Brayin Candy

When will we be like Egypt?


For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in Hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom the children of God. Rom 8 20-21

It is beginning to look like President Obama has a “kick me” sign on his back. After China and Putin gives him the collectivist finger over the Snowden extradition, now the Egyptians give his handpicked terrorist the heave ho. It looks like the rest of the world is tired of him and his Marxist friends and have finally woken up. The Obamedia will be selling it as the religious intolerance of Islamic rule, but the truth of their revolution was the Marxism which is the political foundation of the Mooselimb Brotherhood.

To imagine the Egyptians are more politically awake than the American left is pretty amazing. This collapse was predicted by most to the Right of McCain, that Obama's saddling up with the Brotherhood would not end well, but liberals think they are smarter than anyone on the planet. Obama’s arrogance has killed an Ambassador and innocent Americans in Libya, has us hated in Syria and now he is the most hated man in Egypt a mere four years after his apology speech to the Pyramids. How smart is that? Add to that is his fading popularity at home and in a few months he may wish he was Egyptian President Morsi. He even had to suspend his one claim to fame, Obamacare to make sure there were not Cairo type riots in DC when people saw the cost of free healthcare. Someone has to pay for it and that someone is the American people.

The point which is not being explained by this latest coup is the fact that the Mooselip Brohood is an Islamic theocracy which is founded on communism. Hassan al-Banna the founder of the Brotherhood was a follower of Hitler and Stalin who liked the idea of a communist tyrant to control the masses. Just like Iran and Hussain’s Iraq the basic formation of their political machine is a group of Imams who are the symbol of the gummit, however the real structure is a communist dictatorship. Either you are part of the ruling class or you are unemployed which is what they were installing in Egypt. Those who were used to a certain amount of economic freedom were suddenly in the outer circle and unemployed due to Party rule deciding winners and losers. This corruption is the basis of communism and those on the outside began to question the validity of communism and now we see the results of that basic unfairness.

People understand what communism is once they are under it and most places do not want anything to do with it. Communism is indentured servitude as you spend your entire life working for the massive gummit through excessive taxation. The muslim brotherhood raised taxes a hundred and fifty percent on much of the population making a bad economy worse. They made life miserable for the middle class as the increased taxes and regulations raised the prices on bare necessities making life impossible for the hard working Egyptians who had expected the promises to match the failed results.

In addition to a failed economy you had an Islamic fundamental dictatorship enforcing Sharia law into a country which has been multi-religious for thousands of years. The islamists allowed the most vicious atrocities to occur on the Coptic Christians and non Mooselips making a terrible situation unbearable. This is when the Egyptian people turned to the military to once again protect them from the Islamic butchers. This is the trademark of the Brotherhood as they are a Communist dictatorship modeled after Stalin with a religious fundamentalism similar to Iran. It is the worst form of gummit anybody could live under and the one which is preferred by the Obamarxism Inner Circle.

This is the form of gummit he is attempting to bring here which is a Marxis dictatorship in the model of Stalin and Mao. He has a much bigger challenge in that he has to nationalize one of the largest economies to ever be created, but he is off to a great start. He has taken over the auto industry and much of the banking sector as well as insurance. Obamacare is designed to destroy the health insurance industry so it can be a single payer plan run by the Fed in a few years leaving only the energy industry which he is well on his way to destroying with his war on coal. Once he has coal and oil the country is his and we will all be living in Egypt/Iran.

These are very dangerous times for America. We are being led by a President who believes that communism works and the Stalinist model is the one to follow. Much of what he is doing is collapsing on its own weight, but his followers and believers in media are still propping up these failed policies and laws. There is a true belief that communism can work in America, it just has to be done right and these ideologues believe they are the ones to do it. So even though everything he has tried has been an Obama bust they will not admit they are failures and we will see continued advancement of destructive bill after destructive bill.

Egypt was a complete failure of the Obama doctrine and has not been reported or explained by any news organization. He staked his Middle East policy on Egypt and the people in one year rejected it and had a week celebration of throwing off that doctrine. They made signs mocking him and Hilary while calling for America to wake up to this tyrant, but apparently only people who get the full dose of his policies can understand what they are. They had four million people protesting and demanding a change without the benefit of the Whitehouse orchestrating through social media this time. When are Americans going to realize Egypt is what he and his organizers are planning for America? When is America going to throw off their shackles and show the courage of Egypt?

Pray for America to Wake Up