that why we couldn’t send our helicopters or jets? Where did those high accuracy mortars come from and are there stingers out there now in terrorist hands? Why isn’t the press axing those obvious questions?

There needs to be a thorough cleaning of our media since they are an extension of the problems which exist in the District of Corruption. Outside of FOX there is no curiosity for the truth with this scandal. Hilary needs to resign yesterday along with Secretary Rice. For Hilary to lie in front of those coffins and grieving families is not only inexcusable politically it is a disgrace to those families, America and her office. Who can imagine the anguish of the families knowing your dead husbands, fathers and sons were being used as political props to promote a lie and get votes. Unconscionable doesn’t begin to express her disgusting behavior.

When this is finally settled and we know exactly what happened and who were at fault, the villains are going to be the administration and the fawning reporters. These two bit scribes were not only negligent but had a purpose for their corruption. The heroes of course were the ex-Navy Seals who fought against impossible odds and the alternative media. If not for talk radio and the internet this story would be swept under the rug while we would still be persecuting the maker of the video. Rather they stayed on the story and exposed the obvious gaps in this insane story and drove stakes though those holes keeping the story alive and exposing the truth. FOX news stayed with the scandal after they were lied to by Rice and now are really revealing the entire scandal for the entire country to see. Now it will be a miracle if Hilary survives the week and we can watch Chris Mathews and Pravda in their death throes. If the President had a shred of dignity left after this disgraceful charade he would take the Nixon walk out to Marine One and give America a farewell salute.

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