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America is Benghazi

America is Benghazi 

For when we were controlled by the sinful nature, the sinful passions aroused by the law were at Work in our bodies, so that we bore fruit for death. Romans 7:5

We all live in Benghazi now. We have a President who would not protect his Ambassador or Americans just as we are seeing in Arizona and Texas. This is a man who would sit for seven hours watching a bunch of animals attacking an American outpost and will order forces willing to rescue these men to stand down. This is the most America hating coward who has ever occupied the White House. Here is the coldest man in America who no longer decides on whether or not you can save an Ambassador and his protection on military or humanitarian grounds but on political expedience. This President is now the first one in our history to refuse to protect an American Ambassador in harm’s way.

America used to believe in Freedom and Liberty and now it is nothing more the Rulers against the ruled. Ambassador Stevens was part of the ruling class however once he became a political decision he was expedient and his fellow rulers watched him get tortured, raped then killed by the savages without allowing help. We are finding out it wasn’t a drone flying overhead they had a C-130U which could have taken out most of that crowd or at least dispersed them yet as we always see with Liberals they are appeasers first last and always. At any moment of the attack he could have ended it with this aircraft which had multiple Gatlin guns and cannons. Yet, he and Hilary sat and watched Americans get murdered while analyzing poll numbers. If he is able to watch a part of his Inner Circle die a horrible death what makes any American believe he will lift a finger to protect them if it would take political risk?

Right now he has every American’s life in his hands with his Deathcare plan and everyone should take a look at Benghazi and ax themselves if he has their interests in mind? When he sues the state of Arizona for taking the bold step of protecting their citizens why should anyone question his motivations for throwing Americans’ to the wolves? Every American around the world should realize as long as he is in office they are on their own and can expect no help whatsoever from his military as far as protection. He has no concept of the military creed of not leaving your brothers to die. He watched those men die over a seven hour timeframe and then went to bed, invented perhaps the most transparent lie in histoir and then flew to Las Vegas and was able joke and kid about the attack. What type of cold hearted individual would be able to be able to divorce himself from his conscious that completely?

He has proved beyond a doubt he would not lift a finger to protect this country over the next four years and would continue to appease and help our enemies defeat us. When you have a flying fortress that could rain down death in minutes and you would let innocent Americans die don’t look for help from our leadership. He may hide it as leading from his behind but no decision is a decision and he decided to let those men die just as he will when the Death Panels are chosen and they need to lower healthcare costs. Right now healthcare costs are the problem of the health insurance companies and very shortly they are going to be a problem of the gummit and there is only one way to lower them which is to end them through not allowing life saving procedures. He simply lets the old and infirmed die.

He did the same thing in the economy by abusing his power and choosing winners and losers. He let banks he didn’t like die while he pumped up others like Goldman Sachs who was one of his big contributors. He brags all day about GM and Chrysler like he saved them however he destroyed millions of livelihoods when he declared the bonds worthless without any due process to give the company to the greedy unions. Now GM is living on borrowed time from the American taxpayer who will never see a dime of that money and they pay no taxes. Meanwhile Ford is doing as well as can be expected without the gummit interference. If he would allow oil exploration and development both of those companies would recover. Of course he won’t allow more oil or coal since it would allow America to return to power.

Finally, his not protecting our border is being handled just as well as his Benghazi fiasco. Between suing Arizona and his gun running Fast and Furious scandal he has chosen sides as who he will protect and it isn’t Americans. He has much more connection with La Raza just as he does with the terrorists in the Middle East and wants an end to America. He has been brainwashed his entire life to believe every problem in the world is America’s fault when in reality it is just the opposite.

If he wants to take all of the credit for Killing Bin Laden then he gets all the blame for Benghazi. This is what happens with central planning it was controlled from the White House. Rather than letting the people on the ground decide how to fight this battle who had the best knowledge of what was happening rather we had the politicians discussing what this battle meant politically and how it would affect his election chances. He then decided his chances of winning would be better by letting these men die and then made up a cheesy story blaming America’s Islamophbia for their deaths, which reflects his entire belief system.

This is an illustration of the Ruling Class vs the representative mentality. He believes he is a ruler in the mold of Stalin and Mao so all decisions have to go through him. Communism requires ruling and dictating just as this event proves as does every other decision since he knows everything. It is time to move back to a Representative leadership who will truly represent Americans and American values. A Representative President would have simply turned the attack over to the military and handled it with likely no deaths and would be the end of it. Of course a Representative President would have had the compound reinforced once the Ambassador asked or pulled him out of the kill zone. Representative leadership is decentralized to get the decisions made where all of the information exists. Benghazi is a perfect illustration of what America will look like if we allow four more years of the Ruling Class controlling our lives.

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