Brayin Candy

BlacKKK Racists


And Hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he had given us. Rom 5:5

Once again we see the hypocrisy of the religion of liberalism. Even though America is the least racist country in the world we see the race industry tying another Whitey to a tree and lashing her before her lynching. While Paula Deen is watching her life being destroyed for using the N word while White thirty years ago yet at the same time we witness the deification of a Black girl slamming Whitey. It looks as if the only race you can still vilify and trash in America is White People. America has become the home of the victim group industry and now BlacKKK racists are allowed to be the most hateful people on the planet.

If you want to see real racism, go to Africa, Asia or the Middle East where slavery is still being practiced yet silence from our racist leaders, wonder why? Over the past fifty years it has been the goal of the Dems to divide this country into as many groups as they could and force those groups to hate Whites. They promoted the myth that White people arrived to their position by favoritism and racism rather than hard work and determination. They have been taught through decades of indoctrination to resent and hate Whitey and the only way they could get what Whitey had was by gummit mandates. The Dems told them if they vote for more and bigger communism those leaders would take from Whitey and give Whitey’s money to them. This is the worst type of racism using the force of a gummit to decide who gets what based on their skin color.

This week showed the desperation of the Inner Circle to maintain their control when we saw Paula Deen get lynched for her so called transgression and the Trayvon Martin’s witness calling Whites crackers. There is no outrage or even disgust when Whitey is attacked since they have to maintain their Affirmative Action façade. If this victimhood were to go away then they would not be able to say who succeeds and who fails which would force the old method of succeeding on your merits. Without the AA set asides there would be no way most of the beneficiaries to survive. All of the minority set asides would have to perform rather than rest on their quota laurels. So you can see a parade of those AA newscasters feigning outrage to maintain their AA paychecks.

This country has never been this divided in its history. The Democrat Party is building a society which every victim group this country is separated against every other group. The purpose of this is to maintain power and to exploit these groups and make them wards of the Democrats. It is their job to convince them that without the state they have no chance of survival and upward economic mobility can only occur through the state. They have to be told by their leaders and the state that the Free Market is not a fair playing field and that the state will make it more fair for these minorities. So the state has to regulate and destroy the Free Market and replace it by a more Marxist dictatorship which will define what is fair by dictate. Their idea of a fair playing field is to hold back one race so another race can supposedly catch up.

The Democrat Party uses these groups like Blacks as blocks of votes to promote their communist agenda. We are seeing it played out in every major city as these dens of voter fraud make promises to the Blacks of a better life and education only to see results which are a disgrace. If anyone points out the fallacy of their failed policies you will hear the usual attacks on Whitey and business as if the State has no guilt in the problem when in fact they are the entire problem. If they would have left the issue alone fifty years ago the Black population would be fully integrated into this society and economy since there would be a booming economic climate by now. Rather the Democrats and their allies in media and academics have stalled the economy and destroyed any chance of integration thanks to spreading hate and distrust.

America twenty years ago was the least racist country on the planet. Whites tended to like Blacks and every other group and spent most of their time trying to get along. There were no big deals about a person’s color or ethnicity and people used to tease each other about it since everyone appreciated their ethnicity. A person’s ethnic origin was what made this country special and brought people together, Black, White, Red and Yellow, not anymore. The Democrat Party and its leaders in these ethnic groups have managed to tear them apart and made everyone hate each other. This is the only way to maintain power and promote their agenda.

If they truly cared about their victim groups as a society, rather than a political force they would welcome all ideas into their group. You only have to see what happens to someone who disagrees from within the group to see that the agenda and the political machine is all they care about. See what happens to Blacks like Clarence Thomas or Bill Cosby when he went off the plantation. Look at the women who crossed the feminist machine like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, or the latest with Paula Deen, promotion of women has nothing to do with it. Where is their outrage of Islamic treatment of chattle?

Racism has nothing to do with race and everything to do with advancing a political agenda. These leaders are avid communists who want the gummit deciding who are the winners and losers so they can become the winners. The tactic they use as in the Paula Deen and Martin case, to define what is and isn’t Hate Speech. Once they become the arbitrators of what is and isn’t then they are able to put every American into a virtual straight jacket. The Deen case and others has shown if you dare to be labeled a racist or sexist you will be destroyed. Today’s dictators don’t need firing squads when they own the media and can terrify businesses into doing their bidding. Firing squads are so Twentieth century when you own the media. How’s that muzzle feel, you comfortably quiet?

It is time to take the muzzle off and talk and joke like they don’t exist. It is time to resist these communists and call them out for the agenda driven hypocrites they are. They can call Conservatives any names they want and then fake outrage when the same words are used or inferred against them. You have to look no further than this week and see how the game is played, while one can call Whitey any name under the sun, but now Deen is being put in front of the virtual firing squad for something she uttered thirty years ago. This is their definition of fairness. It is time for Whitey to take the chains off and stand up to these BlacKKK racitsts. It is time for America to be Free at Last.

Pray for America to Wake Up